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Divine Feminine Affirmations: In the Flow of Magic 

Divine Feminine Affirmations: In the Flow of Magic 

Magic is real. The divine feminine flows into each of us to show us our own magic, and divine feminine affirmations help us allow that flow.

That’s it. 

It is that simple. 

In a conversation with my husband last night, we were reflecting on our years together, and specifically the more difficult times. 

“You were so stubborn.” He said. “I just could not get through to you. Nothing I said was going to mean anything.” 


It was a hard hit for me to take. But I’m learning to just sit with his words, allow him to have his feelings and tell me about those feelings.

“And then,” he went on, “something changed. All of a sudden, you were opening up. You were receptive. You… changed. You went to see that crazy lady, and she told you something, and you started changing.” 

“And now here we are, living the lives of our dreams.” He finished.


I knew exactly what he was talking about. 

The Unbalanced Feminine: The Shadow Self

I lived a hard life growing up. The oldest of five, with abusive and emotionally manipulative parents, I learned that to survive, I had to shut down the soft parts of myself and step into my warrior space. 

I developed a hard outer shell that was almost impossible to breakthrough, I defended my siblings with metaphorical swords in both hands, and I would not back down. 

I knew what was right; I had my own moral code, and I became a true warrior, fighting for my beliefs whenever I had the chance. 

I was angry a lot of the time. 

But I had a large group of admirers who applauded my victories, and the men I dated adored me, thrilling at being with such a strong woman. 

Broken heart

Then I met my husband. 

Then I had my daughters. 

I was well into my thirties, and I felt my anger burning me up inside. 

I lost friends, family members. 

I started to resemble Robespierre during the Reign of Terror: “off with his head! Off with his head!”

I would fight for you unless you crossed me, then I would send you to the guillotine without a shred of guilt. 

This, I discovered many years later, is the path of the unbalanced divine feminine; the devouring mother, as Jordan Peterson calls her. 

The Mother Goethel – mother knows best, just stay in this tower, and I will keep you safe. 

We are everywhere. We are the vicious women in pantsuits, with bright red lipstick who will stab you in the back if the reason is righteous enough. 

We are the high-powered women in boardroom who will hold other women back, reasoning that because it was hard for me, it should be hard for you, too. 

And who can blame us? 

We were raised, conditioned, and hardened in a “man’s world,” taught that the only way to thrive in life is to be like men – hard, cold, fighters. 

Feminism became the banner we rose as we trained ourselves to be like men. 

It took having my second daughter for me to crack. 

I was tired of being angry. 

I wanted to be a woman. I wanted to be soft for my girls. 

And I certainly did not want to raise them to be like me, hard hearted and vicious. 

Feminism and Divine Feminine Affirmations

I started investigating ways to be home with my girls more. At the time, I was working almost full time away from my home, alternating hours with my husband so he could be with them when I was not. 

So we were raising our kids, but we barely saw each other. 

I also started investigating ways to open up more, to let the light in, to shed my anger, to soften. 

Something was calling to me, and it was years before I learned it was the balanced divine feminine calling me to surrender. 

My subconscious mind knew my spiritual energy, positive energy, was eagerly waiting to burst through. 

I began combing through books on spirituality. I recalled my younger days of embracing witchcraft and the supernatural, and I began to put it all together, my more mature intellect and reason with my younger, hopeful days of believing in magic and the divine

And one day, on a whim, I accepted a casual acquaintance’s invitation to her home to be part of a medium circle. 

A woman I had never met would be reading our spiritual energy and connecting us to loved ones from the afterlife. 

“What the hell?” I thought. “Why not?” 

I was practicing opening up and saying yes to new experiences, and this would certainly be that. 

During that reading, the woman called on me last, and she told me I had no loved ones from the afterlife waiting to talk to me. 

Big surprise. I had not lost anyone close to me. 

But wait, she said. She did have an important message for me. 

She told me I had been experiencing a major shift, and that it was up to me to surrender my will to my divine feminine. She also told me that I had been holding on to the world, holding on to what I was going through, carrying it on my shoulders all alone, and that I needed to let my husband help me carry it. 

She told me I was not alone. 

She told me that, in the truest and purest masculine feminine relationships, the masculine is designed to hold up the feminine while she shines. 

That it was my job to shine, to rise, to be my best and fullest feminine self, in touch with my divine feminine, and that I needed to allow him to hold me up, to protect me, to surround me with love and adoration. 

In other words, I had to learn to receive. 

It is the job of the feminine to receive. 

I cracked. 

I cried and cried and cried, and the other women in the circle, complete strangers to me, all passed me tissues and comforted me. 

It was in that moment that I learned that a woman’s best and most important job is the embrace her divine feminine. 

Feminism, at its best, aims to bring women back to the forefront as women, not as men. 

We are soft for a reason, we receive, and the men provide. We include, we nurture, we welcome, we build community, we listen, we open. 

Of course, we can be fierce. We can fight and defend when we must, we can and should set firm boundaries. 

But we do not build walls and weaponize our children. 

We teach them to create a new, more loving world. 

And we teach our daughters to be queens, not kings in drag. 

The role of feminism, and yes, I still call myself a feminist, is to highlight the strengths of women in our divine feminine. 

We are multitaskers, managers, rulers of our queendoms with love. 

Powerful affirmations to that end include embracing our true magic: 

“I am complete.” 

“I embrace my divine feminine.” 

“I can be soft.” 

“I can open up.” 

“I surrender to the will of the Universe.” 

“I have faith in my higher self to guide me.” 


As I opened up to my balanced divine feminine, I declared that I was done fighting. 

I owned my role as a powerful witch in a world still determined to burn witches as the stake, and I took heart and comfort in the other women leading the way in this new paradigm we are creating. 

Rebecca Campbell discusses the belief systems we are building on in her book Rise, Sister, Rise

Lisa Lister also shows us how to embrace our witchy selves in her book Witch

Gabrielle Bernstein offers a ton of counsel on opening up to the Universe in her books The Universe Has My Back and Judgment Detox

But perhaps the most powerful book for me, and it was the one I read after I had already read all the others, so I think I was prepared for it, was Mary Magdalene Revealedby Megan Watterson. 

In it, she discusses the power of the divine feminine, how important it is in the world, and how broken a world that has tried to hide it away has become. 

We must embrace our divine feminine, stepped into our feminine energy, grow our self confidence, call forth this sacred energy, commune with our inner goddess, open up our heart chakra, and own our feminine power to reach our full potential. 

“It is a man’s world,” is quickly becoming a thing of the past. 

We have entered the age of Aquarius, the time of the rise of the female, and it is a precious gift to reach out to our high vibration and welcome divine forces in our lives. 

So, if you have been yearning for your own spiritual message, this is it. Here are your goddess affirmations for beautiful balance: “I am ready to embrace my divine feminine, and I am a gorgeous manifestation of the divine feminine.” 

You were born a woman in this time for a reason. You have true power, and it is high time you own it and make it a part of your daily practice. 

If you were waiting for your invitation, for your moment to crack wide open, here it is. The law of attraction brought you here. 

This is your call to step into your creative force and spiritual growth. 

Your mental health, your energy field, your temple body, are all manifestations of your divine feminine qualities and your deep ancient wisdom. 

Be your best divine feminine self; be soft, be gentle, be open, allow, surrender, and yes, be fierce in your pursuit of your magic. 

You deserve it. 

Happy manifesting!