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Daily Affirmations for Success: Get It Done! 

If you’ve been feeling surrounded by negative energy, negative beliefs, and negative thoughts lately, or for a while now, and you’re looking to make positive change, there are a whole slew of practices you can put into place, including daily affirmations for success. 

Especially if you’ve been enduring a long run of misfortune of discontent, the only true approach to success is a total lifestyle overhaul.  

From what you eat, to how you sleep, to who you hang out with and even including daily affirmations for success.  

Start small, plan for a transformative year, and watch your life do a 180.  


I usually like to begin these types of articles with getting really specific on what success means to you. 

Because some people think of success as financial. Others are looking for relationship success, for a new or an existing relationship. Still others are seeking health success. 

Whatever kind of success you’re seeking, know that wherever you find success, you can build that out to other areas of your life with powerful affirmations, morning affirmations, positive thoughts, positive statements, and a positive attitude.  

There’s this great talk by Abraham Hicks where they explain that, let’s say you have five areas of your life you’re focused on, and one area of your life is going really well, but the other four areas are going poorly.  

If you focus on the one that is going well, expand upon it, grow it, double down on it, before you know it, the other areas of your life will improve as well.  


Likewise, if one area of your life is going poorly, and the other four areas are going well, but you only focus on that one area that is going poorly, to the exclusion of all other, taking them for granted even, before you know it, the other areas will begin to go poorly as well.  

Psychologist and Author Jordan Peterson talks about this, too. He calls it the law of exponentials.  

When you begin to do well, that energy begins to grow exponentially, almost inexplicably. It builds on itself.  

Likewise, when you have a run of bad fortune, that also downward spirals exponentially.  

It’s all energy, really.  

And we all know that energy flows where your attention goes.  

Daily Affirmations for Success: What Not to Do  

So first let’s talk about what not to do.  

Don’t focus on your bad fortune! Don’t focus on the pain. Don’t focus on the hurt. Don’t focus on the suffering. Don’t focus on your lack.  

When you focus on what you don’t have, the energy, according to the law of attraction, the most powerful law in the universe, the universe must respond in kind, delivering you more of what you don’t have.  

The universe will continue to provide you with lack, with ways to understand your lack, with multiple opportunities to see how lacking you are.  

You can stay in this place of lack forever, until your misfortune bleeds into every area of your life.  

You will lose all your money, lose all your love, lose your health, and wither away until you die, sad and depressed.  


Who wants that? 

So yea, don’t focus on what you’re lacking or what you’re afraid of.  

But wait! That’s actually not possible.  

Sorry. I forgot to tell you.  

It is physically impossible to not think of something.  

As soon as you think of the thing you’re not supposed to be thinking of, whoops, you’re thinking of that thing.  

And oh no! Now you’re thinking of how you’re not supposed to be thinking of it even more! 

There’s that law of exponentials.  

So what do you do?  

Focus on What You Have and on What You Want 

To achieve real success, you must learn to focus on what you want.  

Success affirmations, hard work, and positive thinking can bring positive things into your present tense in new ways, beyond your wildest dreams.

Effective affirmations dispel negative feelings and negative self-talk, and the power of affirmations open new avenues for your dream life to become your real, successful life with endless opportunities.

But it’s not that easy.  

Most of us, let’s say with money, think we’re thinking about how we want money, but remember, the universe does not speak in words. It speaks in energy.  

You think you’re thinking “I want more money.” But what you’re feeling is “I have no money.”  

And now you’re in the dumps, with the universe sending you more “no money” energy. More lack.  

You have to learn to think “I know more money is coming to me. Money is headed my way. My bank account is going to grow. I have the ability to attract more money into my life.”  

But, admittedly, even that is difficult. Especially if you’re trying to break habits you’ve had for a lifetime. If you’ve never had money, never found financial or professional success, never been in love, it is hard to imagine it coming to you.  

So, here’s what you do: focus on what you have.  

For every single person, there is at least one area of your life where you are doing well.  

It could be your family or friends, it could be your health, it could be your job, maybe it is just that one great friend.  


Focus on that. Appreciate it. Express gratitude for it. Revel in it.  

That is your first daily affirmation for success.  


“I am so grateful to have my kids. I am grateful they are happy and healthy. I am grateful they have each other. I am grateful they love me so much, and to have someone to love so unconditionally and without fail.”  

Insert whatever area of your life fits here.  

Daily Affirmations for Success: Build on Your Success 


From there, pick an area of your life where you can make small changes to start to build success.  

Start with self love in every aspect of your life, bringing positive energy into low self-esteem and building a daily habit that becomes self confidence and a good life, a fresh start, and great things. Self love is a powerful tool for a new day.

I always choose to start with physical health because it is free and relatively easy.  

If you’re unhealthy and out of shape, go for a 15 minute walk.  

Drink more water.  

Put down the processed food. But back on alcohol. Eliminate sugar from your diet.  

I know, I know. It’s not easy, easy. But it is easier than, say, getting a million dollars. Or falling in love.  

You can make small changes in your lifestyle right now that will make you feel more successful in that area of your life within a week.  

And that feeling of success is phenomenal.  

Start with a 15 minute walk each day. Build to 30 minutes, every day.  

Eat more plants. Get your omega 3s in salmon, sardines, and sunflower seeds to elevate your mood.  

Get into the sunshine for vitamin D, another mood elevator.  

Now you’re feeling positive and uplifted.  

Join a walking group in your area and make friends. Now you have a new area of success.  

Next, you’ll be feeling better, so you’ll sleep better. And you have a new success to celebrate.  

All of this grows exponentially.  

And you can say the daily affirmation for success.  

“I am getting healthier every day. I am strong, smart, and capable. My body is taking care of me, so I take care of it.”  

Daily Affirmations for Success: Focus on Specific Language 

Next, make sure that in your daily affirmations, you are clear and specific.  

Remember that every time you use words, you are effectively casting a spell. When you speak your words, mean them, be intentional, and be specific.  

“I am abundant in love. I am rich in love. I am abundant in health.”  

Really focus on how much you have, wrap it up around you like a blanket and roll around in it.  

Each day, pick language that celebrates your successes and asks for more.  

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for More 

Now, it’s time to get really serious about self-love.  

You have to believe you are worthy of more.  

You are, you know.  

You were born into this life to keep expanding and expanding on the cutting edge.  

If anyone is worthy, you are worthy.  

Daily Affirmations for Success: Self-Love Meditation 

If you’re struggling with this at all, with the issue of worthiness, I advise morning meditation.  

I mean, I advise morning meditation to everyone, to be honest, but only because we all need it! 

Set up your space every morning, a quiet, clean, clear space, and dedicate 20 minutes to quieting your mind.  

Your biggest focus in meditation for self-love will be on your heart chakra.  

Sit in a chair or cross legged on the ground, so you can root into the earth, and allow the energy of the universe to flow through your, from your crown chakra to your root chakra, into the earth, and then back up into your body again.  

This energy fills you with love and light.  

An essential piece to this meditation is knowing that we live in an infinitely loving universe that always has your back.  

Call it God, call it the Universe, call it Source Energy, or Spirit. Know that energy exists that is bigger than you that is always guiding you with unconditional love.  

When you can open yourself up to that, you are able to see that everything you have ever desired is already ready and waiting for you to accept it.  

It is up to you to open up and receive.  

This requires stepping into your receptive mode and acknowledging, with one more daily affirmation, that “I am worthy of everything I could ever ask for, and it is on its way to me now. I am open.”  

Happy manifesting! 

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