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The Best Questions to Ask a Psychic about Love, Money, and Health

The Best Questions to Ask a Psychic about Love, Money, and Health

Thinking about visiting a psychic? Knowing the right questions, and how to word them helps get the most out of psychic readings. We go to psychics for a variety of reasons, and the most popular are related to love, money, and the future.

Psychics offer us guidance and a way to communicate with our spirit guides to get their impressions, guidance, and foresight. You are still in control of your life, and the steps you take after the reading will determine the ultimate outcome.

That makes it important to get the most out of the information, so we can better put it to use in our lives. After finding a reliable psychic and making an appointment, it’s time to prepare for the reading.

Things to remember when preparing for a psychic reading.

  • Current circumstances don’t have to shape your future.
  • We can change virtually every outcome through your own efforts. Sometimes the outcome we can change is our reaction and response to the situation and the people involved.
  • Worrying generates negative vibes around our goals and aspirations. We all know negativity doesn’t lead to anything positive, and this includes negative energy around the reading itself.
  • Identify the emotions that underlie worries – is it self-doubt, fear, or past-trauma?
  • Focus on goals but be open to different methods on the path to reach those goals. The path to your goals may be different than you thought.

Preparing for the reading

With these things in mind, the first step is to prepare questions ahead of time and make a list. In the moment, it’s often hard to remember what questions we wanted to ask, and when that happens, we almost always miss something.

Determining our intentions surrounding the reading is critical to asking the right questions in the right way. Knowing this can improve the quality of the reading we get.

Asking the wrong questions, or wording questions in the wrong way, can keep us from finding out what we need to know. It’s best to avoid yes/no and reassurance questions.

We want to ask open-ended questions and avoid yes or no questions since they don’t give us enough information. When we go to psychics for guidance we want to get as much information about our questions as possible.

Reassurance questions imply a finality. We’ve already decided and just want to know we’ve made the right decision.

This is perfectly understandable; however, it eliminates other possibilities, so it’s best not go to a psychic for reassurance. It’s critical that we’re open to the guidance we receive, and seeking reassurance closes us off to that insight.

Psychic readings, like stones, tools, candles, and herbs are specific to the questioner. Determining what we would like to get out of the reading beforehand can allow us to gain greater insight into what we need to do to ensure the most positive outcome.

We also need to cleanse ourselves of negativity, skepticism, and self-doubt. All these emotions keep us from getting the most out of the reading.

Questions to ask your psychic

General Questions

We all have questions about the future that don’t necessarily pertain to love, money, or health. Questions like these can help you find your way along your overall path in life.

  • How can I effectively deal with the negativity in my life?
  • How can I find my true purpose in life?
  • What messages do my spirit guides have for me?
  • Why am I feeling blocked?
  • What does the universe want me to know?
  • How can I use my talents for the greater good of my family, myself, and the world?
  • What can I do to welcome positive energy into my life?

Questions to avoid

  • What is my purpose in life?
  • Who can I count on?
  • Should I move?
  • What are my talents?
  • Should I sell my house?
  • When will I find out my true purpose in life?

Questions about Love & Relationships

Many of us want to know what’s ahead in our lives in the romance area. A love reading with the right kind of questions can give us guidance about how to move forward in this area.

  • How can I open myself to love?
  • What can I do to attract the right person?
  • How can I improve my current relationships?
  • What does the universe want to tell me about my love life?
  • How can I move past my breakup or divorce?
  • What should I learn from my last relationship?
  • When will I get pregnant?

Questions to avoid

  • Will my boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife love me forever?
  • Will I get a divorce?
  • Should I get married?
  • How can I get a certain person to like me?
  • Will I be reunited with my ex?
  • When will I get married?

Questions about Work & Money:

We all want to know what’s ahead for us in our finances. The questions we choose and how we ask them can help us focus our attention on what we can change to improve our finances.

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  • How can I earn more money?
  • What can I do to improve my success at work?
  • How can I reach my career goals?
  • Am I on the right career path?
  • How can I know whether to change jobs or careers?
  • How can I reach my financial goals?
  • What can I do to become more successful?

Questions to avoid

  • Will I get a promotion?
  • Will I win the lottery?
  • Will I get a new job?
  • Should I buy a new car?
  • Where will I find my success?
  • Does my boss value me?

Questions about Health

Questions about our personal health and that of our families are also popular. Guidance to help us through personal or family illness is invaluable when we’re navigating difficulties such as these.

  • How can I improve my lifestyle?
  • What should I remove from my life to improve my health?
  • How can I be less stressed and anxious?
  • What type of energy surrounds me and my health?
  • What do I need to know about my diet?
  • How can I lead a healthier lifestyle?
  • Is negative energy affecting my health?

Questions to avoid

  • Will I be healthy for all my life?
  • How long will I live?
  • Will my health improve?
  • Will my diet be successful?
  • Will I be able to overcome bad health habits?
  • Should I buy a home gym?

Questions about the Future

Of course, everyone wants to know what’s ahead, and a psychic reading can help us make the best choices to ensure a successful future. Remember, however, a psychic can only tell us what the future looks like if we continue our current course of action.

  • What can I do to ensure positive outcomes in my future?
  • What does the universe want me to know about the future?
  • How can I eliminate negative energy surrounding the future?
  • What can I do to stop worrying about the future?
  • What can I do to feel more confident about the future?
  • How can I make my home more peaceful and inspire my family?
  • What can I do to stop blocking myself from success?

Questions to avoid

  • Will I get rich?
  • When will I get over the trauma of the past?
  • Will I overcome my mental blocks?
  • When will I be successful?
  • Will I win my next contest?
  • When will I buy my next car?

Can Psychic Readings Really Help Me?

Psychic readings can help us make decisions based on advice from our spirit guides, so we can make the right choices to achieve our goals. They can also help us see the options relating to those choices more clearly.

Advice from our spirit guides can offer new perspectives on events in our lives. However, we are the only ones who can use the information to affect future outcomes and increase our chances of success.

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The most important thing to remember is that we control our own destinies, and regardless of what the psychic says in the reading, we are still in charge of the choices we make. The energy in our lives can make those choices positive or negative depending on which energy we welcome into our lives.

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