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5 Best Crystals To Help You Remember Your Dreams

5 Best Crystals To Help You Remember Your Dreams

You wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat from an intense dream. It is vivid in your mind. You try hard to go back to sleep, hoping to recapture the dream. Nothing.

You reach for your notebook on your bedside table to write it down before you forget, but even as you put pen to paper, the images flee your mind, the memories escape your grasp, and it’s gone.

All you have left is the memory that you had an intense dream.

It happens to all of us. And sometimes, it happens to us at pivotal moments of our lives. People have tried everything to remember dreams, from drugs to hypnosis.

Crystals and Stones

This truth hold for stones as well as medicine and herbs. I can tell you that a clear quartz is a good crystal for gaining clarity, but you might find a rose quartz better for that.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

Perhaps you are deeply heart-centered, and you need a love stone in order to see things clearly. Bear this truth in mind as you read about stones to help remember dreams and how to set the stage.

What Are Crystals and Stones

One of the reasons I love working with herbs and stones is that they come straight from the earth, the same earth we come from.

Remember that we are all connected – plants, animals, rocks, water, people, and air. What is on the planet now has always been on the planet since its inception, whether we are talking about consciousness or material things.

Thus, when we work with stones, we are working with parts of ourselves. We use stones to tap into parts of ourselves that we find otherwise difficult to access.

Stones allow us to have a focal point for an issue, a thought, a plan, or a project.

Crystals for Grief

Crystals and stones are made up of elements from the earth, and we carry those same elements within us. Holding a stone in your hand is like holding a piece of yourself that is connected to the earth. The earth was created by the consciousness that connects us all.

So when you hold a stone in your hand and ask for something, you are essentially asking a tangible part of your own consciousness, which allows you to gain better access to that part of yourself.

That’s why stones help you remember your dreams when you use them correctly and set the stage well.

How Can Crystals Help With Dream Recall?

The best stones to help you remember dreams will serve multiple functions:

  • They will help you calm down before bedtime
  • They will offer you clarity, so your mind is not clouded with other distractions and thoughts
  • They will help you bring your dreams to the forefront of your consciousness
  • They will help your memory stay clear afterward
  • They can offer you guidance and direction within your dream

Top 5 Best Crystals to Remember Dreams and Practice Lucid Dreaming:

💎Herkimer Diamond

The most common stone used for dream recall and lucid dreaming is the Herkimer diamond. It is a brilliant clear quartz crystal that attracts energy. Often referred to as the “attunement stone,” the Herkimer diamond is great for tuning in to an experience and retaining memories, so have one next to your bed when you are trying to remember your dreams.

💧Clear Quartz

The clear quartz is used for clarity, which can be aimed at clearly seeing your dreams and clearly remembering them.

It is also used for amplifying the effects of other crystals, so if you have a Herkimer diamond next to your bed with a lapis lazuli, it will magnify their effects as well as maintain clarity of those effects. Win/win.


Amethysts are positivity stones. You can keep an amethyst next to your bed to ensure you have positive dreams as well as draw on their strength to keep yourself positive throughout your dream experience.

It is extra helpful to have a dream amethyst, which directly draws energy toward positive dreams.


Labradorite is used to open the third eye chakra. You can refer to my piece on chakras here.

With a labradorite on your bedside table, you can expect your vision to be clear and your intuition to be strong, so you can not only remember your dreams but also understand them.

🦋Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a deeply spiritual stone that enhances your connection to the divine and the spirit realm. If you keep this one next to your bed, expect powerful dreams that speak to you of your divine purpose through metaphysical experiences.

This one is the mightiest dream stone among them all. Add clear quartz, and expect a night of intense lucid dreaming.

👯‍♂️Remember to Set the Stage

It’s not just about stones, though. Far too many people grab a tarot deck, throw some crystals on their desk, or drink a peppermint tea and think they’re done with witchcraft or practicing magic because it doesn’t work how they expected it to.

Remember, magic is a practice, like anything else.

Law of attraction may be a universal law, but it still requires practice to make it work for you.

You must do the work.

If you want to experience lucid dreaming and then remember those dreams, set the stage for yourself.

How To Get Prepared For Lucid Dreaming And Dreaming Recall

💪Exercise during the day

This practice will ensure you are nice and tired at the end of the day.

🍕Stop eating three hours before bed.

Stop your cells from focusing on digesting and diverting your nutrients long before you hope to get all of your cellular energy focused on your dreams.

☕️Drink tea before bed

Depending on the dreams you are hoping for, choose a tea that is mild and relaxing like chamomile or lavender.

If you are menstruating (a powerful dream time for women), choose raspberry leaf tea. If you are willing to experiment with intensely vivid dreams, you could try a small amount of valerian.

how to make sun water

🕯Burn candles or incense in your bedroom

Choose a soothing, relaxing fragrance like vanilla or cloves.

📺Turn off all screens two hours before bed.

Stop your brain from racing by turning off anything with blue light.

📖Do not read anything negative before you sleep.

We are trying to repel negativity in your dreams, so don’t get your brain in fear or anger mode.

🛁Take a warm bath an hour before bed.

One of the most relaxing practices you can engage in before bed is to soak in a nice warm tub with soft music and candles to really set the stage for delicious sleep.

🥋Wear comfortable clothes to bed

The last thing you want is to be tugging on tight clothes while you are trying to direct your energy toward dreaming.

📓Keep a journal next to your bed with your crystals

So you can take notes as soon as you wake up. Quickly write down everything you remember. It does not have to make sense or be in complete sentences.

🔮Set the intention with your crystals before falling asleep

Finally, set your intention. Tell your stones what you expect of them, and get ready for some lucid dreams to remember!

Crystal to manifest

That’s it! Remember you are a powerful divine being who and do, have, and be anything you want. Lucid dreaming and dream recall is a great way to prove this to yourself.

Play around with which stones work best for you and which of the above practices help your personal process.