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50 Empowering Fitness Affirmations for Working Out 

50 Empowering Fitness Affirmations for Working Out 

Fitness affirmations are much needed when your will is lagging. 

Working out is one of the most difficult things to start and to continue without either a ton of willpower or a deep seeded knowledge that what you are doing is critical to your health and wellbeing. 

Your Own Journey 

If you are seeking willpower for fitness, you first have to understand that your fitness has to be your own personal journey. 

No one person, no one way, is right for all people. 

Each of us is created as unique beings, with unique bodies, and unique needs. 

And what is right for someone else may not be right for you.

It must resonate. 

Not matter what it is, it must resonate with your at a deep, intuitive level, before you try to integrate it into your daily life

Sure, you can try to put different things into practice, but if you are miserable, you will continue to be miserable, and there is no pressure or pushing that will change that. 

In fact, you will likely just get more miserable. 

My Journey 

I personally have always been a kind of lazy active person. 

I played softball and did gymnastics as a kid. I have always loved running. 

But I also always love food and drinks. 

Indeed while I never did drugs or drank to excess (more than any normal young person experimenting with alcohol of course), food has been my greatest vice.

And sugar the biggest vice among them. 

I always loved fruits and vegetables, I always loved to cook meals at home, and I loved to feed people, but I would eat huge portions and go back for seconds. 

And then follow all that up with dessert. 

Ben N Jerry’s really is my jam. 

Needless to say I have spent most of my adult life, once my metabolism slowed down, with an extra 50 to 60 pounds on my body. 

I carried it well, and I have always been body positive, so it didn’t really bother me much, and again, I was always relatively active. 

I have always walked, run, done yoga, and taken good care of my house and family, which requires a lot of movement, cooking and cleaning and running kids around. 

Then the world entered a global pandemic. 

I was not worried at first. 

I was overweight, but like I said, I was mostly healthy. I ate well and I took my vitamins. I had never been really sick in my life. 

Then I got COVID. 

It was not bad, to be honest, but it scared the crap out of me. 

Suddenly, I was feeling all my decades on earth, I was looking at my children and worrying that the next illness would take me away from the. 

I was having a freaking nervous breakdown. 

A literal nervous breakdown. 

My nervous system was shot, leaving me feeling agitated and anxious. 

And I began to hear from reliable sources that this pandemic was a pandemic of the obese and the anxious. 

My two issues. 


So that was it for me. 

It was the middle of winter, with snow falling all around, and fitness became my top priority. 

My health became the most important thing I could do for my life, for my kids, and for my continued existence here. 

I began listening to podcasts on health and fitness, on illness and recovery. 

And as a result I gradually became less afraid I would die and more concerned that I would end up like so many Americans, living longer, but living sick for the last few decades of my life. 

Oh no way was that going to happen to me. 

I have a really good genetic line on both sides of my family.

My maternal great grandmother lived to be a happy healthy 100 years old. 

Both of my grandmothers lived well into their 80s, and that’s with underlying environmentally caused conditions that were finally preyed upon by COVID. 

I have no doubt that had they taken better care of themselves in their lifetimes that they both could have beaten COVID and come out no worse for the wear. 

I was determined to take my genetic strengths and build on them, not allow my environment to destroy the gifts I had. 

So I began running, chopping wood, walking for miles everyday. 

I cut alcohol out of my life entirely as it is a huge contributor of anxiety. 

I cut way back on sugar, enjoying a sugary treat once a week only. 

I began to focus on my gut health, the root of all of our physical health, and I introduced even more plants, with mindful attention to how these plants were medicine, into my diet. 

In 6 months I lost 40 pounds, taking myself from obese to overweight. 

Since then, my focus has been on maintaining my healthy relationship to food, exercising daily, and continuing to learn about health and wellness on a physical, spiritual, and mental relationship. 

I now understand that those three areas of life are intricately connected, and when we abandon one area, we fall “ill” in one way or another. 

And illness of any kind is an opportunity to listen to the call. 

We are being called higher, constantly. 

It is up to us to answer. 

Your Wake Up Call for Fitness Affirmations

So, that was my wake up call.

And all people I talk to only take serious action when they get their wake up call. 

It could be a breakup. It could be a health scare. It could be a near death experience. It could be the birth of a child

It will usually scare the crap out of you, and it usually has to scare you really bad. 

I always say that the mental and spiritual illness I had after I had COVID is what kept me going for full fitness, health, and wellness.

If I had just had COVID and come right out of it, because for me, it was just like the flu, I might have been scared into taking some actions in the short term, but I likely would have fallen right back into my lazy active life, taking my health and wellness for granted. 

Now, I have a close relationship with God, with my kids, with my husband, and with myself that I would not trade for anything. 

When you have your wake up call, you cannot mistake it. 

Maybe it is why you are here. 

50 Fitness Affirmations

Once you start your journey and you decide on your own fitness routine, whatever it is, use any of these fitness affirmations to keep you going and get you started. 

Then, be sure to tailor your fitness affirmations to your own experience. 

“I can do this.” 

“I am still here.” 

“I have two arms and two legs.” 

“I am capable.” 

“I am supported.” 

“I am whole.” 

“I am strong.” 

“I can be strong.” 

“I will be strong.” 

“I will get stronger.”

“I am strong, smart, and capable.”

“I am not alone.”

“I am ready to be ready.” 

“I am willing to surrender.”

“I am answering my call.” 

“I am listening.”

“I am guided.” 

“I am proud of myself.”

“I will make myself prouder.” 

“I am on top of the world.” 

“Health is my priority.”

“Fitness is part of my health journey.”

“I have a health journey that works for me.” 

“I believe in myself.” 

“Nothing can stop me.” 

“It begins with desire.”

“I will have patience.”

“I will get out of my own way.” 

“My body knows what to do.” 

“Muscle is essential to my health.”

“I will gain muscle.”

“I will eat well for my fitness.”
“My body is a temple.”

“I am building a temple.”

“I am good to myself.”

“I am showing my self love.”

“God loves me and holds me.” 

“God is good.” 

“The universe is abundant.” 

“I will do what works for me.” 

“Nature embraces me.” 

“Nature welcomes me.” 

“I can walk with nature.” 

“My body will tell me.” 

“My body is good to me.”

“I am grateful for my strong body.” 

“I will care for my body.” 

“Fitness empowers me.” 

“This is me.” 

“I will just do it.” 

The essential ingredient is to build the belief in yourself and then support that belief along the way, and then look back at how far you’ve come and support your belief even more. 

Positive affirmations during a workout session or an exercise routine develop more positive thoughts in your subconscious mind to develop a new story. 

A story that says you are in good health, you have a stronger body, you live a healthy lifestyle, you can meet your ideal weight, and your fitness goals are achievable. 

No matter what. 

These positive statements help you see you can be the best version of yourself, and improve your physical health and your mental health through physical activity and getting into great physical shape. 

Build a strong mind and a strong body with regular exercise. At your highest level of fitness, you will see the lean muscle and the healthy body you have built through your fitness journey for a long healthy life. 

Every healthy habit, every bite of healthy food, every aerobic exercise, every small bit of pain you endure in your fitness activities is further proof that you are a healthy person with a full functioning body. 

Happy manifesting!