Choosing the Perfect Stone: How to Know if a Crystal is Right for You

Crystals have long been a focal point of humanity.

Myths, legends, and ancient literature tell stories of crystals being used in mystical ways. History speaks of crystals as a source of energy, magic, and healing, as far back as the Ancient Sumerians who used crystals in their formulas.

These days, crystals can be seen all over the place.

They’re used in home decor.

They adorn the shelves of stores.

They’re hanging in yoga studios.

They’re around the necks of people walking down the street.

They’re in roller bottles of essential oils.

There’s something about crystals that people are drawn to, that perpetuates their prevalence in society. Not only are they beautiful and mesmerizing to look at, but they also radiate powerful energy.

When you start using crystals, you may wonder which ones are the best for you and your journey in each moment. There are so many crystals out there, it can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to choosing.

While all crystals are beautiful, powerful, and positively impactful, you’ll gain the most benefit from using those that exude the energy you need. Finding the crystals that are right for you at any time is important, as they will provide the best energy for you and your current needs.

Different crystals give off different energy signatures, which affects the way that the crystal interacts with your body, mind, and soul. The right crystal will be able to reduce stress, relieve pain, strengthen your physical energy, or promote positive feelings and emotions.

That’s why the crystal you need will depend on your physical or mental needs at the time. However, it won’t always be clear to you what your needs are, making it difficult to choose the right crystal.

Here are some basic principles you can follow to discover if a crystal is right for you:

Ask for Guidance

The powers of the universe know which crystals will work best for you at any given time. They can lead you to the crystal that you need, if you are open to their leading.


Ask the universe to show you the crystal you need. Don’t be prejudiced against any crystal, as that will close your heart and mind to it and block your receptors.

Instead, remain open. Remain willing. Ask. See where the universe leads as you take the next step towards finding the right crystal.

Pay Attention to Your Physical Reactions

Lay out your collection of crystals. Take whichever hand is not dominant and pass it over all of your crystals. Pay attention to how you feel as you pass by each one.

If there is a crystal that is calling to you, you may feel a slight pull or tug. It’s not uncommon to feel that draw to multiple crystals at once.

After activating the universe to guide you to the right crystal, your senses will be heightened. As your hand passes over each crystal that you need, it will experience a reaction, a feeling, a sensation.

This is the universe beginning to answer your question, leading you to the crystal you need.

If you only feel drawn to one crystal, you have your answer. This is the right crystal for you at this time.

However, if two, three, or more crystals cause a reaction, you’ll want to look further to discover the one that you need.

Consider the Healing You Want

Once you have set aside the crystals that the universe led you to, it’s time to think about how you are feeling and the type of healing that you want. Consider which part of your chakra needs energy and then see if any of the crystals you chose are beneficial for it.

If the universe led you to a crystal that has the right energy for the chakra you need to heal and support, you’ve found the crystal you need.

You can also choose a crystal by considering your current needs and just looking up which crystals help with those things. This is a good way to choose a crystal to keep on your body if you’re in a rush and would like some healing energy for your day.

Keep Common Crystals in Your Collection

It’s a good idea to build your collection of crystals starting with the most common ones. This way, you will always have a crystal on you that can meet a specific need.

Even if you don’t have the exact one that the universe has called on for you, you’ll be able to help most physical or mental needs by using the common crystal.

Here are some of the most common crystals you’ll want to keep on hand:

  • Amethyst

Use for relaxation and peace. Amethyst is also known to reduce negative emotions such as anger.

  • Citrine

Citrine is uplifting. It is used for stress relief and reduces anxiety.

  • Clear Quartz
clear quartz

Clear quartz exudes purifying energy that brings clarity to the mind. It removes brain fog and enables the user to gain understanding in any situation.

  • Jade
green jade

Use to draw abundance into your life. If you are feeling lack or in need, jade brings an increase of physical, emotional, and tangible elements.

  • Moonstone

To cleanse or purify yourself, body or mind, use moonstone. The energy contained in moonstone is rejuvenating and refreshing.

  • Obsidian

Black obsidian is used for protection. It can help you feel at ease, secure, and grounded in new or stressful situations.

  • Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is one of the most common and effective crystals for the heart chakra. It helps the user feel love, acceptance, stability, and peace.

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