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Numerology Birthdate Meaning: What’s Your Number?

Numerology Birthdate Meaning: What’s Your Number?

Numbers play a huge role in our lives, and they always have. Mathematics is, after all, the only truly universal language.

Of course, love is a universal language, but that’s another context, another conversation, for another post, for another day.

Numerology has been in and out of fashion for thousands of years, ever since Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras discovered a clear connection between musical vibrations (which are math-based) and people’s personalities.

Today, we use his theory to help us see our own personalities, life paths, love destinies, and more, and we do it largely based on our birthdates.

Birthdates in Numerology

The theory goes that based on the month and day of the month you were born, you and your life path can be discovered and better understood.

It also helps to understand that you can have two numbers based on your birthdate – your life path number and your day of the month number.

Your life path number is pretty self-explanatory (it tells you your life path) and is calculated by taking your full birthdate, adding the numbers, one section at a time, until you can reduce it down to one number.

For example, if your birthday is December 26, 1989, you would add

1+9+8+9 to get 27, then reduce that to 2+7 to get 9

Then add 2+6 to get 8, and add it to that 9 to get 17, which you reduce 1+7 to 8

Then add 1+2 to get 3 and add it to that 8 to get 11, which you reduce to 1+1 = 2

Your life path would be 2

But in this case, you also have a master number, 11.

If your number before your final reduction is 11 or 22, those are considered master numbers in numerology, so keep it in mind.

Life Path Numbers

Once you have your life path number, you can look it up on pretty much any numerology site or even hire a specialist in the profession to begin discussing your life path.

The basics are as follows:

1 Ones, as the number signifies, are natural-born leaders, prone to ambition and drive, but also prey to anger and control issues.

2 Twos are deeply sensitive and caring empaths who may be prone to conflict avoidance which can lead to passive aggression.

3 Threes are show-stopping spotlight lovers who may abandon projects as quickly as they begin them.

4 The reliable, stable friend and coworker who may become too rigid and structured for your, and everyone else’s, own good.

5 The intellectual thinker who loves to talk about information and communicates well but also might find herself lost in her own hobbies and projects to the detriment of human connection.

6 Sixes are the speakers, the activists, who get so caught up in their causes they may forget to care for themselves properly.

7 Brilliant imaginations and deeply creative, Sevens may be prone to shyness and avoid human contact.

8 Eights are great with numbers and money, as well as hard-working and ambitious, but you may fall prey to grifters and anyone looking to make money off you.

9 Idealists with vision, Nines are willing to sacrifice the immediate for future rewards but may also forget to live in the present and enjoy the moment.

Date of the Month Numbers

Then there’s your date of the month numbers, which are a bit more specific as there is no calculation to be done. It is literally just the date of the month on which you were born.

May Monthly Horoscope

1 – 9 the meaning of numbers for one through nine are the same as the life path numbers, and if they happen to be the same, they come in even stronger. You may want to invest in a numerologist to help you map out a much bigger life path and destiny chart if you’ve got such strong numbers.

10 Tens are tasked with taking charge of their lives, spending an abundant amount of time finding and living out their purpose.

11 Elevens are intuitive and would do well to look into work where you can read and work with people, helping them communicate and find themselves.

12 Twelves are artistic in everything they do, and it shows. Be sure to find a career or occupation where you can really express your creativity.

13 Both grounded and artistic, look for opportunities to bring your creative vision into concrete reality.

14 The adventurer loves people and loves taking on new possibilities.

15 A naturally nurturing mother or father figure, you look to care for people and community.

16 Deeply analytic and focused, find work and life journeys that allow you to research and investigate.

17 Bold and filled with vision, you are an excellent manager and can help people see the big picture and fight for it.

18 The Jack or Jane of all trades find tons of things to love and look after. Your mind loves to explore new information.

19 You are an individualist who loves independence, but you also want to show others how to be free. Your goal will be to find the balance here.

20 Deeply aware of yourself and others, even when feelings and thoughts are deeply hidden. You will have to take care not to be influenced without your consent.

21 Quick-witted and able to think on your feet, you are also super creative. Channel those energies constructively and live a life of passion and purpose.

22 You are a natural builder, and you want to grow beyond your perceived limitations. At the same time, you fear the potential of that growth.

23 Agile and adaptable, you welcome and even seek change. Take care not to move on too quickly.

24 Twenty-fours are helpers with a deep sense of caring for others. Be sure not to become a savior, sacrificing yourself for others.

25 A curious researcher who refuses to take anything at face value, find work and purpose that allows you to channel these energies, or you are subject to depression.

26 You feel torn between the material world and the spiritual one. Your work will be to master that balance.

27 A late bloomer, give yourself to explore your options and find your true passion.

28 Extremely self-confident and ambitious, Twenty Eights also need a ton of encouragement and reinforcement that you are on the right path. Find people you trust.

29 You are deeply invested in the spiritual and psychic world, and nothing will change that. Find ways to integrate this passion with your everyday work and life.

30 You are an artist at heart who wants to express that artistic talent in work and life; make sure you find ways to express yourself.

31 You are the foundation of anything you participate in. People look to you for stability and resources.

Let’s Talk About Your Number

Now you have an idea of what your life path and personality are like based on numerology, and it is critical to dial back just a bit and just for a second.


Many people take astrology and numerology far too seriously, getting either anxious or depressed based on the news they receive. Also, you might find that the descriptions of your numbers do not resonate with you.

In this instance, it is important to find a psychic, intuitive, or numerologist who is reputable and good at what they do.

Here’s one way to tell: intuitives know that the Universe does not speak in negatives. The Universe does not warn you away from things, people, or events, despite what we see in movies and shows.

Good intuitives know that the Universe is constantly communicating with all of us and that some of us are blocking our own communication. Intuitives are here to help; they are less blocked, more open, and can help us channel messages we ourselves have not opened up enough yet to perceive.

A major part of your journey with divine communication like this – tarot, astrology, numerology – should be to unblock yourself and begin to allow for your own direct communication. Become an intuitive yourself, at least for yourself.

Further, let us always remember that the calendar has changed many times since the Universe was born and since earth was created.

The human calendar was once 13 months long, with the cycles of the moon, and the months were 28 days.

Different civilizations have had different calendars based on seasons and religions.

So, your number might not actually be your number. It may be a different calculation entirely.

Also, remember that when it comes to destiny, you are the master. The thinking, in most of this walk of spirituality, is that you chose to come into this world in this human form with a very specific purpose. Your work in finding your purpose is in finding your purpose.

We are not talking about a destiny mapped out for you outside of yourself by someone being removed or disconnected from you.

You chose your destiny before you were human. Now you are simply trying to reconnect yourself with that purpose or destiny.

You have all the power.

Now, get to discovering it.

Happy Manifesting!