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How Many Affirmations Should You Use Per Day 

How many affirmations should you use per day? 

Seriously, as many as you think are necessary. 

This issue is a deeply personal one, and if you’re here questioning how many affirmations you should be using per day, the much bigger issue is building a strong, healthy relationship with your higher self and your intuition. 

Once you have that, your affirmations will come naturally, freely, and you will not be worried about whether you’re doing it right or wrong. 


First, let’s talk about the nature of affirmations, also known as mantras. 

Affirmations are sentences you speak to yourself, either quietly or out loud, that affirm what you are feeling, what you believe, and what you know to be true. 

The reason so many people hate affirmations, or will swear they are not helpful, that they are, in fact, crap, is that they are misunderstanding them. 

You cannot use affirmations to convince yourself of something. It does not work that way. 

In fact, using affirmations to convince or persuade has the opposite effect. It will only convince you further that the affirmation is not true. 

Abraham Hicks talks about this phenomenon in discussions of law of attraction. You can only manifest what you believe you can manifest. 

You can want it. 

The universe will deliver it. 

But if you don’t believe you can have it, you will block it from arriving. 

Same goes with affirmations. 

You can say it over and over, but if you don’t believe it, it will only make you feel more defeated. 

So, to that point, do not use affirmations all day every day that you don’t believe. 

Heart chakra

The Power of Belief Is Everything

At the heart of all creation is the power of belief. 

Think about the Universe at the beginning of all creation, the beginning, before time and space were invented. 

There was only consciousness. 

From that consciousness, creation began. 

From a timeless space, time was created. 

From a thought, matter was created. 

Now we have galaxies, planets, suns, moons, water, plants, animals, and humans. 

All created with a clear thought. 

A clear thought, followed by words of affirmation

Think of the book of genesis in the bible. 

“And the lord said ‘let there be light’ and there was light.”


A thought. An affirmation. Creation. 

That consciousness, God, was not worrying about whether it was worthy of creating, whether it was really capable of creating. 

Not limited by human fears, doubts, and anxieties, the Universe simply creates. 

And so can we. 

But we must get out of our own way. 

To do this, we must step into a place of allowing, of receiving, of being willing to be surprised and delighted by the Universe, which has a much better imagination that we do. 



Here’s how allowing works with affirmations: 

You cannot speak something into existence without the belief. 

And you cannot force yourself to believe something you don’t believe. 

But, you can adapt and shift your perspective into a state of allowing. 

One day, my five-year-old came to me crestfallen and distraught. 

I was sitting at my kitchen table reading a magazine and I dropped everything. 

“What’s the matter?” I asked her.

“Well, Mama. I just realized I will never be able to fly. And I really want to fly.” She said, so sad. 

You see, she had spent years watching Tinkerbell fly, watching superheroes fly, watching amazing flying experiences, and as she grew into her kid self, waking up to the reality that the adult world forces on children, her little heart broke that she would never grow wings or own a cape that would allow her to fly. 

“Darling, go get my iPad. Right now. Run and go get it.” I told her.

She did. She ran for my iPad at my desk and came back in, wondering what I was up to. 

I pulled up YouTube and typed into the search bar. 

Before her eyes, a person was leaping from a cliff with one of those amazing flying suits that makes them look like jumping squirrels, flying through the air, knifing their way between cliff walls, and, really, flying. 

She watched, riveted, as I showed her several videos like this one. 

And in the end, I told her, “you may never fly like Tinkerbell or Superman, but you can fly, sweetheart, if you just wrap your head around different meaning of what it is to fly.” 

And that’s it. It’s that simple. 

You get to decide what you actually believe, you get to create your reality, but you have to create it using material that you already have, and you have to build from where you are. 


Growing Faith in Yourself

In order to grow faith in yourself, and to learn to communicate with and trust your intuition, you can start to do things that show you what you are capable of. 

Because you truly are capable of anything

So start where you are. 


If you’re struggling to believe you are strong, smart, and capable, start with exercise. It is the number one way to quickly boost your endorphins and your serotonin levels. 

Start with daily walks outside, in the sunshine if you can. Move to doing something that gets your heart racing – running, cycling, swimming, dancing. 

Plan for an hour a day of moving your body and honoring what your body can do. 

When you are ready, start lifting weights to build muscle. Having a healthy slab of lean muscle on your body will make you feel almost invincible, and the weightlifting exercise will boost your mental health and faith in yourself. 

Eat Well

healthy food

To support your exercise and your mental health, make sure to get more healthy foods into your diet. 

When you love your body and your mind, they will love you back. 

Get more plants into your daily diet, more seeds and nuts, more clean meats have been grass fed and pasture raised. 

Drink lots of water and eat more herbs, spices, and roots. 

Doing this will help your gut health come into balance, which will also improve your total wellness and your mental health. 

Sleep Well

A huge portion of self-doubt, fear, worry, anxiety, and depression comes from lack of sleep or restful sleep. 

Make sure you turn off your electronics at least one hour before getting into bed, and preferable two hours. 

Go get your feet on the bare earth for 20 minutes each evening, and sleep in a quiet, cool room. 

Aim for 8 to 9 hours of sleep each night so if you fall short, at least you hit the bare minimum of 7. 

And try to go to sleep and rise with the sun as much as possible so you can reset your circadian rhythms and get yourself into balance with the Universe. 



A great way to come into balance with the Universe and know on a deep level that you are always being guided, loved, and supported, is to meditate. 

Implementing a daily meditation practice will help quiet your mind, rid yourself of doubt and anxiety, and connect you fully to your higher self, who knows without a doubt just how powerful you are. 

Plan for 20 minutes a day, each morning, before you do anything else. 

As you sit for meditation, set your timer for 20 minutes, and begin with several “om” chants to quiet your mind. 

Then, picture a ball of white energy filling your crown chakra from the Universe that is abundant and rich in love and wisdom. 

Allow that light to clear your crown chakra and your connection to your higher self, then clear your third eye chakra and your throat chakra, which represent the energy it takes to see and speak Universal Truth. 

Then, allow the light to fill and clear your heart chakra, the seat of your self love, and then descend into your solar plexus, your sacral chakra, and your root chakra, all energy centers for your connections to life on earth. 

Finally, allow that light to root you into the earth from which you came and connect you to all of life on earth. 

For the remainder of your meditation, sink deeper into yourself and connect with the higher part of yourself that is pure, positive, loving energy. 

When you close out, commit to good thoughts, good words, and good deeds for the day.  

Cut Out Toxins

The last step to growing faith in yourself and believing you are capable is to cut out the parts of your life that are toxic and influencing you in negative ways. 

Excessive alcohol and sugar, processed foods, risky behaviors, dwelling on negative thoughts, and even people can all make you feel low energy and unwilling to believe in yourself. 

Get really good at knowing when to limit or eliminate these aspects of your life. 

In the end, you will know how many affirmations to use each day as a daily reminder of how powerful you are, what you are capable of, and where you are on your journey. 

But much more importantly, you will believe the affirmations you speak into existence, and you will know with absolute certainty that they are creating your reality. 

Happy manifesting!

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