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What Is the Tiger’s Eye Chakra: Energy and Vitality 

What Is the Tiger’s Eye Chakra: Energy and Vitality 

If you ask me “what chakra is tiger’s eye?” I will ask you what your passion is.  

The tiger’s eye chakra crystal is all energy and vitality, passion and vigor, self-worth and self-confidence.  

While we can certainly find many of those emotions and qualities throughout our chakra system, they are all mostly centered, and absolutely collected in your solar plexus chakra.  


The Solar Plexus 

The solar plexus is perhaps the most interesting of all the chakras in that it is almost exactly mirrored physically and spiritually.  

The physical solar plexus is a ganglion of nerves that connects your entire nervous system from your brain stem down to the base of your spine.  

It looks like a sun with its rays spreading out in all directions; hence the name solar plexus.  

When your solar plexus is healthy, your entire body is healthy, you feel energized, your digestive system is functioning at peak performance, and your mind is clear.  

When your solar plexus is having difficulty, it is usually a sign that your nervous system needs healing. Some call this adrenal fatigue. You feel tired, you might have digestive problems, and you may even start to experience mental disorders like anxiety or depression.  

It is truly a center of physical and mental health.  

Likewise, as Caroline Myss points out in her book The Anatomy of the Spirit, our spiritual ailments often manifest as physical ailments.  

When your solar plexus chakra is clean and clear, you feel spiritually connected, your energy is flowing clearly from your root to your crown and back again.  

stones for the solar plexus

You will feel connected to the earth and all its life forms, and you can feel energy flowing to you and through you from the endless Source Energy.  

When your solar plexus chakra is blocked, however, you may experience disconnectedness, a sense of loss and absence, and a sense of loneliness.  

You may feel hopeless and lacking in self-worth and passion.  

Solar Plexus as the Tiger’s Eye Chakra: The Go Between 

Interestingly, self-worth is rooted in self-love, which is found in the heart chakra in terms of their energetic home base. And passion is rooted in creativity, which is found in the sacral chakra.  

The heart chakra is just above the solar plexus, the tiger’s eye chakra, and the sacral chakra is just below the solar plexus chakra. 

The solar plexus connects and is the go between for the sacral chakra and all your creativity and passion, and the heart chakra and all yourself love and compassion.  

It brings passion and self-worth together to do wonderful things.  

From your solar plexus chakra, you are invigorated to try new things, throw yourself into your passions, and you have the confidence and faith in yourself that you can accomplish anything.  

Tiger's Eye
Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye Chakra

The tiger’s eye crystal, a deep brown and fiery gold stone is both a protective stone and an energizing one.  

It is a metamorphic rock, able to twist and bend and transform, at times appearing browner, and at other times appearing more gold, and sometimes both.  

The tiger’s eye chakra crystal, at its most basic, is a rock of self-confidence and inner strength. It’s the crystal that says, “you’ve got this.”   

Traditionally, the tiger’s eye chakra stone was considered a ward or protection against evil.  

Today, we know that you don’t actually need protection, as your energy welcomes or wards off all vibrations.  

So now the tiger’s eye chakra stone acts to enhance your positive power and energy, which is itself a kind of “protection” if you will. 

I remember hearing Abraham Hicks tell a story once about how if your energy is right, an assassin could be standing outside of your house, with a photo of you and a laser beam rifle trained on your door and they would still miss you.  

Safe Woman

No one can and nothing can harm you unless you let it.  

This is really hard for a lot of people to hear, understandably. We want to imagine that life is random, that bad things just happen, and that we have no control over any of it.  

But nothing could be further from the truth.  

The Tiger’s Eye Chakra: You Are the Universe 

You see, before you were human, you existed in spirit form, as energy, at one with the Universe, Source Energy.  

In your infinite wisdom and power, with the sole purpose being to expand, you looked forward and could see all potential possibilities, all potential outcomes of all actions, and you chose to come into this human life based on a set of intentions you set for yourself.  

You said, essentially, “here’s what I intend for my next life in terms of greater expansion for my consciousness and by extension higher consciousness.”  

You knew in spirit form, that you would have a limited capacity for understanding all of this and navigating this life, but you trusted in yourself to find your path, to overcome obstacles, and to become stronger as a result.  

Also, you knew that you could not fail.  

There is not failing in the Universe. It is all just experience.  

Thus, based on those intentions you set, you were born on a specific date and time, to a specific set of parents, in specific circumstances aligned with your spiritual purpose.  

From the moment you are born, you are off and running to fulfill that purpose.  

And again, you can never fail or fall or get it wrong because life as we know it never ends.  

If you don’t meet your intentions in this life, you will have infinite opportunities to adjust, adapt, recalculate, and reconfigure.  

That’s the joy of the human experience. You’ll never get it wrong, and you’ll never get it done.  

So, enjoy it while you’re in it.  

Woman in sunflowers

That’s the purpose of tiger’s eye – to remind you of how powerful you are, to remind you that you can do anything you set your mind to, and to be here for you when you fall short of your goals to lift you back up and push you back into the ring.  

Having fun the whole time.  

Tiger’s Eye Chakra Solar Plexus Ritual Meditation 

To heal your solar plexus chakra and clear it out, so that you may live your best, happiest, most invigorated life, it will do you well to heal both your physical and spiritual solar plexus.  

It is most helpful to heal your physical solar plexus, your nervous system, first, or at the very least simultaneously to your solar plexus chakra, it can be extremely challenging to find your spiritual center when you are in physical distress.  

Healing Your Physical Solar Plexus 


A bad diet can have detrimental effects on your nervous system. If you’re struggling with any solar plexus issues, take a hard clear-eyed look at your diet. Cut out processed food, high fructose corn syrup, and consider cutting out or way back on sugar and alcohol.  

Introduce dark, leafy greens into your diet as well as raw garlic and onions, which will target your gut health. Also include lean proteins, nuts, seeds, and legumes.  

Healing your gut will help heal your solar plexus. Cutting out toxins will allow your system to clear out. 



Move your body every single day to get your physical energy flowing and help heal your nervous system.  

As a writer, I spend a lot of time at my computer; even at my most ergonomic I find myself hunching and tensing in my upper back, shoulders, and neck. 

So I make myself get up in between every piece I write and walk through my yard, ideally in bare feet, earthing and moving as I go.  

It also pays to walk or run, bike or swim, for at least 30 minutes a day, and even up to an hour.  

You will find your nervous system clearing out and loving you for taking such good care of it.   


Rest is something we simply do not pay enough attention to.  

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” You say.  

Yea well, if you don’t sleep, you will be dead. Which is not necessarily a bad thing; you can always come back, of course. But I think you probably want to make the most of this life you’re living.  

So, sleep 7 to 8 hours a night. I like to aim for 8 or 9 so I can fall short and at least hit 7.  

Also take time to rest throughout the day. Take weekends off. Don’t fall into the hustle mentality.  

Don’t hustle. Align.  

Your body will thank you for it by delivering exorbitant amounts of vital energy in return.  

Healing Your Solar Plexus with Tiger’s Eye Chakra

In addition to healing your physical solar plexus and nervous system, you can sit in meditation each morning with your tiger’s eye crystal to heal your chakra.  

Lie prone for 20 minutes each morning and 5 to 10 minutes each night with your tiger’s eye stone on your solar plexus and allow the energy from the Universe to come into your crown chakra, the place where you connect with the divine, and down into your solar plexus.  

Imagine the light energy pooling there and expanding outward throughout your body.  

With each meditation, put your total trust in yourself to heal and exude endless amounts of energy for all of your passions.  

Happy manifesting!