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5 Crystals for Life Purpose: Figure Out Who You’re Supposed To Be

Everyone has a deep desire to discover their life’s purpose.

For many people it comes in waves. They may fluctuate from contentment to feeling unfulfilled, desperate to have clarity about their path.

During the times of feeling lost and unfulfilled, everything can seem tiresome and pointless. Jobs, relationships, hobbies; they lose their spark and appear to be burdensome more than anything.

This often happens when you haven’t found your life’s purpose. You can go along for a while feeling okay, but eventually it hits you and you feel the emptiness deeply.

You’re suddenly sure that everything is wrong, that you’re following the wrong path. You may know that things are good, that your circumstances are positive, yet you can’t shake the unfulfilled feeling.

Even if you set out to discover your purpose, you aren’t sure where to turn. It can feel like constant striving and reaching, with no reward at the end. After all of your effort, you’re back where you started, still unsure about the purpose of your life.

Many people struggle with finding their life’s purpose. In fact, they’ll often dive in, quit jobs, change relationships, and make drastic choices, yet in the end, they feel just as empty and confused as they were when they started.

Instead of constantly striving, we can find our purpose by slowing down, quieting our mouths and our minds, and looking inwards. We can use tools that help us focus and empower us with energy that shows us truth.

There are many crystals that can give you their power in order to point you in the direction of your purpose.

Crystals harness the universe’s powers and we are able to grab hold of those powers as a way to help ourselves. They open our eyes, providing clarity and understanding so that we can see our purpose and learn to follow it.

When we use crystals as a way to discover our life’s purpose, we are able to walk in the knowledge of fulfillment. This clarity shows us our own personal path towards our purpose.

By harnessing the power of certain crystals, you will walk in joy and contentment as you journey towards the revelation of your purpose. Once you discover your purpose, you will feel at peace as you begin to follow it.

Here are some of the crystals you can use to clear your mind, gain clarity, and discover your life’s purpose:


The soft purple gemstone sugilite is known for being a conduit for peace. The strong energies of sugilite offer healing powers, with the ability to heal emotional trauma and eliminate the negative.


The stone has been known to help users dissolve negative attachments, whether personal or professional, releasing them from poor situations and setting them free to seek their truth.

Protective qualities of sugilite help minimize the emotional pains that can occur when breaking attachments. It also sends out courageous energy that helps the user walk in their purpose.

Use sugilite when meditating by holding the stone in two hands and focusing on the stone. It will help you free yourself and clear your mind to prepare for the discovery of your life’s purpose. Sleep with the gemstone under your pillow to help you dream of your true path.


Moldavite is a deep green gemstone that emits the energy of change. It stimulates positivity, coincidence, and synchronicity, opening the user up to guidance.

Known as a growth crystal, moldavite helps to boost the user and propel them towards growth and change. The balance brought about by moldavite helps you stay focused on your goals and purpose.

Meditate holding or wearing moldavite to give you insight into your life. It will open your eyes and help you see the path before you. It provides energy, confidence, and can help heal the pain of transformation and release.

Rutilated Quartz

Quartz is a powerful gemstone that comes in multiple types. One type, rutilated quartz, comes in various colors. It contains tiny strands of rutile and/or titanium dioxide.

It essentially has a second crystal within it, boosting its power and making it a very effective gemstone.

Rutilated quartz is said to have the ability to see deeply into the soul. It looks at where each person is currently and where they should be, promoting the courage to step forward and follow the right path.

Place the stone in an area of conflict within (or without) yourself. It will boost your ability to see clearly in order to understand your problem and help you pass it.

The gemstone helps users discover the best solution for their problem and give them the confidence they need to step forward and make a change.


One of the most well-known and well-loved crystals, amethyst is a purple stone used to help people discover their life’s calling.

It helps them focus, gives them vision, and endows them with the confidence to step boldly into their path. It provides calm and gives balance, centering the mind to focus on the journey towards purpose.

Use amethyst to fend off negative attacks during times of transformation and release. It will dispel the negative energy coming from those who don’t understand or are against your transition.

Wear the stone or carry it in your pocket to ensure that it is always beside you, dispelling negativity and filling you with peace and direction. You can also touch the stone to your forehead to take in its energy and help you relieve stress.


Celestite is a deeply powerful gemstone with a light blue color and a high energy vibration. It endows divine wisdom that helps users find their purpose.


The vibrations emanating from the stone are incredibly calming, helping users to relieve the stress caused by growth and transformation.

Removing negativity, celestite calms, brings comfort, and powers the user to seek out their true purpose.

Use celestite in meditation, holding the stone quietly as you focus on your future. You will receive guidance, vision, and clarity as you prepare to make changes.

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