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5 Crystals To Help Get Rid Of Nightmares And Give You Good Dreams

Everybody dreams. You probably can’t remember your dreams all the time, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t dreaming.

The older we get, the less likely we’re able to remember dreams — much in the same way we tend to forget some memories in time.

crystals for good dreams

Still, dreams are important. They help our minds process our emotions and even the things we’ve learned throughout the day. What we might not understand while awake, we find an outlet for through our dreams.

For some people, dreams can have pleasant images and positive feelings. Some have their dreams in color like me; others have it in black and white.

Some dreams make sense, and you’ll feel like you’re following a story or a movie. On the other hand, there are some dreams that can make you feel like Alice in Wonderland — everything is just zany, spontaneous, and whimsical.

crystals to get rid of nightmares

While there are good dreams, there are also terrible ones. These dreams make you wake up with a jolt and leave your heart racing.

Whatever shape or form these night terrors come in, they always invoke fear and anxiety. Though you might tell yourself it’s just a dream, nightmares can feel so real that you just don’t want to go back to sleep.

If you often experience unpleasant dreams, take heart: there are crystals that can help you reclaim good dreams and protect yourself from nightmares.

crystals to help bring good dreams

Keep in mind that these crystals for good dreams each have different vibrations and energies.

Depending on your situation and intentions, you might have to try out one or a combination of crystals for a few days to see what works best.

5 Crystals To Keep You From Having Bad Dreams

That said, here are some crystals for good dreams that can make your sleep a whole lot better:

💜 Amethyst

You’re probably wondering why I mention amethyst almost all the time. This is because amethyst is “nature’s tranquilizer.” It’s also called the “all-healer.” This purple stone isn’t just beautiful — it’s also got strong healing powers that can help calm your dream state.

By quieting your mind, amethyst dispels negative energies, allowing you to sail smoothly into slumber.

amethyst for good dreams

Because it’s aligned with the Third Eye and the Crown Chakra, amethyst can also boost your spiritual wisdom. It can open your divine insight, which protects you from any destructive psychic attack while dreaming.

This is also a great crystal to have around if you want a deeper connection with your lucid dreams.

Since amethyst holds a lot of power, you might want to think twice about using it if you’re a light sleeper. Amethyst can magnify energies, which can be too much for those wanting a more restful slumber.

To soften the amethyst’s vibrations, I always keep it in the bedroom but make sure that it’s some distance away from my bed.

🌜 Moonstone

What better crystal to help you with your dreams than moonstone?

As its name suggests, this stone can connect you with the powerful magic of the moon, which can ward off nightmares. With this strong lunar connection by your side, you can safely journey through your dreams.


This can be especially helpful during astral travels or out-of-body experiences. With moonstone, you can also strengthen your divine wisdom and inner prophecy. This helps make sense of dreams when you finally awaken.

As gentle as it is beautiful, moonstone can lull you back to a restful slumber.

If you’re always anxious or emotionally tense, moonstones can lessen these feelings so that they don’t interfere with your sleep.

If you feel unaligned with the changing rhythms of your conscious and subconscious states, moonstone is an effective stone to calm the turbulent waters of your mind.

🖤 Black Tourmaline

Since black tourmaline is regarded as a “stone of protection,” this crystal can shield you from psychic attacks and nightmares.

If you have black tourmaline nearby, it can keep you safe even during your dream state.

black tourmaline

Aside from being a protective stone, black tourmaline can also help release stress, anxiety, and pain, which are often the cause of unpleasant dreams.

With this stone, you can deflect negative thoughts and energies, thus helping you get a good night’s sleep.

💤 Shamanic Dream Stone or Lodolite

Also known as garden quartz, the shamanic dream stone — or lodolite — is an amazing crystal to have for lucid dreaming.

With this stone, you can focus on good memories that will lead to more pleasant dreams. It can also help merge your mind and spirit, so you’ll feel in control even while dreaming.


As a stone used by shamans for decades, lodolite also works well for astral travel and vision quests.

With this crystal, you can have a vivid, vibrant, and beautiful dream journey. Because of its power, lodolite is also a great crystal to have if you want to communicate with spirits through the dream world.

But just like amethyst, lodolite is a powerful amplification stone so it might be too much for light sleepers.

🐺 Howlite

If you’re suffering from insomnia, howlite is a good companion to have. It helps calm your mind by transmuting negative thoughts into compassionate ones.


Because it’s aligned with the Crown Chakra, howlite can help you strengthen your connection with the divine.

blue howlite

Due to its power, this stone can also help you go through higher planes in your dream state. In some cases, howlite can even help you recall past lives through dreams.

Say Goodbye to Restless Sleep

There you have it — five crystals for good dreams. Try them out and finally say goodbye to restless sleep! Put them on a nightstand, under your pillow, or under your bed so you can feel their energies wrapping around you as you close your eyes.


You can try one stone or arrange a combination in a crystal grid so that you can dream to your heart’s content!

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