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How To Read Reversed Tarot Cards Without Learning The Meanings

Tarot card reversals can be a very exciting part of reading because they add a deeper meaning to the spread.

Many practitioners find reversed tarot cards to provide a more significant spiritual experience because of the great insight they bring.

When you’re a beginner, though, there are times when you may have trouble reading reversed cards because they’re a lot harder to interpret than upright ones.

When you’re just getting used to the universal meaning of each tarot card, learning how to read reversed tarot cards may not always be as easy.

Seeing tarot cards this way can create a lot of confusion and incite fear. However, there’s no need to panic.

Today, I’ll teach you how to handle reversed cards effectively so that you can be more open to them during a reading.

Why Some People Are Afraid of Reversed Cards

Many practitioners — mostly beginners and some advanced practitioners — tend to respond with hesitation when faced with reversed cards. This initial reaction is rather common, so don’t worry if you’re feeling the same way about them.

There are some reasons why this often happens to most people.

This fearful reaction stems from the brain not being able to comprehend the images on the cards right away simply because they’re not right-side up.

Fortune teller reading a future by tarot cards in the light of candle

Without being able to make sense of things instantly, the brain may deem what it sees as unchartered territory. This gives light to the idea of “fearing what we don’t understand.”

Another reason why most people fear tarot card reversals is the negative meaning ascribed to them throughout the years.

Open any tarot book, and you’ll find words like “betrayal,” “manipulation,” or “deception” associated with reversed cards. While there’s some truth to these interpretations, handling tarot reversals without fear depends on your approach.

How To Respond When You See a Reversed Card

You don’t always have to see reversed tarot cards as representing doom and gloom. How you respond to them affects your interpretation, and it will be incredibly difficult to uncover the insight you’re looking for if you begin the tarot reading with fear in your heart.

I recommend that you examine where this fear is coming from, so you can read with a more open mind.

Once you identify the fear you have about seeing reversed tarot cards, it will be easier to comprehend how everything on earth is cyclical.

While some things begin, others need to end at some point. Energy needs to circulate to keep life happening all around you. This is the law of nature that every practitioner needs to embrace.

Reversed tarot cards signify growth because they are little reminders that you need to move. This may not come naturally at first, but I hope it’s something you’ll grow accustomed to as you become more familiar with your tarot deck.

Four Ways To Interpret Tarot Reversals

If you’ve done your best to avoid reversed tarot cards in the past, today you’ll learn to be friends with them during a reading.

Here are four different ways you can interpret tarot reversals in terms of energy — minus the fear and with a lot of optimism:

tarot cards on table

🥸 Concentration of Energy

Sometimes, there can be too much or too little energy focused in one place. When you pull a card in reverse, it may mean that there’s an imbalance in a specific aspect of your life.

This is the part that needs careful reflection so that you can restore the concentration of energy in the right places.

For example, when you draw a reversed Temperance card, it may mean a lack of patience over something that is important to you.

You may need to shift your focus on other things to maintain a sense of harmony. Keep in mind that the more attention you give something, the less likely you can tend to other parts of your life.

💘 Direction of Energy

Other times, a reversed tarot card has to do with the flow of energy. An upright card means energy moving outward, while a reversed card means energy moving inward.

When a card is reversed, it signals an internalization of energy that may be doing you more harm than good. Energy needs to go both ways for a well-balanced life.

One good example of this is when you draw the Hermit card in reverse, which may mean that all your energy is directed inward, focusing too much on the self and creating intense feelings of isolation.

The Hermit
The Hermit

This movement may be good for introspection, but all too internalized energy can lead you to reject society altogether.

🧱 Blockage of Energy

You can also view a reversed card as a clue to where a block in energy lies. Ask yourself what could be getting in the way of energy flowing smoothly in that particular aspect of your life.

After you’ve identified the source of the block, you can find ways to release it, so you can experience balance once again.

For instance, when you draw the Strength card in reverse, reflect on the things that are preventing you from tapping into your true power to achieve your goals. What are the factors causing you to doubt yourself, and what can you do to overcome them?

⚡️ Completion of Energy

Other times, a tarot reversal can be your biggest clue on when it’s time to move forward.

This is because a reversed card can sometimes point to a chapter ending when the energy has served its purpose in a given situation.

You may feel some resistance here, which is normal because attachment is a part of being human.

One interesting example I can give is when you draw the Fool card from your deck. The Fool in reverse can mean it’s time to stop exploring your options and finally make an important decision.

You may have gone through a period of spontaneity, trying to find yourself — but eventually, you will need to draw wisdom from your experiences.

Embracing Tarot Reversals Without Fear

The more you do tarot reading, the more adept you become at learning how to read reversed tarot cards.

Soon enough, they’ll elicit an “aha moment,” allowing you to see points of improvement rather than evoke fear, leading you to think that problems are about to arise.

I encourage you to respond with light and love whenever you draw a reverse card from your deck.

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