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Feng Shui Numerology: Stay in Flow

When first starting out in the world of witchy spiritual stuff, it can be helpful to learn bits and pieces of different philosophies to decide what works for you.

For example: what do feng shui and numerology have to do with each other?

Well, while there are many rigid practices among all the religions, including the most common witchcraft religion, Wicca, the true nature of any witch is to stay in flow.

We like to call her an “eclectic witch.”

It’s why you’ll read about everything from Buddhism to Christianity, from ancient Egypt to French New Orleans.

Because the truth is, power is power and energy is energy, regardless who practices and regardless where you learn about it.

When you practice magic in this way – as an understanding of energy and flow – you remain in a constant state of learning and experiencing the world.

Thus, feng shui and numerology are connected by their rooted nature in a state of flow.

Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art developed over 3,000 years ago.

It is based in Taoism, which is a philosophy based on a book of poetry called “The Tao Te Ching,” which roughly translates to “the book of the way.”

The book is filled with advice on how to live an energetically awakened life.

Much of the philosophy has to do with going gently through life, detaching from the things and people and ideas we cling to, allowing, surrendering, and being at peace with what is.

It is not an easy state to reach in our modern world, with the constant hustle and bustle and everything tugging at us for our attention at all times.

But if we can master it, we really can find true inner peace, which allows us to more easily achieve outer peace.

One of the ways we can achieve this peaceful state is to surround ourselves with calm.

Feng shui is the beginning of that.

Feng shui was adopted by followers of the Tao, who aimed to create surroundings conducive to achieving flow.

The word “feng” translates to “wind” and “shui” translates to “water,” the elements most noted for flow.

The practice helps you to organize your house, office space, or any other physical space you occupy in a way that promotes and ongoing and positive flow of energy.

The Commanding Position

The commanding position in any room is the position with the most power.

It is the spot in the room that is furthest from the door and not in direct line with it. You should be able to draw a diagonal line from the commanding position to the door, and you should have a clear line of sight to the door.

In your office, your desk should be in the commanding position, likewise your bed in your bedroom, and your stove in your kitchen.

These three rooms make up essential parts of your self in your home; your bed is you, your desk is your career, and your stove is your wealth and nourishment.

Energy Centers and Elements

From there, you can explore myriad bagua maps of feng shui, which make up the eight areas of flow in your house. Various cultures and practices arrange the map differently, but the goal in each is to bring constant flow into your home so that you may bring constant flow into your life.

You always want to be in an in and out state, never holding onto anything too tightly or avoiding anything.

Let it come and let it go.

That is the nature of all energy.

When you resist nature, you only experience pain in some form or another.

Each room in your home should also represent the five elements of nature – earth, metal, water, wood, and fire. The elements are five interrelated phases in life that work together to create a complete system.

Feng shui works to balance these five elements in each room of your home according to your personal Bagua map.

hand sun and blue sky with copyspace showing freedom or solar power concept

Overwhelmed yet?

Don’t be.

You do not have to incorporate all of feng shui into your home immediately. And feng shui is not critical to getting into flow in your life. It is merely a reminder of flow, just like any divination tool.

If you want to bring more flow into your home as a reminder, start with small steps, like these recommended by Architectural Digest.


But wait, you wonder. What does all this have to do with numerology?

Well, numerology is a divination tool used to help you get in tune with the universe.

In other words, a way of getting into the flow.


When you understand your life path number and your power number, you are more capable of traveling through life with purpose.

But wait, again. We are getting ahead of ourselves.

So, some numbers based on your name and birthdate determine your purpose?? That’s crazy!

Not exactly.

Here’s how it works, according to the definitive teacher on the subject, Abraham Hicks.

We are source energy before we come into this human experience.

In the beginning of time, long before earth, or any other planet was formed, there was energy and consciousness.

That consciousness, using simply and profoundly consciousness energy, brought into life all we see, feel, hear, taste, and touch, and everything beyond that, too.

The book You Are the Universe by Deepak Chopra and astrophysicist Menas C. Kafatos spells all this out quite nicely with scientific language if you are interested.

The bottom line, everything in life is thought first. To bring something to life, you must think it into existence. Both physics and metaphysics prove to us that with intention, we create our reality.

Sadly, sometimes we create our reality unintentionally because our thoughts become things, and when we focus on them extensively, we make our thoughts real.

All of that is to say that before we are human, we are that consciousness, and in that conscious state, we create ourselves.

We set intentions, we decide, based on past experiences, lives if you will, what type of life we want to live in our next human iteration.

Then, we create ourselves. We give birth to ourselves. Very much in line with the way that the Christian God came to earth as himself, Jesus Christ, who Christians call His son.

Jesus was, essentially, God in human form.

And, as the bible tells us that we are all created in the image of God, and Jesus said himself that we were no different from him, indeed, that “all of these things you will do and far greater,” we are all basically God in human form.

You Are God: Numerology Is the Code You Left for Yourself

All of the major religions, spiritualities, and even science now, confirm it: you are God in human form.

As such, you set your own intentions before you came into human existence, while you were still an all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful, infinitely wise consciousness (God); as a result, you were born on a certain date, at a certain time, to certain parents, who gave you a certain name.

You set yourself in this life before you got here to complete the set of intentions you came with.

Numerology is a way to crack that code, to understand those intentions, and, ideally, get on the path to living those intentions out.

Numerology is a way of communicating with the divine, and with your own higher self.

Feng Shui Numerology

So, the goal for you then, to live a purpose-filled, fully empowered life, is to understand your purpose, the one you set before you came here, and then get into and stay in a constant state of flow, as much as possible.

When you study numerology, you may even want to get a numerologist to help you understand your exact birth chart.

Then, sit in meditation regularly, which will allow you to put your earth-based body to sleep, which lives in a highly reactive state, and wake up your mind to your subconscious and your higher consciousness.

From that relaxed awakened state, you can communicate with your higher self and receive guidance on how to best fulfill your purpose.

Feng shui will help you attain a calm, peaceful, relaxed state. It will help you step into your power, out of your highly activated and reactive state, and get into the flow.

Knowing your life path and power numbers, and arranging all of the items and objects in your house to allow you to be in flow, lining up those two areas of spirituality will aid you on your journey.

So, you get to take a two-pronged approach to living an empowered, purposeful, joyful, abundant life.

And remember, always, that this is supposed to be FUN. Go lightly with it, go gently, and be easy about it.

Meditate. Appreciate. Cooperate. And Celebrate.

Regardless of any other approach you take, that is the truest path you can take to a happy life.

Happy manifesting!

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