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100 Self-Love Affirmations to Build Your Self Esteem

When we think of self-love, or self-love affirmations, we often think of bubble baths and Brene Brown.

But it can be so much more than that. 

Self-love can be a gateway to accessing all of your magic, and as you build your self-esteem, you step into who you truly are, who you came here to be, and onto the path to finding and fulfilling your life’s purpose.

Self love affirmations

Self-Love Affirmations: Self-Love Is Your Magic

Negative thoughts, negative beliefs, having multiple bad days on a daily basis, low self-worth, negative self-talk, and low self esteem all rob you of your magic. 

Here’s how it works: 

You were pure loving energy, a tiny speck part of the Universe, which is infinitely wise, all knowing, all powerful, and only loving before you came into this human experience. 

Your higher consciousness has existed since the beginning of time. 


You were present at the very beginning of all of creation. 

You are the foundation of creation. 

But there is great value in limitation, so humanity is a powerful way to experience that limitation, which leads to great expansion for the Universe. 

As humans, we get to experience contrast in real time, something that is unavailable to all loving, all powerful energy. 

Contrast allows us to feel joy and pain, light and dark, sad and happy. 

Contrast allows us to ask for more when we experience lack. 

Humanity is that contrast. 

So, as Abraham Hicks explains is, you were Source Energy before you came into this body, and you set intentions for how you wanted to expand in this lifetime among your many lifetimes. 

That set of intentions determined the life you were born into, the parents you were born to, the color of your skin, your neighborhood, your biological sex, and of course your unique set of gifts in this lifetime. 

The goal in every human life is to use the circumstances we were born into and the gifts we were born with and find our way back to our natural state of joy. 

That is the goal. 


How to get there? Given our circumstances and gifts? 

How to Get to Self-Love with Self-Love Affirmations

It helps to make powerful statements and powerful affirmations that shed a lack of self-love and introduce positive changes into your daily routine. 

Morning affirmations, loving affirmations, affirmations of self-love, and self care all lead to personal development, which imbues you with positive energy and an ongoing recognition of your loving inner self. 

So you will be always comfortable in your own skin, in your own life, and your inner critic becomes your inner cheerleader. 

When you keep positive self love affirmations around you always, you grow body confidence and your regular practice becomes high self-esteem and strong self worth.

Your body image and your mental health will blossom, and you become one of those successful people you admire. 

There is only growth from there. 

Quotes about self confidence

100 Self-Love Affirmations 

In addition to your regular practices of self-care – exercise, eating well, sleeping well, meditating, and more – you can repeat these 100 self-love affirmations in ascending order to build yourself up on a daily basis. 

You will tap into your magic before you know it, and you will be living your very best life. 

I am human

All humans are created equal

I am created in the image of the divine

I am the divine

I am the Universe having a human experience

The Universe has my back

I am always being guided

I am worthy of divine love

Even when I am pinched off, I am still loved

I can never get it wrong

I will never get it done

There is no end

I am unkillable

I am undamageable

I am all powerful

I am magic in human form

I am the spell

The words I speak are powerful

I will watch my language

I will be mindful of the words that come out of my mouth

I will be mindful of the thoughts I hold onto

We are all children of the Universe

We are all connected at our roots, through our hearts, and at our crowns

I cannot be separated from the light of the Universe

I cannot be separated from anyone

I am at one with all of nature and all creation

I have no reason to cling

I can detach

I am neutral

The Universe

From a neutral place I can be objective

I am without judgment

I can discern without judgment

I can see what is good for me

I can choose what is good for me

I do not have to choose for anyone else

It is not my job to choose for anyone else

I listen to my inner guidance

I am always being guided

I am always open to intuition

I am always open to inspiration

I am Love

Love always wins

There is no competition 

I live in an abundant Universe

There is enough for everyone

Each of us has our own gifts

My work is to find my gifts

My work is to find my own personal path

My work is to stay on my path

My path is wide open 

My path was created by me

I knew what I was doing when I came into this life

My higher self is always guiding me

My higher self has only my best interests at heart

My higher self is the divine

The higher self is all knowing, all seeing, and all powerful

My higher self is my own, unique guidance system

I can have my guidance and others can have theirs

What others think of me is none of my business

What I think of others is irrelevant except as contrast

I see what I don’t want so I can see what I do want

I see others’ examples as inspiration not competition

I can work with others to achieve our shared goals

I have soul contracts to complete

It is up to me to follow my good feelings

My good feelings are my emotional set points

I follow my yes

My yes leads me toward my path

I can step out of alignment and step right back in

I am having a human experience full of pitfalls and contrast

This too shall pass

Everything comes and goes

Energy must always be moving

I move, adapt, and shift with energy

Energy in motion is just showing me my emotions

My thoughts control my emotions

I control my thoughts

I am in charge

I decide

I choose

I have free will

I exert my free will as an act of my humanity

No one has control over me, no matter what

No one can take my freedom

No one can exert their will over me

I am never powerless

I can only give up power, but I can always call it back

I call my power back to me now

I stand in my power 

Love is my superpower

Nothing can defeat love

Love is the primary energy of the Universe 

When I act with Love, I am an unstoppable force

I have nothing to fear

I am fearless

I am of the gods

I am god energy in human form

Love always wins

God is Love, literally

And I am a child of that loving God

And that’s it!

Speak those affirmations into existence and make them real in your body

You Are the Spell

The spell

Never forget that you are the spell. You are the god you are seeking. Your words have powerful magic, and they reside in your body. 

Every negative word you speak becomes the energy you inhabit, every word of love you speak becomes the energy you inhabit.

It is always, always, up to you. 

So, step into your real power, do not make yourself a side note in your own story. Offer yourself the unconditional love you came here for, and watch a positive outlook become your natural state. 

No matter where you are, you are on the right path, you have the inner strength to get through, and you get to decide to live a happy life. Self-love means knowing that inside and out, meeting your own needs, and letting your best qualities shine through in your daily life. 

Your true self is Love, and while you cannot always be strong, you can always be brave.

And even in your darkest moments, when you cannot be brave, and you are so afraid, you can do it afraid, too. 

Whatever it is, whatever you need to do, you can do it afraid. 

And each time you do, you will see just how powerful you are. 

Just how fearless you can be. 

Just how strong you are. 

You have this human life experience only once, and it is up to you to make the most of it. 

You brought yourself into this creation with the power of conscious love. 

You are the spell. 

Happy manifesting!

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