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Examples of Positive Affirmations for Others 

Why would you need examples of positive affirmations? 

You’ve got your life together, you feel happy and abundant, and while you may not have it all figured out, you feel like at least you’re figuring it out one step at a time. 

Oh, but wait, your best friend, your sister or brother, your mother or father, your spouse, your kid, or someone else close to you is struggling. 

How to you help them? 

Examples of positive affirmations can certainly help. 

Put Your House in Order

But wait again, before you go trying to help someone else, make sure everything I wrote above resonates with you. 

You cannot save someone else from drowning if you do not know how to swim.

And even if you do know how to swim, you may not necessarily be able to save someone else. 

Indeed, unless you are trained to save someone, you really should not be putting your life, and theirs, at risk by wading in to help. 

Abraham Hicks makes it very clear that we are not here to save anyone else. We are not here to fix anyone. 

I’m sure you’ve seen that quote that floats around the internet a couple of times a year that says “If you cannot come into the light, I will sit with you in the dark.” 


No I won’t. 

And you should not either. 

You cannot sit in the dark and not ultimately be affected by it. You do no one any good by allowing them to pull you into the dark. 

If you’re trying to help someone, the worst thing you can do is sit in the dark, climb down into their pit of despair with them. 

Think about it; you are an incarnation of God. 


You set intentions for this lifetime while still in your god self, and those intentions had to do with expansion and with love, not with martyrdom and sacrificing yourself for others. 

God does not do that. 

God does not get sad with us. 

God does not get angry with us. 

God does not enact our revenge on others. 

God does not get jealous or violent. 

God holds loving space and abides our time in a timeless space, with the full knowledge and wisdom that this, this too, shall pass. 

Life on earth is wild and crazy and painful and awful. 

It is also beautiful and joyful and abundant and delicious. 

Each one of us comes into this life with our own set of intentions, with our own intuition, and with our own connection to our higher self. 

If the person you are trying to help is not listening to their own inner being, constantly calling them into the light, what makes you think they will listen to you?

They won’t. 

But what they might do is be inspired by you. 

So the best thing you can do is sit in the light, like God, and hold the space, with love and patience, until they are prepared to step into the light. 

Examples of positive affirmations while you wait could be along the lines of: 

“I’ll be here here when you’re ready.” 

“I have faith in you to rise.” 

“This too shall pass.”

“You are strong, smart, and capable.” 

“Trust your intuition.”

“The universe has your back.” 

And while you do that, you can put your own house in perfect order. 


Putting your own house in perfect order fulfills two essential purposes in your life: you improve your own situation (and we can all, always use improvements), and you model for others how to life a good life full of love, laughter, and abundance. 

So, now matter where you are in life, you can work on any of these areas to either start to get strong or build up more strength on top of what you already have. 


Your most important relationship is with God. 

Call it God, the Universe, Nature, Spirit, or Source Energy.

Call it your higher power. 

Call if your higher self. 

That relationship informs the entirety of your spiritual, and therefore your physical and mental, experience here on earth. 

If you are pinching yourself off from the Universe that cocreated you, you are blocked. 


Sit in meditation every morning, for at least 20 minutes, and quiet your mind

When you do this, when you get really good at silencing your thoughts and sinking deep into the part of you that is only love, all wisdom, all loving power, your life opens up almost instantaneously. 

I like to do a full body scan each morning, starting with my crown chakra, making my way down into my third eye chakra and throat chakra, all channels for the divine, and then into my heart chakra, the home of my self love and self compassion, and finally down into my solar plexus chakra, my sacral chakra, and my root chakra to connect myself to the earth. 

I root myself firmly into the earth, connecting myself to all of life, and allow myself to sink into a loving space of silence. 

When thoughts come, I let them come and then let them go right back out. 

Pema Chodron offers great teachings on meditation and quieting the mind in her book Things Fall Apart.

When you establish and maintain this relationship with your spirit and with God, you are less anxious to rush to the rescue of your friends and family. 

You worry less. 

You understand that we are all here to expand, and that what each of us goes through is simply and clearly a part of our expansion, or we would not be going through it. 

When your friend asks you what has opened you up so, you can explain the value of meditation and help them learn to do it. 

Examples of positive affirmations for meditation: 

“Calm your mind, and you gain unlimited power.” 

“From a calm and peaceful state, your strength and self love grow.” 

“Meditation is at the root of all of our inner strength.”


Exercise is a great way to build strength, and it is a wonderful opportunity to model. 

Daily walks outside are also a wonderful way to invite friends and family to join you or to follow your example. 

Examples of positive affirmations for exercise: 

“You get to listen to a podcast or book, learning something new, all while benefiting your body from movement.” 

“Everyone benefits from movement.” 

“Time outside improves your immune system.” 

“I would love to walk with you!” 

Eat Well

One of the things I love about social media is the opportunity to share recipes and healthy eating habits. 

One of my most frequent posts in my stories is a picture of what food I am eating, and I cannot tell you how much great feedback I get from friends and family who are struggling with weight and/or health issues. 

“Oh my goodness that looks delicious!” 

“I love your salads!” 

And my personal favorite: 

“You inspired me to eat more vegetables!”

Eat well and your body changes, your energy changes, your skin improves, and your mood lifts. 

Trust me, people will notice. 

And they will ask. 

And then you get to share. 


Working on your self love means setting boundaries, having compassion for yourself, and learning to love others wherever they are, while also holding space for yourself. 

It means all of the things I listed above – meditating, eating well, exercising, learning, growing, and continuing to move forward through any obstacle. 

When you do this, and when you exude this, others will follow. 

And those who do not, because maybe they are not ready or willing, will fall away. 

And others like you will find you. 

Examples of positive affirmations for self-love: 

“Self-love is critical to a good life.” 

“I love myself, and I love you.” 

“I can love you no matter what, but I will not let you bring me down.” 

“I will be here for you, holding loving space, when you are ready.” 

“Right now, I can love you better from further away.” 

Eliminate Toxicity

Which brings me to my final point: you will have to cut toxic people and behaviors out of your life. 

That means people who hurt you intentionally or unintentionally. That means alcohol. That means excess sugar. 

Cut it out, or cut it down. 

Surround yourself with love, life, and laughter. 

The world you live in is a direct result of the behaviors and people in your life. 

The more you cut out the toxic and open up to the good, the better the world becomes through your loving gaze. 

And when you do it, you empower others to do it as well. 

You are the most helpful as a model. So model. 

Positive changes come from positive statement, positive thoughts, and doing good things in the present tense with positive thinking and a genuine love language. 

Words of affirmation must come from a positive attitude and positive self-affirmation. The power of affirmations rests in regular practice of positive energy. 

The most effective way to bring the good times is to make the best decision you can to set personal goals. 

You can be a better person in the lives of others by spending quality time on a daily basis doing acts of service, and those acts of service begin with your own spirit. 

Anyone can get a fresh start in their daily life by changing thought patterns and becoming the best version of themselves. And you are the only person who can save you. 

Positive things, wonderful things, and unique gifts come from a positive mindset. 

And that does not mean being happy all the time. Of course we all have negative experiences and thoughts. 

It means reminding yourself of the positive effect and the powerful tool of the little things you do in different ways to believe you are worthy of love. 

Happy manifesting!

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