How To Start Working with Crystals: Use Their Energy For Good Vibes

Crystals, gems, and stones can support you on your sacred path. You can use them to enhance mindfulness and focus, which can be invaluable on your spiritual journey.

As you grow your daily practice, use the tips below to help you incorporate crystals into your routines and rituals.

Mindfulness Matters

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is a practice that teaches you to focus on the now and the current thoughts in your mind.

Using the power of your mind and intentions, you can create a harmonious life. Crystals can provide a boost to maintain mindfulness and focus your purpose.

With the corresponding vibrational gemstone in hand, you can empower your intentions and expressively send messages to the universe. To choose a crystal that matches your desires, you can look at their color and learn about what they represent.

You can check out several sites for a list of crystal correspondences, like this one. Until you start to learn what they all mean, places like this can be extremely useful.

You can also pick up a book about crystals so that you don’t have to search your computer every time. The Crystal Bible is a very popular choice and is loved by stone enthusiasts everywhere.

When you want to pack a punch, combine several crystals and work with them on a crystal grid. Thoughts and intentions create reality, so combining your goals with gemstones that amplify that purpose draws what you want for your life.

Color Correspondences

Often, the color of a stone or crystal affects its properties. Blue is known for its calming and tranquil qualities, and blue stones are similar.

Blue is also the color of the throat chakra and can help with improving communication and speaking your truth. Blue lace agate is the perfect stone to use when you want to work on expressing yourself calmly.

Citrine crystals can help channel the vibrations of yellow and the solar plexus chakra. They help when you want to express yourself with grace and strength, as that chakra is associated with self-confidence.

Green stones, such as emerald or jade, connect to the heart chakra and healing. They’re perfect for channeling compassion, tolerance, and loving-kindness.

Red and orange gemstones, including ruby, jasper, or orange calcite, connect to the root chakra- a place of grounding, balance, and inner power.

Purple stones, which include amethyst and ametrine, resonate with the crown and third eye chakra. They help us get in touch with our intuition and higher spiritual self.

Black tourmaline and other black gemstones block out negative energies and help us look inward to the dark place of inner quiet.

There are crystals and stones in every shade of the rainbow. You can use them to help align your energy and increase the power of your intentions.

There’s no one way to use them either. Follow your heart and connect to them in a way that feels natural to you.

Whether you’re sitting down for a ritual or a moment of mindfulness, or you just want to come back to yourself for a moment, holding and working with a crystal can be very impactful.

What’s the best way to get started unlocking the power of crystal magic? Let’s take a look.

The Ultimate Keys to Unlocking Crystal Power

Crystals can help you attune to your intentions, heal, or manifest goals and desires. Here are some ideas to start using crystals in your own practice.

Close Contact

Carrying or working with crystals throughout the day can provide the biggest impact. Touching your skin is the best, but putting them in a pocket, purse, or near you can work as well.

When crystals and stones are in close contact, they can stay connected to you, giving off positive vibes. When you can put them in your clothes for that skin-to-skin, make sure they’re rounded and smooth, so they don’t poke you.

Crystal jewelry can be another great way to keep them on you throughout the day. In any way you carry them, the crystal you choose should resonate with the manifestation you are looking to enhance or the mood you’re trying to evoke.

For example, suppose you are trying to manifest money or wealth. In that case, you can select citrine, which promotes abundance and success, and keep it on you as you go about your work and downtime.

Rose quartz encourages self-confidence and love and is a common stone used in jewelry, so it can be a great place to find a crystal to keep on you at all times.

Enhance a Spell or Ritual with Crystals

If you work on spells and rituals, crystals can be great tools to add to your practice, and they can magnify the magic and vibrations you are working with. In this way, they work similarly to anointing oils, colors, and herbs.

Crystals can also help you direct intentions out into the universe. Towers and pyramids that point up can be the perfect tool for this goal.

enhance a spell with crystals

They’ll shoot your intentions into the universe’s field of possibilities. Crystal wands can also be powerful options for this task.

The best part of this practice is that you can use the crystals you kept close all day, which will be charged up from spending time with you. One of the most beautiful ways to use crystals in spells and rituals is a grid or pattern.

It might seem intimidating if you’ve never put a crystal grid together before, but it is really quite simple. You can get tips on creating one right here.

Follow your heart and intuition when you’re starting your practice with crystals. Allow your inner voice to guide you to where you would like to go in your practice.

You’ll know if you’re on the right track when things seem to “click.” If you keep wanting to move a stone, then move it. If a stone keeps popping up in research or you keep finding them, they’re meant to be with you. There is no wrong way to use crystals in your magical practice.

Magical Brews

Infusing your food or drinks with the magic of crystals can be another fantastic way to incorporate them into your daily life. It’s a great way to connect your physical body with the energies and magic you’re channeling.

When the energies are mixed in with consumables like yummy crystal-infused water or cookies that have charged with gemstones, you’re really connecting yourself to them. It’s a way to take connecting to a crystal to a new level.

You could try a money tea, and you can make your own blend or use a metal filter to infuse a favorite flavor with the energy of a crystal.

If you can get your crystal inside a teabag, you can write your intentions on the paper, light a candle, and drink your tea, pulling in wealth and abundance. Before putting your crystal inside your tea pouch, make sure it’s clean- both physically and energetically.

A good way to clear your crystals and stones is to smudge them with an insense bundle or spray. Washing it with hot water will also help to remove any negative and, of course, germs.

Also, be sure to research the crystal you plan on using. Some crystals fall apart in water, and some are toxic if consumed.

Match your crystals and drinks to whatever goal you’re looking to manifest, be it love, success, or even just a calm evening. We can all use some more of those in our lives.

Try It For Yourself

Those are my three tips to start manifesting your desires using crystals. When you can consistently implement them into your magical practice, you’re sure to see some results.

Everything works in its own time, but using the energies and power of crystals can help you achieve your goals a bit quicker, especially when combined with some good old-fashioned hard work.

When you’re starting, the most important thing to keep in mind is focusing on what you’re manifesting- what you’re adding to your life. Keep your mind positive and avoid thoughts of complaints and “if only I had….”

See what you want in your mind and let yourself feel how you would if the goal was already achieved. With crystals and stones backing you up, you can focus on your dreams and align to that future version of yourself, bringing it into reality even faster.

Have fun with crystals. They are sparkling treasures from the earth that can support you in your life and magical practice.

We are all stardust, after all.

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