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Esoteric Numerology 101: The Basics 

Esoteric numerology is, by its very definition, meant to be understood by only a small number of people. 

So if you are here, welcome, and congratulations. 

Abraham Hicks says we who are on the pathway to enlightenment and awakening are in a very small minority, the 3%. 

Human beings as it is are on the very cutting edge of the expansion of the Universe, so to be at the forefront of that cutting edge is pretty freaking exciting. 

Esoteric numerology is a combination of science and spirituality, my favorite, and understanding it helps us understand a lot about ourselves, our lives, and our paths. 

Various forms of numerology have been used by civilizations for thousands of years, and as a well traveled mathematician and philosopher, Pythagoras, from Ancient Greece, was able to pull together all he learned from other cultures and his years of study and experience in mathematics to format the basic concept of esoteric numerology. 

Esoteric Numerology

At its most basic, the theory goes that each human being has a specific set of numbers that reveals various aspects of our lives – your life lesson number, your soul number, your human personality number, and your destiny number. 

Before you can begin to understand anything about numerology, there are a few things to grasp so that it all makes sense. 

Carnelian meaning

In the Beginning 

In the beginning, before there was even a concept of time and space, there was consciousness. 

That consciousness is what today we call God, the Universe, Nature, Spirit, or Source Energy, among many other names. 

The sole purpose of that consciousness has always been to expand. 

In that expansion, by nature, is creation. 

So the consciousness created universes and suns, planets and moon, life forms – animal and plant – and finally humans. 

Humans are on that cutting edge, the greatest example of consciousness creating itself. How do we know this? Because we are consciousness too. 

We are the only living creatures on the planet with a conscious.

We wonder who, what, when, where, and why. 

We live beyond our instincts. 

We are the Universe, having a human experience. 

Thus, before we were human, we were a small part of that consciousness, but still imbued with every single capability that consciousness held – infinite power, infinite knowledge, the ability to be in all places and all times, and the ability to see everything, all consequences and possible outcomes for every choice. 

Further, that consciousness, and us when we are with it, outside of our human form, is pure loving energy. 

Beyond humanity and creation there is no fear, no strife, no hatred or violence. Those are necessary limitations that come with created life as we need contrast to navigate our living experiences. 

We have lived hundreds if not thousands of lives, learning and expanding with each life, and as we come into each new life, we set intentions for the next experience

Remember, the whole purpose is expansion. 

So, when we can see all, be all, know all, and do all, we decide how we want our next experience to go, how we want to expand. 

We cannot know which decision we will make while in human form, that is the joy of limitation, but we can know what will happen as a result of each decision. 

So, we make a grand calculation, set our intentions, and leap into human form. 

We are still our god selves; we have simple poured a part of that self into human form, with all of its limitations. Like an avatar. 

This is where math comes in. 

Esoteric Numerology: Math Is the Universal Language

Math is the single language that all humans can understand and interpret. 

Therefore, it makes sense that if we set up a code with which to communicate with our higher selves, with the Universe, and to understand ourselves better and to better see the path before us. 

You see, when we set those intentions, the universe automatically arranged life to allow us to best meet those intentions. 

Because of those intentions we set, we were born to these parents, in this time, with this skin color, this biological sex, in this region, and so on and so forth. 

Now, if we want to understand those intentions and the outcomes that have come as a result, numerology is the code we use to unlock it. 

And it is all seated in parts of our birth names and our birthdate. 

Because, again, you set those intentions, which determined the name your parents would give you and when exactly you would be born. 

Yes, indeed, the Universe is a wildly powerful energy. The most powerful, in fact. 

Fortunately, it is operating always from a place of love. 

Now, to understand yourself and your path, all you need is your birth names and your birth date. 

Life Lessons

Self-love affirmations

Your first number is your life lesson number. This number tells you what life lessons you wanted to learn in this lifetime, before you came here. 

It is also often called your life path number and includes your career choice.

Let’s say you keep finding yourself a victim in each life, or you continue to victimize others. Maybe you cannot overcome lack mentality, or you have not learned to be of service to others. 

Your god self arranged for your life to teach you those lessons this time around. 

This is the most common numerology number that most people think of.

To calculate your life lessons number, you simply add up all the numbers in your full date of birth, for example 12/12/2002. Then you continue to add them until you get a single digit number. 

Soul Number

Your soul number is a description of your god self. This is the you that you have always been, at your deepest core, the you that you are when you are not limited by your humanity. This you is also the accumulation of all of your past lives. 

To get your soul number, you simply add up the vowels in your name. 

Human Personality 

Your human personality number is just what it sounds like, an accurate definition of who you are as a person, in your human form. 

You must be prepared to confront yourself in all of your wonder and failures, in all of your strengths and weaknesses, and hold space for that part of you. 

This investigation calls you to be deeply loving and compassionate with yourself, and draw yourself up to your fullest potential. 

Your weaknesses and failures, after all, are merely opportunities to grow and learn. 

To expand. 

To get your human personality number, add up all the consonants in your name until you get to a single digit. 


Your destiny number is the combination of your soul number and your human personality number added together until you get a single digit. 

This number tells you what your set of intentions was when you came into this life. 

Again, you will need to be strong and loving to read this number and confront it clearly as you may be prone to “it’s too late for me” and “I have failed” types of ideas. 

Let those go. 

If you are still here, you are still fully capable of reaching your fullest potential and honoring your set of intentions. 

After all, esoteric numerology is a gift to us, and we are never given a gift we cannot use well. 

Esoteric Numerology Numbers: The Basics

Now you understand the history and behind the scenes information, you can start working with your actual numbers. 

A great book for understanding the numbers and their meanings in numerology is A Little Bit of Numerology by Novalee Wilder.

A few tips for beginners, and some things I tell all new witches: 


You have got to get good with sitting with yourself, with not reacting to every little thing, with loving yourself at the deepest level possible. 

This will require you sit in meditation every single day, for at least 20 minutes, to clear and quiet your mind. 

Nothing matters more than this. 


Your greatest power, after love, in this life, is your intuition. It is an enormous gift, and it is at the root of all of your supernatural senses. 

As Psychic Witch author Mat Auryn explains, we are all born with four extra senses that most of us shut down in the process of becoming more and more “human” as we grow, and the world encourages us to shut down our supernatural powers. 

We have clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. 

The ability to see, hear, feel, and know things outside of the natural world. 

When you tap into your intuition, you are more capable to calling those powers back to you, of opening up. 

So as you explore the energy of the number, know that if something does not resonate with you, with your intuition, then you should trust your intuition, not a random number or description on a website. 

All of this information, like with any divination tool, is subject to interpretation, and goes much deeper than a single number. 

Play with the information you find, and see how you feel about it, work with it, explore it with your astrological house, sit with it, revisit it, and integrate it. 

The spiritual significance of your time of birth and your birth name cannot be understated on a personal level or on a higher level. 

You came here to do great things, and, when interpreted and dealt with in love, even the negative aspects of your life experiences hold great power for good luck. 

These are universal principles that have distinct meaning for your bigger picture in this life and into the next lifetime. 

Happy manifesting!

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