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Creativity Affirmations: Unblock Your Chakras

You’re seeking creativity affirmations because you’re blocked. 

Creativity is an issue of flow, always. 

And if you’re feeling a creative block, you need to get into a flow state. 

Creativity Is a Spiritual Experience

In her book Big MagicElizabeth Gilbert refers to creativity and creative inspiration as muses. She believes creativity has a life of its own. 

She describes several different very real experiences wherein a person was inspired to write something, paint something, create something, but allowed the inspiration to pass, only to find someone else had been inspired in the same way and actually brought the creation to life. 

She says she was approached several times after writing Eat, Pray, Love by women who said, “you wrote my book!” 

To which she replied, “I’m sure I did.” 

We all have the ability to be creative on a daily basis. Sure, maybe we did not all come here into this specific human experience to be professionally creative – writers, chefs, painters, dancers – but we all have the ability, inherently, to create. 

The Other Senses and Creativity Affirmations

Affirmations for Self Confidence

Mat Auryn, author of Psychic Witch, explains that we are all born with the five natural senses – sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing – but that we are all also born with supernatural senses – clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, and claircognizance. 

The ability to hear, feel, see, and know things from the metaphysical world, respectively. 

The seat of our creativity lies in those supernatural senses, which is why some people refer to astonishingly talented creatives as having a “gift from God.” 

Well, sure. But we all have those gifts. 

The problem is we learn to block out those senses from a very early age. 


We’re told that they are not real. 

We are born with full access to all of those powers, and then through life, we slowly shut them down in the same way we shut down our ability to perfectly mimic a foreign language or make an animal sound. 

We are born with far fewer limitations than the ones we impose on ourselves as we grow up. 

The Ego

The ego is a blessing and a curse. 

We need our ego, of course. It tells us what is socially acceptable, allows us to pick up social cues, and helps us be afraid of real danger. 

The ego can be a helpful passenger in our drive through life. It keeps us earthbound and human. 

But most of us let our egos do all the driving. 

We let fear take control, we play by rules we don’t even agree with, we believe stories that don’t serve us, and we allow the inner voices of others to become our own inner voices. 

It just feels so much easier that way. 

It keeps us comfortable. 

But then, we drift through life, overmedicated, stuffed with processed foods, fighting with people on the road, bickering with our loved ones, mostly sick, mostly unwell, and definitely not creative. 

So we have to seek creativity and creativity affirmations.

Kill the Ego

For decades, there was a narrative around killing the ego. 

“If you want to be free, you must kill the ego,” they told us. 

Ummmmm…. no. I need my ego, thanks. 

Without my ego, I would likely just die and return to pure spirit form. 

You don’t want to kill your ego. Your ego has a place. 

But you do have to keep your ego in its place. 

You have to say “thank you” when your ego tries to keep you small out of fear, terrified of what will happen if you take the wheel and drive yourself out of your comfort zone. 

Say thank you. 

And keep driving. 

To welcome back your four supernatural senses and unblock your creative juices, to really get into a flow state, it helps to put a few daily practices into place. 

Meditate on Creativity Affirmations

carnelian meaning

The first thing you must do, and you must do it every single day, before you do anything else, is meditate. 

Keep a carnelian stone with you as it is the most closely connected to your sacral chakra, from which all of your creativity, and your creativity affirmations, flows.

Your sacral chakra is the second chakra, up from your root, and it is the seat of your creativity, whether it is life (as this is the location of a woman’s womb), a business, a piece of art, or anything else. 

To get your creative energy flowing, wake up each morning, get your face into some bright daylight for a few minutes, make your bed, brush your teeth, and sit in a quiet, clear space that feels motivating to you. 

First, do about 10 to 20 minutes of gentle yoga to get your blood flowing and your breath steady. 

Then, set your timer for 20 minutes and either sit with your legs crossed, your shoulders back, and your back straight, or lie flat on your back. 

Now, allow a bright red light, the pure, positive, loving energy of the Universe to flow into your crown chakra and clear up your connection to the divine

Then move that light into your third eye chakra and down into your throat chakra, so that you may see the truth through the eyes of your higher self, loving energy, and speak that truth clearly with love and kindness. 

Drop the fiery light into your heart and pause here for a moment, sending yourself love and compassion for taking this time for yourself, for opening yourself up to all of your senses, and for making yourself a priority. 

Then allow the light to descend into your solar plexus chakra and clear space for your connections with others and with your physical body

Finally, allow the red fiery passionate light to drop into your sacral chakra, where it will expand outward in all directions, uniting your creativity with every aspect of your being. 

Express great gratitude that you have creativity to unlock, express delight in what is to come for you, and express deep faith in the Universe that is always guiding your creative intuitions. 

When you have done that, allow the light to move into your root chakra and ground you to the earth, hooking you into the material that made you and connecting you to all of life in the Universe for creative inspiration and for creativity affirmations.

calm woman

For the remainder of your 20 minutes, allow yourself to sink deeper into yourself and sync up with your higher self, gently allowing any thoughts that come into your head to go right back out again, leaving space for soft quiet. 

When you close out your meditation, commit to good thoughts, good words, and good deeds for the day. 


Practice this meditation each day and follow it up with a burst of creativity. 

Even if you don’t feel inspired, reach for the pen, the keyboard, or the paintbrush. Turn on the music and dance, sing a song, garden, or build something with your hands. 

Creativity is a spiritual experience, but it is also a muscle. You must exercise it. 

That spirit of creativity is also a bit vain; she likes attention. 

And the more attention you give her, the more inspiration she will send you. 




And speaking of exercising muscles, there is nothing like a good sweaty session of exercise to get your creative expression out. 

I know every time I go for a run with loud music in my ears, I feel like I can paint a giant canvas or write a beautiful song, and I’m not even a painter or a songwriter. 

There’s something about the hit of endorphins you get from exercise that inspires innovative ideas and creative energy. 

The bottom line is you are a creative genius whether you know it or not; you just have to wake that side of you up. 

Creativity affirmations: 

As you move throughout your day, you can draw on any of these creative affirmations to support your waking up, getting into the flow state process. 

“I am a creative being.” 

“I came here to create.” 

“I have created before, and I can do it again.” 

“I am always being inspired. I just have to open up.” 

“I have faith in my own creative abilities.”

Positive affirmations like these ones can be powerful tools to step into creative flow and unlock your creative talents. You have plenty of creative ideas in your subconscious mind; you simply need to access them. 

Dedicate yourself to doing those little things every single day that will open your natural creativity, enhance your personal growth, and open you up to a creative life filled with creative thinking and creative people. 

This is your artistic journey, and you can be a creative problem solver on a regular basis, ridding yourself of negative thoughts, stepping into your creative process, and coming up with creative solutions to even the most troubling of situations. 

“I have an endless supply of creativity at my disposal.” 

Repeat those words and put them into practice until you believe them, until you know what a creative person you really are. 

Honoring your creative mind is the first step to welcoming new things and artistic talents into your own personal expression of great works

Happy manifesting!

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