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6 Super Energized Stones for Strength and Healing

Everyone goes through difficult times. There’s negative news, sad stories, and even people arguing about whose opinion is better. Sometimes, you just want to get away from it all, you know?

There’s so much noise in the world right now that you can’t help but feel overwhelmed, confused, or hurt. I know I do. I’m sure a lot of you feel the same. But, then again, you can’t expect to live in a perfect world. After all, the challenges we face are opportunities to help us become stronger inside and out.

However, you can’t deny that there are just days when things become too much to handle. When this happens, I turn to crystals for guidance, strength, and healing.

Crystals are known for helping balance physical, emotional, and spiritual energies. They’ve been around for centuries and even ancient civilizations turned to their power for counsel. Of course, some people might argue that stones for strength and healing are just a bunch of woo-woo, but if you really think about it, there’s absolutely nothing to lose. In fact, there’s more to gain when you know which stones for strength and healing can help you overcome challenges.

Healing Crystals

As you might know, there’s a long, long list of crystals that can aid you in various ways and situations. Some can help with more specific things like manifesting wealth and abundance. Others help attract more joy or provide protection. In this case, stones for strength and healing can help realign your energies and center yourself, especially when faced with internal and external obstacles. That said, let’s take a look at some of the best stones for strength and healing:

Tiger’s Eye

First on this list is tiger’s eye. A lot of people regard the tiger’s eye as their go-to stone when they need strength, vitality, and confidence. This isn’t surprising since the tiger’s eye is also known as the “Stone of Courage.” Thanks to its protective energy, you can gain stability in your life and the stamina to face any situation.

tigers eye

At the same time, a tiger’s eye can also help with your spiritual and emotional wellbeing. As a grounding stone, it enhances and develops your higher consciousness. This way, you have more energy to persevere toward your goals and find creative solutions to any crisis.


Next up is bloodstone, which corresponds directly with your root chakra. As its name suggests, the bloodstone carries the energy of blood, which essentially powers up your life force. With the help of this stone, you can tap into your personal strength, experience courage, and feel revitalized. It also helps you fight against your fears, giving you back control over your life.

Since it’s connected to your root chakra, bloodstone can also support your health and healing by encouraging healthy habits. With this stone, you’re more capable of facing both physical and emotional crises.


Selenite might look delicate but this stone can be a powerhouse for healing. What it does best is soothe your nerves and promote peace of mind. It’s a natural tranquilizer that clears away muddled thoughts. With the help of this stone, you’ll feel less overwhelmed, allowing you to regain positive power and control.


If you want to lessen all those anxious thoughts and feelings, selenite is what you need to think clearly and gain a more productive, insightful approach to your problems.

Rose Quartz

I can’t talk about stones for strength and healing without mentioning rose quartz. Like selenite, rose quartz might look delicate and beautiful, but it’s a handy stone to have when your heart is about to burst with negativity.

Rose Quartz

It’s not just a stone for romantic love, but also one that helps with self-compassion and forgiveness. It’s so easy to be mean and vindictive, but many don’t realize that it takes more courage to exercise kindness. With this stone, you’ll have the courage and resilience to choose love, all ways, always.


Whenever I’m feeling down and out, I often find myself looking at the moon. I just find it easier to calm down when I remember that even in darkness, there’s always a bright light above me.

With its feminine strength, moonstone can help remind you of the cyclical nature of our world. Just think about it: the new moon, which is when it’s invisible from the night sky, is not a signal of its absence. Instead, it signals the beginning of a new cycle.

When you find yourself struggling against the tide, moonstone can give you inner strength. With this stone, you’ll find yourself accepting the flow of life with grace and welcoming new beginnings.


As a stone associated with the throat chakra, aquamarine helps you speak your truth. In the world today, it can be pretty scary to speak up since there will always be people who won’t agree with you. At the same time, there are also people who might tell you hurtful things, discouraging you from saying anything at all.

However, with aquamarine by your side, you can practice clear-headed communication. It’s really handy when you’re having a difficult conversation, especially with someone you personally know. Just like the ocean, aquamarine can help bring flow into your life and tranquility to your heart so you can speak clearly and with compassion.

Remember To Take a Step Back When You Need To

Facing challenges head-on isn’t always the best approach. Sometimes, you need to take a step back to regain your strength and heal your wounds. With these stones for strength and healing, you can rediscover your center, and have the physical, emotional, and spiritual clarity to overcome anything.

What challenges are you facing right now, and which stones have helped? Tell me all about it!

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