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How to Protect Yourself from Unwanted Energies  

How to Protect Yourself from Unwanted Energies  

If you’re wondering how to protect yourself from unwanted energies, I have news for you – your focus is off.  

The key is not to spiritually protect yourself or ward off negative energy.  

It is to live in positive energy only, insomuch as any single person can.  

Living in alignment with Source Energy takes care of itself.  

Let me explain.  

Like Attracts Like: Protect Yourself from Unwanted Energies 

You can do all the protection spells you like – ward off spiritual attacks, defend against evil spirits, hold black tourmaline to absorb psychic attacks, and banish black magic or the evil eye curses performed by negative people – but in the end, the only truth and reality that matters is this: you are the spell.  

None of those spells or protections will mean anything if you don’t own your own role in the negativity.  

Because here’s the real truth no one wants to admit – there are no such things as evil spirits or the evil eye.  

Oh sure, there are witches and wizards out there, dark magic practitioners and others with some seriously bad vibes that will do others harm all day long.  

They are so pinched off from Source Energy, so hurt, that the only thing they can imagine is to hurt others.  

Because hurt people hurt.  

unwanted energies

And loving people love.  

Now, you get to decide which you want to be – hurt or loving.  

There really are no good or bad people in the world.  

There are just people who do good things and bad things.  

And those who do bad things have gone off the path of Love.  

Some have gone very, very far off.  

But no one is past the point of redemption, even in this lifetime.  

And that is good news for you. No matter how much of a lost cause you think you are, you are inherently worthy of love.  

And the Universe loves you no matter what, is always shining love down on you, into you, around you, surrounding you with light and love and incredible magic.  

All you have to do is allow it.  

So, if you really want to protect yourself from unwanted energies, simply release them.  

The only reason you have them in the first place in your life is that you allowed them in.  

Releasing: Protect Yourself from Unwanted Energies 

child with moon

At some point in your life, maybe when you were still a child, you decided that you were worthy of unwanted energies.  

You accepted that you have bad luck.  

You allowed negative influences to infiltrate your mind.  

You began to have negative thoughts in your daily life, and you never learned to set boundaries.  

It’s not your fault.  

You did not know any better.  

You see, each one of us, before we are human, while we are still in spirit form, sets intentions for our human lives with educational purposes.  

The primary goal of the Universe is to expand, and in each lifetime, we expand further, evolving to the next lifetime where we can learn even more, expand even more.  

We know, when we are in our spirit form, that we can never get it wrong and that we will never get it done.  

We are infinite spirit beings having a human experience.  

And yes, of course, I have heard from several people how much it sucks.  

“That’s not fair. Why would I choose these parents? This sibling? This skin color, this gender identity? No. I would never choose that.”  

Okay, in your human form now, you say you would never make these choices.  

But, don’t forget, in your spirit form, you are Source Energy.  

You have infinite wisdom, infinite power, and omnipresence.  

You can see all potential outcomes and consequences for all actions and choices.  

From that state, you can see how these choices will guide you toward further expansion, knowing that no matter how much you may suffer in your human state, you will awaken into your spirit self again, free and loving and greater for the experience.  

You also know that you, in your higher self, Source Energy, capacity, will be there to guide your human self the whole way through, always calling your forward into joy and abundance, which are always available to you in a single flash if you will just allow it.  

Bird flying in the sky with a dramatic cloud formation in the background. Light shining trough which gives a symbolic value of life and hope.

Now, once you accept this reality, you can begin to soften around the edges a little.  

You can release fear and anger a little.  

You can empty yourself of sadness a little.  

You can fill yourself up with joy a little.  

And each step you take away from those ego-based feelings, attached feelings, feelings that stem from the “I” and step into your spirit feelings, the “we” feelings, the “oneness” and “wholeness,” the more you can feel aligned with Source Energy.  

From that place, you don’t need protection for you are always protected. You walk with God.  

It is a trip.  

A literal trip to open up to Source Energy and open lines of communication with your higher self, which is always with you.  

When you are with Source, a sniper could have his rifle trained on you, with a picture of you in his hand, standing outside of your home.  

You could walk right out your front door with the sniper scope targeted precisely at you.  

And he would still miss.  

That’s how powerful it is to walk with Source.  

Fix Your Energy 

So that’s your job.  

Not to protect yourself from unwanted energies of others, but to fix your own energy.  

The law of attraction states that you attract what you are.  

If you are in a negative space on a regular basis, of course you are attracting negative energies.  

So really, you cannot say they are unwanted.  

You are so focused on them that a part of your energy, a large part, is attracting them, wanting them.  

So, fix your energy.  

And not by trying not to be negative.  

That does not work.  

On the contrary, you have to pour so much positive energy into your life that it drowns out all the negative residual energy you have allowed in.  

Soon, you will notice a brighter moment.  

Then, a happier few hours.  

Next, a brighter day.  

Finally, a delightful existence where you witness the Universe sending you surprise and delight at every turn.  

You are the spell.  

So how do you begin to fix your energy?  

Focus on What You Have 

Gratitude is the first step to shifting your energy to the positive.  

As soon as you recognize how much you really do have, more will come.  

That is the law of attraction.  

You can have four areas going poorly in your life and only one going well, and when you focus all of your attention on that one area, it will bleed into and infect the other four areas.  

Before you know it, life gets better and better. 

Woman with crystal


Make it a point to connect with Source Energy on a daily basis. Feed your own spiritual energy with the energy of a loving universe.  

The most powerful way to do this is to meditate in the morning before you do anything else.  

Sit still, quiet your mind, and allow thoughts to leave.  

The best way for sensitive people especially to quiet their minds and access spiritual growth is to have a mantra you repeat during meditation like, “I am well.”  

Or “I am one with Source.”  

You can even chant the “ommmmm” sound over and over as you breathe in and out.  

Soon, you will find yourself sinking behind your mind, into your higher consciousness, and connecting to the divine.  

Try to do this for at least 20 minutes every day.  

Move Your Body 

The modern world wants us afraid, ignorant, and overweight and out of shape.  

Moving your body is a wonderful way to combat all of these.  

Get outside, into the sunshine, listen to a fun, informative, or enlightening podcast as you move, and show yourself how strong and brave you are.  


Generosity and humility are excellent ways to expand your positive energy and influence in this lifetime.  

Give generously, without question or attachment, and with an open heart.  

Live with Purpose 

Work to find your purpose in life.  

It may take reading the teachings of masters like Caroline Myss and Eckart Tolle, going to church, or meeting with a spiritual medium or counselor.  

It may also take healing from past trauma, letting go of old hurts, and learning to set boundaries with others, and even with yourself.  

Trust that the more work you do to “put your house in order” as Jordan Peterson says, the more clearly your purpose will come.  

When you live with purpose, actively pursuing that purpose every day, the more you open up to pure positive energy.  

These are just a few examples of ways to open yourself up to a positive life that requires to protection, as just as anything, prevention is the best approach.  

Now go forth and shine so bright that protection from unwanted energies, spiritual protection for yourself or family members, fear of negative emotions, and psychic protection are not even concerns anymore.  

Happy manifesting!