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Candle Magic for Beginners 

Candle magic is perhaps the simplest kind of ritualistic magic to practice as it really only requires a flame and a candle.  

You can practice candle magic anywhere, for any sort of spell, and you can work with candles in various ways.  

It is important to note, however, that candles are not inherently magic in and of themselves. They are, like tarot or tea leaves, merely a divination tool.  

So before we go any further, let’s talk about divination.  


Before you start casting spells into the Universe and getting frustration when the law of attraction does not work for you like it is supposed to, it is critical you understand what the Universe is, what your role in it is, and how to actually use the law of attraction, which is the law you are drawing on any time you cast spells or practice magic of any kind.  

It’s Not Out There 

You see, many witches, spiritual people, and even deeply religious devotees believe they are praying to someone “out there.”  

They are honoring a god “out there.”  

They are asking for a gift or reward from a being separate from themselves.  

The reality is you are the spell. You are working the magic. You are creating the energy that will manifest your wish or desire.  

There is no “out there.”  

There is only “in here.”  

So, when you practice magic, you are drawing on all of your own energy. The beautiful thing about that is that, as a fundamental part of the Universe with an unbreakable connection, a direct line to higher consciousness, you have access to an infinite energy source.  

It’s like having solar power, only so much better.  

You, basically, created yourself.  

You were spirit before you were human, and you manifested yourself into a human body to have this human experience.  

Now, you deal with limitation of being human temporarily, sure, but you also gain all the joys of the sensory experiences we humans get to have that spirit simply cannot have without a human body.  

But, our spirits get to experience them through us.  

It’s an amazingly miraculous design if you really think about it.  

I mean, really, think about it.  

Imagine God chillin in the ether, all present, all powerful, and all knowing, figuring out that the key to even greater expansion lies in limitation.  

That by pouring a bit of itself into a creature called a human being, it could taste fruit, touch flesh, hear birds calling and oceans roaring, feel joy and pain, see a sunrise.  


And then, BAM, here we are, little meat suits driven around by our spirit forms, little avatars living out countless lives all for the purpose of feeling more amazingness.  

When you realize that truth, you understand that candle magic is a way of drawing closer to that spirit, of opening yourself up further to that spirit, of feeling more, of doing more, of living more, of creating more.  

That’s it.  

You came here to have a good time.  

There is no God to grant you wishes.  

You are the God, and you grant your own wishes through your intention and your focus.  

The Law of Attraction 

Which brings us to the law of attraction.  

The law of attraction states that you attract what you are.  


My daughter slipped in the shower today.  

I could have predicted something like that would happen very early this morning when she started grumping over this, grumping over that, ouching over this and ouching over that.  

We went off to play with friends for a few hours and even there she was just wandering with this dark cloud she placed over herself.  

We had had a busy weekend with family and festivities, and she was clearly still recovering from the expended energy of giving more than she had.  

As we gathered our things to head home, my darling, emotional 10-year-old said to me, “I’m sorry, Mama. Tomorrow will be better.”  

“No, my darling. You can still turn today around. It is still early. You can shake it off. Shift your energy.” I responded.  

Well, not an hour later she slipped and fell in the shower. Literally dropped the soap, stepped on the soap, and slipped.  

She bumped her hip pretty hard, and she cried.  

I sympathized with her, of course, but I also talked to her about the energy around the event.  

“You were determined that today was a loss. And so, it was. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy, my love. And in every moment, you get to decide.” I told her.  

It might seem harsh to some, but I want my kid prepared to spend her life managing her energy.  

If you learn to manage nothing else, learn to manage your energy.  

And that’s where candle magic can be highly helpful.  

orange candle

Candle Magic 

Candles are a divination tool that call on the element of fire.  

In fact, if you light a candle outside, in the dirt and the fresh air, and rest your candle in a bowl of water, you can call on all four elements to perform your spell.  

Which is very powerful magic because it allows you to expand your consciousness to encompass all earthly and universal energy.  

The goal of most candle magic is to write a spell, light your chosen candle, burn your spell, and then allow your candle to burn all the way down, confirming the completion of your spell.  

For this reason, you will want to choose a short and/or narrow candle.  

When you write your spell, keep it short and simple and write it on a small piece of paper that can be folded.  

The key is in the ritual of it all because in ritual we maintain our focus.  

Some aspects of candle magic ritual include the color of the candle, the time and place of the spell, the oils to anoint the candle, and the words for your spell.  

Candle Colors 


Most of the candle colors are obvious choices, and they all correspond to the chakras, so if you are doing chakra and or crystal work as well, the colors will work well together.  

Of course, these colors are in place because they have largely been agreed upon by spiritual practitioners for thousands of years.  

However, if a specific color responds to you for a certain spell, by all means, always follow your intuition over anything you read in a book or on a blog.  

Red – Courage, sexual love, lust 

Pink – Friendship and companionship 

Orange – Encouragement  

Gold – Finances, business, solar plexus 

Yellow – Persuasion and protection 

Green – financial gain, abundance, and fertility 

Light Blue – Health and calm 

Dark Blue – Dark feelings and vulnerability 

Purple – Ambition and power 

Brown – Earth or animal spells 

Black – Banishing or negativity absorption spells 

White – Truth and clarity 

Silver – Reflection and intuition 

Note also that white can be used in place of any other color or to bring clarity alongside any other color.  

When you choose your candle, you will bring it home and anoint it with your oil of choice.  

Many witches prefer to use grapeseed oil because it has no smell.  

To anoint, simply rub the oil on your fingers and then massage the candle.  

As you anoint, imbue the candle with your energy and place a clear image of your spell in your mind.  

If your spell calls for herbs, grind or powder the herbs with your mortar and pestle first, and then roll your anointed candle in the herbs.  

If you want to call on all four elements for a powerful spell, place your candle in a shallow bowl of water and bring it outside.  

With your bare feet on the earth, place your bowl with your candle down, and honor the four elements, turning in each direction as you do.  

Light your candle.  

Now, sit with your paper and pencil and write down your spell.  

Keep it simple and memorable, something like:  

“I release this pain 

I set myself free  

I call upon joy  

So joyful I shall be.”  

Stand or sit straight up before your bowl and candle, repeat your spell three times, breathe in the fresh air, feel your bare skin touching the earth, and then fold your paper and allow it to burn in the candle flame.  

In most spells, you are called upon to sit with your candle until it has burned out. But you can also simply bring it inside and allow it to burn out while you get back to the business of living.  

Once you burn your spell in the flame, you are signaling to the Universe that you are now available to be surprised and delighted, trusting that the Universe has a far better imagination than you do.  

Your job now is to simply allow, to open up, to release resistance, and to have faith in your own power. 

After all, you are the spell. 

Remember who you are.  

Happy manifesting! 

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