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How Does A Pendulum Work In Psychic Reading?

A pendulum can be used to connect with the unconscious mind for answers, it is a method of divination.

It works almost like a compass, but instead of finding directions, your pendulum finds answers. It is also used as a means of dowsing and to find lost objects or missing persons.

Pendulums are used by clairvoyants worldwide and are an extremely useful tool for gaining insights into someone’s life.

Energies In Our Environment

For a pendulum to work, it needs to be connected with you.

The cool thing about a pendulum is that it uses your own intuition, it’s not something that works entirely on its own.

How Do You Program a Pendulum?

You need to program your pendulum with a few questions so that it knows what your positive and negative answers are.

There are a variety of ways that you can do this, but the best way is by creating something called an intention statement.

This involves holding your pendulum in front of you and creating a link between the two of you.

Say something like “I’m going to ask if my intention statement is true” and think about what kind of answer would indicate that the statement was true (yes, no, or don’t know).

Then ask if the statement is true while thinking about what kind of answer would indicate that the statement was false (no or don’t know).

This will help your pendulum understand what a positive and negative answer look like for you.

Once you have established this connection, you can begin using your psychic pendulum.

How Do I Set Up A Pendulum?

  • Hold the pendulum. The easiest way to perform a reading is to hold the end of a chain or string that’s attached to a pendulum. You can also use your finger directly, but this makes it harder to let go and let the pendulum move freely.
  • Make sure you’re sitting or standing straight up with good posture so your mind and body are prepared for the reading. Then bring your hand holding the pendulum over your heart chakra, which is located in the center of your chest, where you’ll be able to feel it easier when it starts moving.
  • Close your eyes as you’re holding the pendulum over your heart chakra so you can clear your mind and think about whatever question you want an answer to from higher forces (you can even say a prayer if that’s helpful for you). The more focused and relaxed you are, the more accurate and specific answers you’ll get from this divination tool.

As mentioned earlier though, don’t feel like there’s only one correct way: find out what works best for yourself by trying different techniques if necessary until everything feels natural—there should never be any pressure or stress involved when trying something new with your pendulum.

Make sure not to lead or control what happens; instead, allow yourself time with each question so that answers come through intuitively as they’re meant to.

This takes some practice but eventually will become second nature once you’ve done it enough.

Which Pendulum Should I Start With?

Pendulums come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. In general, they are made of metal or stone.

Some people believe that the material of a pendulum gives it special properties.

For example, some like to use rose quartz because it is associated with love or blue kyanite because it is associated with psychic abilities or communication.

You can also find metal pendulums made of silver, gold, iron (which corresponds to Mars), brass (which corresponds to the Sun), copper (which corresponds to Venus), aluminum (corresponding to Saturn), and stainless steel (corresponding to Pluto) and others.

Don’t go crazy when you’re getting your first pendulum, it’s okay to just pick something up anywhere. You never know what you’re going to connect to.

Don’t have a pendulum? Not a problem! You can easily make your own using heavy string or yarn and an object like an earring, paper clip, or any small piece of jewelry that will act as the bob of your makeshift pendulum.

What Questions Can I Ask My Pendulum?

  • Are my manifestations on the right path?
  • Do they love me?
  • Is it a good time to ask for a raise at work?
  • Should I text them?
  • Anything that gets a yes/no answer

Are There Any Pitfalls To Avoid?

You can use a pendulum to look for the answers that your subconscious or unconscious mind already has. It’s just a tool and one that can be a gateway to your higher self, spirit guides, or angels.

Pendulum Necklaces

With practice, you may find that you can connect with your higher self, spirit guides, or angels in other ways. A pendulum is just an object used as a tool to help you access information from within yourself.

Hold your pendulum at the end of a chain or string, and ask questions

  • A pendulum can be made of wood, crystal, metal, or just about any other material you think would work well. It can also have a circular or pointed base; it’s your choice!
  • To set up your pendulum, simply hold its end with your thumb and forefinger.
  • When you ask the pendulum a question, it should rotate in one direction for “yes” and the opposite direction for “no.” You may also want to ask the pendulum to indicate yes by drawing a circle and no by drawing an X.

A pendulum is an ancient tool that can provide insight into many different areas of life—and there are even several styles from which you can choose!

From a traditional brass or nickel-plated model that spins on its chain to a lightweight acrylic version with geometric shapes at the end of strings attached to crystals all over the globe.

The type of Pendulums used today are usually made from natural materials such as rose quartz or amethyst (purple stone).

They come in all shapes and sizes but they have one thing in common: they’re meant to help you get answers! Just remember not to be too vague when asking questions because this will likely lead them down rabbit holes where nothing gets accomplished other than confusion over what was really being asked for clarification purposes only; don’t use it as an excuse not to make tough decisions on your own behalf!

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