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The Most Powerful Crystals for Self-Love 

Crystals for self-love are incredibly powerful.

I have said it before, and I will say it again and again and again, if you do not love yourself, you cannot love anyone else. 

It will take practice, ritual, persistence, perseverance, and even crystals for self-love to get there. 

But it is worth it. So worth it. 

Crystals for Self-Love: What the World Needs Now

I have been a student of human nature for four decades now, watching people drift aimlessly through life, without purpose, without spirit, without love. 

And it is not our fault. 

We have become victims, pawns, in a society that has told us for decades if not centuries that we are not good enough, that we have no purpose of our own, and that our only value is as workers or as reproducers of more workers. 

There are a few masters of civilization who have determined themselves to be the rulers, and the rest of us subjects. 

We have the illusion of happiness thanks to drugs, mindless sex, alcohol, sugar, processed foods, television, social media, but we don’t take real joy from life. 

And we don’t have real purpose. 

I don’t really blame those “rulers” either. They are merely playing out their own roles in the law of attraction. 

They pursued wealth and power with single minded pursuit, and they took whatever means necessary to meet those goals. 

They did not pursue love. 

But then, neither did we. 

We certainly were not seeking crystals for self-love.


This is the problem that arises when we lose sight of God.

What? You ask. A witch talking about God.

Yes, well, give me a moment to explain. 

While I am by no means a follower or acolyte of any organized religion, I am a deep believer in God, and I always have been. 

It is just that, as Abraham Hicks points out, so many humans have so abused and manipulated the name of God that it is now meaningless in any real way. 

When I say God, I mean Love. 

I mean the pure, positive, infinitely wise and powerful loving energy that has been present since the beginning of time. 

And we need to return to establishing a constant connection to that God.

God Is Dead

Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said once that “God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him.” 

I think what Nietzsche meant is precisely what I am talking about now, precisely the story in the bible of the prodigal son. 

We created God in the same way that God created us. 

If, in the beginning, there was only God, pure consciousness, only mind, then from that consciousness, the essence of life, all life was created, and all of life is then a necessary extension of that consciousness. 

You cannot create a living thing without providing some of your very own essence to that thing. 

God is the thing that animates us. 

So, before we were human, we, too, were God. 

Let’s say we were gods.

Then, with that same all knowing, all powerful, all seeing energy, we participated in the creation of humanity. 


We wanted to be able to observe ourselves. 

We wanted to expand, which the Universe has been doing since its inception. 

And in that expansion, we evolved, and are always evolving, to the cutting edge of expansion and of consciousness, which is humanity. 

We are the most conscious of all of life. 

And then, in our great and powerful wisdom as humans, we killed God. 

We rejected all notions of life as connection, as love, as much much deeper than simply flesh and blood issues. 

We are here to strike a balance between human and spirit, and we have lost sense of our spirit. 

How do I know? 

Well, spirit is only love. 

Hate, fear, depravity, hurt, violence, all are only aspects of created life. 

Nature can be violent in its incarnations, but spirit is never violent. 

Nature can be fearsome, but spirit is never afraid and never to be feared. 

These negative emotions and actions are temporary. 

And they are useful. 

We must be afraid to walk down a dark alley at night, afraid of rejection of our tribe, afraid of touching the hot stove. 

If we were not afraid of what can truly harm us, we would never survive as a species. 

But we must also remember that there is never anything to be truly afraid of. 

Because we, in our spirit form, in our god selves, can never be harmed, damaged, or killed. 

So, we have lost God. 

We have killed God. 

And if we want to step into the new paradigm, the future that is made with love, laughter, and joy, we must bring God back to the table.

And that begins with self-love. 

And yes, crystals for self-love can help. 

The Age of Aquarius

In her book Rise, Sister, Rise, Rebecca Campbell talks about the Age of Aquarius. 

The Age of Aquarius, thought by most astrologers to have begun around the year 2012, is the rise of the divine feminine, the return of Mary Magdalene, the reintroduction of the female as the supreme leaders of humanity. 

We have been in a masculine age for thousands of years, and look, all things have their time and their purpose. 

We clearly needed this hyper masculinity, we clearly needed to suffer, we clearly needed to endure these endless wars, famine, poverty, and divisiveness. 

Perhaps we needed them to get to the point so many of us are at now, realizing that we need more. 

We got all we thought we wanted, and we still feel empty, soulless. 

Because we have killed God. 

There is nothing like a woman to remind you of the power of God. 

The power of creation, the power of love, and the power of joy are upon us. 

It is up to us to embrace it. 

More and more spiritual people are recognizing these paradigm shifts, these opportunities to awaken, and to awaken the others. 

And it all has to begin with self-love. 


Because you are the god you have been waiting for. 

You are the god you have rejected. 

You are the god you have killed. 

And you get to bring that god back to life. 

And when you embrace the oneness that is human and spirit unbroken, you are capable of anything. 

As Abraham Hicks says, the power of love is a thousand times more powerful than the power of fear. 

Step into love. 

Meditate with Crystals for Self-Love

To begin, gather your crystals for self-love and practice a meditation every morning and every evening to bring you closer to your god self. 

Crystals for Self-Love

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the love stone, often pink and even heart shaped, it will help you connect with your heart chakra, which is the seat of self-love and self compassion. 

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz will amplify and emphasize whatever energy you are focused on. Keep this with you during all of your meditations. 

Green Aventurine

Green is the color of the heart chakra, so it will help you clear out and unblock this most important energy center. It is a stone of courage and faith for your ability to love yourself. 


Fluorite, especially green fluorite, will also allow for energy to stay in flow and keep the power of the Universe flowing through you. 


Pick your crystals with which to meditate, set your timer for 20 minutes, and sit in a quiet space. 

As you meditate, imagine a ball of green light entering your crown chakra and clearing out space for you to connect with your god self. 

Then allow that energy to enter your third eye chakra and your throat chakra, clearing space for you to see the truth through loving eyes, and to speak that truth with clarity and directness. 

Next, move that energy into your heart chakra and allow it to expand and brighten, pushing outward to the limits of every part of your body. Love yourself deeply and intensely, giving yourself a warm, energetic hug from the inside. 

Sacral chakra

You are worthy of this love. 

Finally, allow that green ball of light to push into your solar plexus chakra, down into your sacral chakra, and then into your root chakra, ultimately moving from you into the earth and hooking you in.

This practice keeps you grounded into the earth, which provides the material for your human makeup and connected to the divine, of which you are an extension. 

You are both. 

You are love. 

And you are loved. 

Practice meditating with your powerful crystals on a daily basis to gain inner strength, a positive outlook, positive energies, inner peace, and solid mental health. 

This self-care practice will allow you to expel negative energies, rid yourself of negative thoughts, banish low self-esteem, and step into your personal power with self confidence and wisdom. 

You deserve this mental clarity, you deserve a clear energy field, and you are worthy of a healed and healthy nervous system. 

Do not doubt this for a second. 

Crystal healing reminds you of your good fortune and the powerful tools that are at your disposal. Take this spiritual practice and your favorite crystals and make them your own. 

Your sense of self-love will grow alongside your sense of self-worth, and the healing properties of a crystal of unconditional love can only bring you greater self awareness and love of all kinds. 

Happy manifesting!

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