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The 5 Best Crystals To Use For Cleansing

Cleansing the home, the car, the office, or any other place that you frequent, is so important. The energy radiating in the areas where we spend time has an enormous impact on our relationships, our work, our focus, our well-being… on our lives as a whole.

We can imagine the toll that negative energy takes on us by considering what a physically messy space does to our concentration, motivation, and peace of mind. Think about it; if you’re in a room with tons of clutter and dirty dishes and laundry piling up all over the place, you probably feel stressed out instead of at ease.

It’s the same concept when our spaces are energetically messy and cluttered. The negative energy that fills a room will consume us and create a barrier in our lives.

Crystals for Focus

That barrier can prevent us from doing, learning, and growing. It can prevent us from connecting with positive energy and using our magic.

Fortunately, we can cleanse our spaces just as we clean our rooms. All we need are the right tools and the right knowledge to rid our spaces of negative energy and, in turn, fill them with peace and positivity.

How to Cleanse a Space

The most commonly used ritual for cleansing a space is smudging (remember we call it cleansing because smudging is a closed practice), an ancient practice done by burning herbs such as (ethically sourced) sage and palo santo. When the herbs are burnt, the smoke cleanses the negative energies in the area.

Smudging was originally used by indigenous peoples who were clearing negativity from the body, spirit, or a physical space. The practice has become common in mystical, spiritual, and witchy communities.

While smudging is the most common method of cleansing, there are other ways that are as powerful and create the same positive energy. Crystals are an incredible tool that can be used for cleansing, much as they are used to promote peace, grounding, and positivity.

The energetic compounds of crystals are seamlessly responsive to the energies around them. When triggered, they emit certain vibrations that eliminate any negative energy and promote their own energy.

Basically, by activating crystals, meditating with them, and keeping them in your home, office, or car, you are creating a constant source of energy cleansing. They will help your space feel protected, harmonious, and peaceful.

Caring for Your Crystals

Cleansing crystals aren’t simply crystals you’ll pull out every once in a while. Instead, they are constant companions for your living or working space.

This means that you’re going to need to be intentional about taking care of these crystals and re-activating them on a regular basis.

Make sure and clean your crystals at least once a month, and even more if you meditate with them. When you clean your crystals, you’ll want to use one of a few specific methods that both clean and recharge them.

One way to clean and recharge is to bury them in the dirt for a week. As you do this, they will reconnect with the earth’s vibration in order to be fully cleansed and energized.

You can also wash crystals in salt water, which purifies the stone and absorbs any negative energy. However, be careful with this method, as there are multiple stones that cannot get wet; these include amber, turquoise, red coral, fire opal, moonstone, calcite, kyanite, kunzite, angelite, azurite, and selenite.

Another way to clean and recharge your crystals is to leave them out during the full moon so that they can absorb the positive energy from the moon when it is the strongest.

Best Crystals for Cleansing

While there are abundant choices that you can use for cleansing crystals, there are a handful of crystals that you will want to use in your space. Each crystal has a specific energetic strength and is best used to cleanse a certain area.

Black Obsidian

You will want to activate black obsidian and keep it in your entryway. While there, it will absorb any negative energy that tries to enter your home.

Black Obsidian
Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is also known as the warrior stone, as it was a form of protection for paleo indigenous peoples. The crystal has grounding properties that bring a sense of calm after dispelling the negative energy.

Rose Quartz

The beautiful, transparent rose quartz is a cleansing crystal that belongs in the bedroom. This stone is also known as the love crystal, as it promotes romance and sensuality.

Rose Quartz

In order to create a space that is perfect for both rest and intimacy, set a pair of rose quartz crystals on your dresser or nightstand. The crystals will eliminate negative energies bent on causing sleeplessness and relationship turmoil, leaving positive, connection-based energies in their stead.


Citrine is the perfect crystal for the office or a home workspace. It is a crystal of clarity and will help you see clearly in your work and creativity.


As a clarity crystal, citrine exudes positive vibrations, opening the mind and heart. Citrine gives focus and will help you stay motivated to do your work.


One of the most popular crystals out there, amethyst can be used in any area of your home. It is a key crystal for dispelling negative energy and can remove any confusion or fogginess.


As you work to create a chill and relaxing place, you’ll want to keep amethyst around for cleansing. You and your guests will experience the peace and calming that comes from removing negativity with amethyst.


Selenite is a purifying crystal that actually cleanses and charges other crystals. By keeping selenite around your windows, you’ll have consistent cleansing energy filling your home.

Making your home, office, and car places of peace and clarity, protected from negative energy and forces, is important.

You will be able to create a haven for you, your family, and your friends by keeping clean and charged purifying crystals in your spaces.

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