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Top 8 Abundance Affirmations for Wealth and Prosperity

Top 8 Abundance Affirmations for Wealth and Prosperity

Abundance affirmations are essential to shifting to an abundance mindset, something many of us are severely lacking in.

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Abundance affirmations, supported by abundance activity, will allow for a more open and productive flow of wealth and prosperity on all levels into our lives.

And that really is the trick: getting into the flow.


The Flow of Energy

The law of attraction is based on one very basic principle: everything is energy.
I’ll say that again: everything is energy.

When we understand this, then we can understand the law of attraction, which states that like attracts like, that we attract what we are, and that, as a natural byproduct, we can shift our focus in any moment and change what we are attracting.

Here’s a secret that many people either hesitate to believe or hate to share: we live in an abundant universe.

There is plenty to go around for everyone at all times. It is not that there is not enough; it is that we are not attracting it. Indeed, we are blocking it.

So we must be willing to step into the flow of abundance.

To do this, to live an abundant life, we must accept a few basic concepts of this world, this reality, we live in.

One, energy is everything.

Two, we live in a divine loving universe, and we are extensions of the Source of all Energy, the creator of everything you see, feel, hear, taste, touch, experience.

Three, the law of attraction is indisputable, unwavering, and unchangeable. It is what it is, and it always will be.

Four, we have access to the infinite power source from which we came and of which we are extensions. Nothing can stop us but ourselves.

And Five, when we do not get what we want, it is because we are putting up resistance to it.
If you struggle to accept any of these realities, you will struggle with abundance. You must work on integrating these truths into your life, make them a part of your subconscious mind, and you open yourself up to limitless possibilities.


Honestly, I’ve said it again and again and I will say it yet again.


daily affirmations for success

Sit in meditation every single morning and honor the divine.

For twenty minutes, sit in silence, quiet your mind, and allow your connection to Source Energy, call it God, the Universe, Spirit, Nature, what you will, but connect. Open up your crown chakra and call Spirit in.

From that place of openness and connection, you cannot deny your power or the energy of abundance.

One you have integrated the truths of a loving Source Energy, an unwavering law of attraction, and an abundant universe, you can begin to actively attract good things into your daily life and manifest beyond your wildest dreams.


The 5 Steps of Law of Attraction


Abraham Hicks tells us that there is a very simple flow of energy in which we all exist, and through which we all must cycle through.

Step 1: You experience contrast, so you ask for something.

This is a fundamental rule of life that many of us struggle to accept. We cannot know what we do want until we see what we don’t want. That is the point of negative experiences, and we do not have to live in them for long. We simply use them to gain clarity on what we want.

Step 2: Source Energy responds immediately and provides what you ask for.

Always and every single time, Source responds immediately and fulfills your desire, simultaneously creating a vibration of your desire. You do not have to do anything during this step.

Step 3: Align with the vibration of your desire.

Now here is where you come in again. You have to get really good at feeling your way to what you want. It already exists in the universe. You simply call it to you with your good feelings.

You imagine yourself already in possession of it, no matter what it is. How will you feel when you have it? Get yourself into that feeling now. Express gratitude that it has already been manifested for you.

Step 4: Maintain Your Alignment.


That’s it. You have manifested and called to you what you want. Now, in order to stay in this flow of attracting what you want and maintaining what you have, you must maintain your alignment with that same vibration, aiming higher and higher each time.

As long as you maintain that vibration, what you desire will keep flowing into your life.

Humans naturally step out of alignment. So do not shame yourself when it happens.

Simply recognize what has happened and step back into alignment.

Your goal during step 4 is to feel good all the time.

Step 5: Appreciate the contrast.

This is the hardest step. When you learn to appreciate even the contrast, even the most difficult times in your life, you have truly stepped out of limiting beliefs and lack mindset and into a different way of living.

Negative emotions, negative thoughts, are merely indicators, set points as to where you are in your day, in this moment, in your life.

They are like tuning forks guiding you down your path saying “oh no not this way, go back in this direction.”

Let the negative in your life guide you toward the positive, and, here is the trick, thank it.
Be grateful to the negative as much as to the positive.

This is the human experience.

Don’t Get Stuck! That’s your abundance affirmations.

Far too many of us get stuck in step 1.

We can only see the negative. We complain, we suffer, we sit in misery.

And the universe responds by sending us more reasons to complain, more suffering, more misery.
We are in a hell of our own making.

Yep. Heaven and hell are right here on earth with us, and each one of us gets to choose which we inhabit in any given moment.

Shift your thoughts, and you shift your emotions. Shift your emotions, and you change your life.

Abundance Affirmations

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Now, remember that when you begin, you must begin with what you actually believe.

The universe does not speak in words. It speaks in energy.

So you can’t simply say “I am rich” and expect the Universe to rain money on your head.

You can, however, say something like “I live an abundant life,” and if you really believe it, the Universe will rain more abundance down on your head.

This is where it becomes really important to understand the term abundance.

You see, you cannot jump from one extreme emotion to another in an instant.

You must work your way there gradually. You have to change your mind.

You have to change what you know to be true.

That’s not easy.

So start with what you actually believe to be true and make small shifts in perspective from there.

Look around you at your life. You have, we all have, at least one positive thing happening.

Put all of your focus there, on that energy. As the saying goes, “energy flows where attention goes.”

Where is your energy? You have to get really honest with yourself. Do some shadow work. Where are you putting your focus?

On what you don’t have? On what others have? On how unfair it all is?

Pivot that.

Look at what you do have.

Your husband or wife who loves you so much.

Your children who adore you.

Your health.

Your great job.

Your best friend.

Your supportive family.

Your pet!


You have something to look at and think about how fortunate you are.

Now that’s an abundance affirmation.

Abundance Affirmations: Gratitude Meditation

Once you have found your one thing that you can be grateful for, sit in meditation every morning and express gratitude for that thing.

Every single morning for one whole month, wake up and meditate for 20 minutes before you do anything else.

Quiet your mind, sit in silence, and allow your connection to Source Energy to open up.

Then express your gratitude. Be genuinely grateful for what you have.

Then, throughout your day, return to that grateful place in your mind.

Just a small “man I’m so blessed to have this” will suffice.

Sit in awe.

Abundance Affirmations: The Universe Always Delivers

Then, watch out.

The Universe always responds to your energy of gratitude by giving you more to be grateful for. It may show up in small ways or large ways, but it will always show up in unexpected ways.

Be prepared to be surprised and delighted.

And then express gratitude again.

It will not be long before you find yourself receiving financial wealth and prosperity. Joyful, grateful people are never without abundance.

Top 8 Abundance Affirmations for Wealth and Prosperity

Practice repeating these abundance affirmations during meditation and as part of a daily routine, only as you really mean them from within your subconscious mind, and watch these daily affirmations change your life for the better.

  1. I live in an abundant universe.
  2. The Universe has my back.
  3. I have the power to manifest anything I dream of.
  4. I am unstoppable.
  5. I am an extension of God.
  6. I love my life.
  7. I am grateful for ________.
  8. If I can think it, I can have it.
    Happy manifesting!