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Friendship Spell: What It Is and How to Write One 

If you’re wondering how to write a friendship spell, it is because you are still learning how to be a friend.  

No judgement.  

And no criticism.  

The same rule applies to falling in love, to getting a great job, to attracting money, or to anything else you want to bring into your life.  

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times.  

You are the spell.  

The law of attraction says it clearly: you attract what you are. 

You must become the friend you want in your life.  

How do you do that?  


Change your programming.  

For some reason, you learned very early in life that you were not worthy of a good friend, that you are not a good friend, or that people are inherently bad or untrustworthy.  

Or any combination of the three.  

You need to change that program.  

Cast a Friendship Spell: Change Your Programming 

So, the very first friendship spell you must cast is the one that makes you a good friend to yourself.  

For any spell, you must have three primary ingredients: words, ways, and will.  

With words, you must keep the spell simple: I am worthy of great friendship. 

With ways, you must put practices into place to support your words. We will discuss this in detail in a moment.  

With will, friendship is something you must truly desire from the bottom of your heart. It helps to want this thing for pure reasons as they will then not get clouded with dark energy and make you lose your way.  

For example, if you want a friend for purely selfish reasons – someone to be there for you, someone to give you things – but you have no interest in reciprocating, you may attract a friend who is easy to take advantage of, in which case you will grow bored or power hungry, and they will eventually, hopefully, get sick of your attitude and leave to take care of themselves.  


Real friendship is reciprocal.  

So cast your spell from a place of give and receive.  

Now, about the ways. This is the part of your spell that involves deep and intense change in programming.  

Dr. Joe Dispenza calls it breaking the habit of being yourself.  

Dr. Bruce Lipton calls it retraining your subconscious.  

You have to step out of victim, powerless, mode, and into empowered and lovable.  


Remember, you are the spell.  

So you must become the best friend you ever had.  

Look, 90% of us, or more, live our lives unconsciously, operating on autopilot driven by our subconscious programming.  

When we try to change it, our subconscious fights back, making us uncomfortable, even sometimes making us sick so we will fall back into autopilot.  

You must persist.  

“I am worthy of great friendship.”  

“I am lovable.” 

“I am healthy.”  

“Source Energy loves me.”  

These quotes are examples of spells you can cast each night before you go to bed.  

Say them to yourself over and over and over and over.  

Go to sleep each night with those words in your head, in the present.  

As you rise each day, cast this spell:  

“Today will be a great day.”  

As you move through your day, watch all the ways in which it is great. Be excited to look for small examples of how great the day is.  

Next, you must start putting the ways into practice, building habits into your daily life that prove to you and your subconscious that you really are worthy of great friendship.  

Habits for Self-Love: The Ways 

Before you can expect anyone else to love you, romantically or platonically, you must love yourself.  


Because if you don’t love yourself, you will never believe, truly believe, that you are worthy of the great love that comes from friendship.  

And you will never be able to truly love another like a great friend should.  

Yes. You will have to change.  

You will have to break the habit of being yourself. The one with no friends.  

You are in there, the one worthy, the one lovable, the one with lots of friends.  

You just have to let her out.  


The first step to changing your life, always, is to connect to your inner being, your higher consciousness, the god in you.  

We do this best through meditation.  

Before you do anything else in your day, sit for 20 minutes and quiet your mind.  

I like to meditate either sitting straight up with my legs crossed before me or lying prone in what we call “corpse pose” in yoga.  

First, do a full body scan to check in with yourself, loving yourself the whole way down.  

Imagine each body part as you work, visualizing it in your mind. And clear each chakra, from your crown down to your root.  

Pause over your heart chakra and extend bright white Source energy throughout your whole being.  

Imagine yourself whole, healthy, and abundant.  

When you complete your full body scan and chakra cleansing, allow yourself to sink in, deeper and deeper, to reach that higher consciousness.  

Even if you get only two or three minutes of connection, where you feel completely at peace, with no thoughts in your mind, that is plenty.  

You have realized now that you are not your body, you are not your thoughts.  

You are the spirit inhabiting your body and witnessing your thoughts.  

You are the observer.  

You are the god.  

The infinitely powerful, all knowing, all seeing Universe in a single drop.  

When you understand this, and each time you meditate you will understand it on a still deeper level, you will never doubt your ability to love and be loved.  

You were made to love, after all. 

Move Your Body 

The next step in becoming a friend and embracing self love is to move your body.  

For one hour each day, preferable earlier in the day, move your body. 

Get outside, into the sunshine, and just walk, run, ride a bike, swim.  


This action releases numerous chemicals throughout your body that make you feel energized, healthy, happy, and strong.  

Aim to get out every single day, but commit to no less than five days a week, one hour a day.  

Listen to a podcast or a book. Listen to good music. Lighten your mood and you will feel your steps lighten as well.  

This practice fundamentally changes your relationship with yourself.  

After a few weeks, you will notice you see yourself differently, you like yourself more, and you attract more likeable people in your environment.  

Eat Well 

plant medicine

Your body is a temple, and the same chemicals in your brain that tell you you are not worthy will respond to the chemical changes you make when you eat better food.  

Eat from the sacred plants every day – spinach, broccoli, garlic, onion, tomato, mushrooms, berries, melon. These foods literally change your DNA through your mitochondria, heal your gut, and as a natural byproduct heal your brain.  

You will find yourself healthier, wealthier, and wiser by the end of your first month.  

You will see yourself as inherently worthy of love.  


And don’t forget to indulge! 

Have your Ben N Jerry’s every once in a while.  

Grab a handful of dark chocolate covered raisins.  

Enjoy a peanut butter cup.  

Give yourself the treats and the love you would give to your best friend on a random Saturday afternoon.  

Your goal is not to be a rigid, uptight, dieting disciplinarian.  

The goal is to love yourself, to feel good in your body and in your skin, so that you change your mind over time to be one that does not attack you every time you try to venture out of your programming.  

Treat yourself.  

Be Generous with Others 

Evidence shows that people who are of service love themselves more, live longer, and are generally happier.  

They are also really fun to be around.  

So give.  

Contribute to the food pantry.  

Volunteer at church or at your community center.  

Let a stranger go in front of you at the store or on the road.  

You don’t have to give your money.  

You can give your time, your smile, your patience.  

Set Boundaries 


And finally, set boundaries.  

A big part of self-love and becoming a good friend is learning when to say yes and when to say no.  

You want to become a friend, not a doormat.  

Any friend you attract who does not respect your boundaries is no friend you want in your life.  

Give when you can and be firm when you cannot.  

Cast a Friendship Spell 

As you work on your ways, repeat your words daily, and watch how your will changes.  

You may realize you want a different kind of friend than you originally imagined.  

Allow for that.  

And watch for new friends who happen into your life. Friendship spells are just like love spells; they take time and faith.  

A good friend will come and stay, whether you cast under a full moon or burn a piece of paper.  

The key is to be ready, to be open, and to attract the kind of friends you are willing to be in return.  

Happy manifesting! 

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  1. Thank you for the friendship spell. I am excited to do this. It is what I really need at this time in my life

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