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Can Your Birth Chart Tell You If You’re Psychic?

We are all tied to the spiritual, so we all have our inner intuition- that gut feeling that tells you when something feels off.

However, astrologists often agree that some birth chart placements can indicate that someone could be especially intuitive and perhaps psychic. Here are the places to look in your chart to determine if psychic abilities might be in your blood.

Check the Placement of Your Water Signs

If you’re at all familiar with astrology, you have probably heard of water signs. Each zodiac type is grouped into a corresponding element- water, air, fire, and earth.

According to astrologer Kayse Budd, M.D., certain water placements can suggest psychic abilities. She says that water signs are inherently intuitive. When combined with water sun signs, rising signs, and moon signs, it can create sensitive and intuitive humans.

Many see Pisces as a classically psychic sign, and more Pisces placements can suggest a more psychic individual.

Neptune Can Be Especially Telling

Neptune is tied to spirituality, dreams, and intuition. When the sun, moon, or rising sign is close to Neptune, the person might be more intuitive than others, and it might help them communicate with other realms.

Additionally, when Neptune is in trine to the moon on your chart (120 degrees apart), psychic or intuitive energy can abound no matter what Neptune’s sign.

But there’s a lot more to Neptune than that. Let’s take a look.

Sun Quincunx Neptune

You can be more impressionable and psychically open when this is in your chart. When younger, these people also tend to be dominated by stronger personalities.

Physical disruptions can also affect these people, and pollution, ugliness, or dissonance can affect them more than others because they’re sensitive to their environment.

Moon Sextile Neptune

You surround yourself with sensitive, peace-loving, artistically, or spiritually inclined people. Your relationships are filled with mutual compassion and sympathy.

You can easily tune in psychically to others’ feelings and emotions. You might especially share this telepathic link with your mom, sisters, or female friends.

Mercury Conjunct Neptune

This placement suggests you are sensitive to nuances and have intuitive or psychic gifts. However, your great imagination can dirty the waters.

You have strong mystical and idealistic tendencies, and mundane activities bore you. Metaphysical and spiritual topics attract your attention.

Mercury Sextile Neptune

Thanks to your imaginative, intuitive, and original thinking, you have a gift for writing poetry, fiction, or fantasy. You are also open to life’s spiritual aspects.

Developing clairvoyant abilities could be pretty easy for you.

Mercury Trine Neptune

You are receptive to things that defy rational explanation, including psychic phenomena, telepathy, metaphysics, etc. You’re so invested in them that you could teach them to others.

These individuals are also imaginative and inspired with a talent for art and creative writing.

Mercury Opposite Neptune

These people are intuitive, imaginative, vibrant, and influenced by imagery and fantasy. They can sometimes sense things that others can’t, like the “aura.”

At the same time, they might overlook obvious things. They may also be prone to projecting your fantasies, wishes, and dreams onto other people, not seeing what is truly there.

Uranus Sextile Neptune

You are open to psychic experiences and altered states of consciousness. You don’t have to work hard to achieve them.

You tend to be romantic, free-thinking, and work toward advancing your spiritual progress and that of humankind.

Neptune in the 12th House

Compassionate and sensitive to emotional cues, you are naturally “psychic” and can sense a lot about a person without talking to them or knowing them well.

The hidden realms of life and the afterlife greatly interest you. Your psychic tendencies could remain latent or repressed throughout your life, waking up when you become an adult.

Neptune Conjunct Midheaven

You are strongly in tune with the intangible or unseen. Your awareness and mystical or intuitive sensitivity often affect your drive in life.

Imagination, creative fantasy, and visualizing could be parts of your career. You can also channel healing or inspirational messages.

Neptune Square Ascendant

You are extremely sensitive to incoming impressions and energies. Sometimes, you can be overwhelmed or dominated by stronger personalities.

Learning to establish clear boundaries will be crucial. You also tend to become emotionally and psychically entangled with those close to you.

You are a bit of a chameleon, becoming similar to those you are around the most.

Neptune Trine Ascendant

Universal sympathy, gentleness, and acceptance draw people in need toward you. Your natural intuitive insight or psychic perceptiveness helps you guide them.

However, be careful to avoid letting them become dependent on you.

Your Moon Placement

The moon is strongly associated with intuition and psychic abilities. Some moon placements can lean toward them more than others.

Important locations, including the moon next to the sun or nodes, can empower an individual to be more intuitive, regardless of the moon’s sign.

When the moon is in a prominent location, deep emotional attunement and empathy go along with it, particularly for Pisces and Cancer moons.

Your 8th House Placement

The mysterious eighth house, ruled by Scorpio, is associated with death, rebirth, and transformation. When it comes to natural intuition, placements in this house could be significant. If your sun, moon, or ruler of your ascendant is in the eighth house, you could be sensitive to the spirit realm.

A significant eighth house placement could also mean you can help with the death and dying, have had a near-death experience, or can inexplicably sense things about the afterlife.

Additionally, the sun or moon in the fourth or 12th house can also mean a strong intuition. These are the water sign houses—Pisces on the 12th, Cancer on the fourth, and Scorpio on the eighth, naturally tied to intuition.

Your 3rd & 9th House Placement

The ninth house can also relate to psychic abilities, as it deals with spiritual experiences. Significant placements can make you highly attuned, like the sun, moon, or rising sign.

Across from the ninth and associated with divination and communication, the third house can also bolster those abilities.

Pluto in the 12th House

This placement is associated with an interest in secrets, the underworld, the unconscious, and anything hidden and mysterious. Psychoanalysis, investigating your dreams, and uncovering secrets intrigue these individuals.

They can also be especially perceptive or psychically aware. The complex emotions and subconscious energies go along with periodic transformations throughout their lifetimes.

The Bottom Line

Astrology is highly nuanced, and every person’s birth chart is unique. Having these placements doesn’t mean that you are 100% psychic.

Similarly, not having them doesn’t mean that you don’t possess these abilities. However, suppose you’ve always felt more intuitive, and you have some of these placements or even a lot of them.

In that case, you are likely seeing a pattern that suggests you are more intuitive than others.

For more about your horoscope and monthly readings, check out this page on Witchy Spiritual Stuff. If you’re looking to get your birth chart, I recommend checking out Co-Star Astrology for a full natal chart generator. You will need to know the exact time of your birth, so ask your parents for that information if you don’t already have it.

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