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Manifest Money with Cinnamon and Coarse Salt 

You can manifest money with cinnamon and salt. All you need are the words, the ways, and most importantly, the will.  

Honestly, you can manifest money with any words and ways, as long as you have the will.  

The trick to manifesting abundance in any form is to know you are worthy of abundance. 

And you know that by looking at the abundance you already have in your life. 

If you cannot do this, cinnamon and salt will do you no good. 

Unless you eat them, of course. Then you’ll at the very least be aiding in your total health and wellness.  

You Are the Ocean in a Drop 

The only reason any ritual or spell works, including the one to manifest money with cinnamon, is that you are a cocreator with a conscious Universe.  

To actually perform the magic you expect to perform, you must understand your relationship with nature and how working with these forces opens you up to receive all your heart desires, and so much more.  

Quite often you will hear that God is the ocean, and you are a drop of that ocean.  

But it is much better said that you are that ocean in a drop.  

You contain within you all the matter, all the spirit, all the power, that God contains.  

In fact, it may even be too limiting to use the word “contain.”  

You cannot be contained.  

Moon in sky

Sure, you are a spirit, having a human experience, you have poured yourself into this human form you take now, but your energy far exceeds the limitations of your body.  

As Abraham Hicks is so fond of saying, “you can never get it wrong, and you will never get it done.”  

This is but a single human experience in a long line of human experiences you have and will continue to have well into infinity.  

Editor’s Note: This is my own personal money jar. It’s a mix of cinnamon, black salt, and sage, and when I feel like it’s lost its potency, I add a cat whisker. (Which my cat gives freely– she likes to shed them right on my desk as a little treat for me.)

A Conscious Universe: Manifest Money with Cinnamon

If you are here, you have accepted, at least on some level, that we are grand participants in a conscious universe.  

Call it God, Universe, Nature, Source Energy, what you will.  

That energy has been in existence since the beginning of what we think of as time, and it has created through thought all that we see, know, feel, taste, hear, and everything we have not yet experienced.  

We have been a part of that energy since the beginning, and when we are not in human form, we have full access to the same timeless, infinite power and wisdom that energy has.  

The primary law that governs the Universe and all of its creations is the law of attraction.  

The law of attraction states that you attract what you are.  

This is as simple as thinking something into creation for a patient and infinitely loving universe because it has no resistance.  

No jealousy, no fear, no doubt, no misgivings, no shame, no guilt.  

No negative energy at all.  

But then, why would we, in our all-powerful, infinitely wise state of being, create ourselves as humans?  

Why place those limitations on ourselves, when we can have everything we ever wanted in our godlike state?  

The answer, as Jordan Peterson points out in his lecture on this subject, is that there must logically be great value in limitation.  

There is something to be gained through the human experience.  

And God did not create humans separate from itself as some sort of grand experiment.  

Remember, that energy is all seeing, all knowing, and all powerful.  

There is no experiment to be had.  

It already knows all outcomes.  

Instead, we are the gods that created ourselves as humans to experience these limitations.  


Well, by all accounts scientific and mystical, the purpose of the Universe is to expand.  

In our human forms, there is great expansion to be had through limitation.  

We experience contrast – light and dark, love and pain, fear and joy, doubt and faith.  

We also have sensory experiences that you cannot possibly have without a body – things like the taste of great food, the feeling of a great massage, an orgasm, the pains of birth and the pleasure of breastfeeding, also the highs and lows of an unconditional love that necessarily ends in death, the loss of someone we loved deeply, and so on.  

Just the feeling of sunshine on our faces or the ability to communicate information through carefully chosen words like I am doing now, are feelings marked by limitation, something we simply do not have access to in our god states.  

Sure, our higher selves get to experience all of our experiences with us, but we, locked into our limitations, feel it so much more deeply.  

So image you are a god, the ocean in a drop, and you pour part of your being into this human experience, maintaining a connection the entire time, but also aware that in your human state, you can only understand and grasp so much of the mystery, or what would be the point?  

If we could know all, see all, be all, and have total power at all times without limitation, we would never become human in the first place.  

So, when I am asked, and I am always asked this question, “why would I choose this life, this pain, these awful parents, this awful birth situation?” 

Why would I choose this?  

Because you had faith in yourself.  


When you were in your god state, you had faith in yourself to get yourself back to your natural state – love 

No matter what.  

You can only be a rich, privileged white man born into a loving and adoring perfect family so many times before you get bored and yearn for expansion.  

You set your intentions for how you hope to expand in this next life, you calibrate your purpose, you know the lessons, and you roll the dice.  

Your intentions determine your human experience – the color of your skin, your sex, the date of your birth, your parents and the name they give you, all of it.  

Now, your job from birth is to find your way to joy.  

The world and all of its limited humans will mostly try to steer you away from joy and toward things like rules, hard work, further limitations, and so on.  

Meanwhile, your higher self will be guiding you to joy.  

And it is up to you to listen and follow your guidance – your intuition.  

Manifest Money with Cinnamon 


So you see, it does not have to be cinnamon, you are a god after all, but it can be.  

And why shouldn’t it be?  

Cinnamon sticks have been used to bring positive energy, expel negative energy, bring good fortune, and welcome good luck in cinnamon ritual for millennia.  

You can use the new TikTok trend of placing a Tablespoon of cinnamon in the palm of your hand and blowing it into your front door from the outside on the first day of each month.  

You can drink chai tea with cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, and star anise and black pepper daily.  

You can place a cinnamon stick in your wallet. 

Or you create a satchel with cinnamon and coarse salt and carry it on your person everywhere you go. 

Cinnamon has long been associated with wealth and abundance.  

And salt signifies purity and protection.  

You can’t miss with that combination to manifest money with cinnamon. 

But remember, in the end, you are the spell.  

You are the god.  

You, as part of the conscious universe that created all things, including cinnamon and salt.  

And you have within you everything across the Universe.  

So when you use cinnamon and salt, you must recognize that the power in those elements is the same power in you, and you are calling upon those elements as a sort of placeholder for your will.  

When you perform your cinnamon ritual, speak the words:  

“I am worthy of abundance. 

I am worthy of as much money as I can spend. 

I am prepared to be surprised and delighted by the Universe. 

Money is flowing to me.”  

And know these words to be true.  

Watch your bank account grow.  

Watch paper money show up for you.  

Watch good things happen. 

The best time for money spells is the first day of the month so you can trust much money to come from this powerful spice. 

This is a powerful herb, yes. But you are a powerful being.  

Never forget that.  

The most powerful ingredient is you.  

You can manifest a dollar bill or a million. It simply takes knowing it and allowing it.  

Get out of your own way.  

As you perform your prosperity spells from today or from ancient times, with a little cinnamon or several cinnamon sticks, trust the energy of money attraction to be within you, waiting to come out in different ways determined by you.  

Money manifestation can be done on any day, under a new moon or full moon or, morning or night, with simple spells and easy ways, all with good results.  

Simply trust the Universe to deliver beyond your wildest dreams, to remove your stagnant energy, and to open your spiritual vibrations to ones with clear intentions and a flow of money.  

Happy manifesting! 

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