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How To Cast A Spell To Protect Your House And Up The Vibes

I am not going to lie – positive home energy has long been my biggest concern.  

Biggest fear?  

Leading cause of anxiety?  

It’s interesting that, while I am the oldest sibling of 5, I never worried about the safety of my younger siblings, even though I was their primary protector and provider for many years.  

I never really worried about my own safety my whole life, either.  

But as soon as I married my husband, I started to grasp the concept of mortality.  

Not mine. 


Then, when I had my oldest daughter, my need for positive home energy and protection escalated.  

By the time I had my youngest daughter, I struggled with regular panic attacks.  

All as a result of a deep fear that something would happen to the people in my life whom I could not imagine living without.  

My fear ran so deep that I even feared for myself, not because I was afraid to die, but because I was afraid to leave them without me, their fiercest protector.  

So, what did I do?  

Love and Protection 

Here’s some more truth – I am still working on this.  

Though I do not suffer from crippling panic attacks and anxiety over danger to my family or my home anymore, I do still notice those intrusive thoughts entering when I least expect it.  

The reality is that fear is invasive, insidious, and infectious.  

The more you feed it, the more it develops, grows, and gives birth to more fear.  

The only real trick to overcoming your fears of danger is to live your life to its fullest, open your heart, your arms, and your mind to what is truly possible, a life without fear and worry, anxiety and agitation.  

“Yea right.” You say, rolling your eyes.  

No, really.  

The heart of protection magic lies in living a loving, soul centered life that focuses on what is and what could be if you simply live in the power of yes rather than what might be as a result of living in your fear.  


The simplest way to live without fear and therefore the need for protection is to detach from the material world.  

As the Buddha says, we suffer as a result of our attachments.  

Eckart Tolle, in his book A New Earth, notes that all suffering begins with the concretization of the “I.”  

When we identify with I, me, and my, we attach ourselves to concepts, to idea, to things. We put things in boxes and expect them to stay there.  

So, for example, I suffer when I think of losing “my” husband, “my child,” or even “myself.”  

Instead, we can realize the great universal truth, that nothing belongs to us except Love. 

Our children, as the poet Khalil Gibran says, are not our children.  

They come through us, but not from us.  

They do not belong to us.  

Likewise our spouses, lovers, or life partners. 

They are individuals with their own inner voices, their own paths, their own destinies, their own wills. We make a grave mistake when we attempt to assert our own voices, paths, and wills upon them.  

And, sadly, we often succeed, and then we have children, and even spouses, who are just as anxious and agitated and fearful as we are.  

To release this fear, we must detach ourselves from their destinies and simply enjoy them in our lives while we have them, for a minute or for a millennia.  

It helps to do this for me to remember that I believe without question in soul contracts.  

We meet each other in lifetime after lifetime, and we meet in the starts when we are not in our human forms, so, as Einstein says, we know that death is merely a delay until we meet again.  

Does this mean I am never afraid?  

Of course not.  

But it does mean I have deep and intense comfort when the fear rises within me.  


Live Aligned 

Another critical component to keeping your home safe is to live in alignment with Source Energy.  

Abraham Hicks teaches us that, when we are aligned, in our pure positive loving space, an assassin could have a picture of us, be outside of our building, with a scope and rifle trained right at our front door when we walk out, and he would miss us every time.  

That is the power of alignment.  

When you walk with God, Nature, Source, the Universe, you legitimately have nothing to fear.  

Things are always working out for you.  

To live in alignment is to live free, and freedom, along with love, are perhaps our greatest birthrights as human beings.  

How do you line up then?  

Well, a lot of alignment with Source has to do with dissolving your ego.  

You, like most of us, have likely spent a lot of your life attaching yourself to things, people, and even to the identity of your self.  

You must release all of that.  

Your work is to get to a place where you believe truly in the power of God to provide everything you need, in the power of your higher self to guide you to your highest purpose and path, and in your own power to make this evolution to and through awakening.  

Awakening is an ongoing journey that will last you the rest of your life.  

It includes healing your past trauma from your childhood, forgiving those who have harmed you, forgiving yourself for all of your “sins,” and moving into a space where you find inner peace in all moments.  

tarot cards

Of course, you will step out of alignment.  

You will get upset, your ego will rear its ugly head, you will find yourself stuck.  

That is totally normal.  

The way forward is simply to soften again and again, get gentle again and again, and open up again and again.  

Every time your ego shows up, thank it.  

It is a part of you, it is the part of you that has “protected” you for all this time.  

You have survived because of your ego.  

So thank it, and offer it a seat at the table.  

Then, remind yourself with love and compassion that you are no longer merely surviving.  

You are thriving.  

That is the gift of the awakened life and the gift of positive home energy.

Protection Spells for Positive Home Energy 

Now, as you work through all of this, detaching and awakening, you still want to feel safe and secure in your home, and you want to feel that your loved ones are safe and secure as well.  

The first spell you can cast is one of positive vibrations for your loved ones.  

Energy Field Around Loved Ones 

I like to perform a meditation spell where I envision a golden energy field surrounding the person I hope to protect. It is an act of cocreation with both the Universe and the person, as they also need to trust in the Universe that they walk in Love with Source and are always protected.  

Remember that any spell that involves another person must also include that person.  

And your greatest power over another is in the power of influence.  

I remind my children always that they are safe and strong, secure and smart and capable.  

I boost them up with words of encouragement, and I model for them how to live aligned, from the heart, and in the soul.  

Those actions and states of being are vastly more powerful than any energetic shield I could put up, but the process of shielding them with golden energy is ritualistic and serves as a reminder to me to model and use the power of my words of encouragement.  

For the actual physical house and home, there are several spells you can perform that are just as ritualistic.  

Energy Field for Positive Home Energy 

You can meditate on your home, picturing it in your mind, and send out a prayer to the Universe to hold it in its loving gaze.  

Picture en energy field of rainbows colors, that allows for the variety of different energies that will come and go in your home, including all of the people you love.  

This spell is a daily practice in keeping your home in alignment with Source.  

Sea Salt or Egg Shells at Your Doors and Windows  

Once a month you can also sprinkle salt around the edges of doorways and under each open window for positive home energy.

Alternatively, you can use egg shells.  

Salt represents preservation and eggs shells represent new life and new beginnings.  

You can also mix the two.  

For a full ritual, you can include the words:  

“Negative energy leave us be 

Positive energy come in free 

As I will it 

So mote it be.” 

Pour your positive energy into this action, meditate first if you feel you must, and face the four corners of the universe as you close the ceremony to solidify your trust in the Universe to always be watching over you.  

These are simple spells, as all the best protection spells are, and they are imbued with your faith and belief in a loving universe.  

Remember, there are no such things as evil spirits or black magic.  

No one can curse you or hurt you without your permission.  

Negative energy, bad energy, and old negative energies only have power if you give them power.  

So whether you use a simple protection spell, a spell jar or dance under a full moon, whether you creat a sacred space or use a voodoo doll, the way of the hedge witch, a witch standing in her own power, is to trust that spiritual protection is always yours.  

Do not let a stressful world, unpleasant people, political uncertainty, climate change, a toxic ex, or anything else, move you from your place of alignment with your higher consciousness.  

You have come here in this time to create a better world, and you do that through your spiritual practice and the intuitive actions that stem from it, not from fear based reactions grounded in negative thoughts or a protection charm made from worry and anxiety.  

So cast your protection circle around your house, put cinnamon sticks in little bottles, and write your own magic spell that makes you feel safe, but never forget the most important rule of witchcraft, even for positive home energy. 

You are the spell.  

Happy manifesting.   

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