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Money Affirmations that Work Fast

The law of attraction is a scintillating topic when it comes to money affirmations that work fast.
So many of us have misconceptions around money that it is tricky to navigate to the truth.

Either you believe that everyone gets what they deserve, or should, in which case you’re upset that you see people who clearly don’t “deserve” money or wealth holding it in their hands.

Or you believe that all it takes is hard work, and you’re working yourself to the bone, in which case you’re upset that your beliefs have not paid off yet.

What’s missing?


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The Law of Attraction, Energy, and Money

Okay, so we have a few basic principles to clear up. Let’s talk about what people deserve.
I remember hearing back during the 2012 election from spiritual people that there was no way Donald Trump was going to win.
He didn’t deserve it.
He was so mean!
Love should always win.
Well, sure. Love actually does always win.
But we’re not talking about love here. We’re talking about a political election.
One person even asked Abraham Hicks about it in one of their conferences.
“If love always wins, why did Donald Trump win the election?” Say what you will about Donald Trump, but he’s not a deeply loving man, at least, that’s not the energy he puts out.
And Abraham replied almost instantly that there was not much love coming from either side of that election.
Again, say what you will about Hillary Clinton, but she certainly does not come off as a deeply loving person.
Both sides exuded fear, anger, resistance, frustration, and negativity.
The election was highly negative.
So who won?
Clearly the one who knew he would win.
In a battle between hate and hate, the one with the firmest convictions always wins.
It’s energy!
Donald Trump, love him or hate him, is an excellent representation of the law of attraction and how the Universe is an infinitely loving and entirely neutral energy.
It always cracks me up when boxers declare victory in the name of God after a fight.
God does not care who wins this or that fight! God does not choose sides.
God loves all of creation.
We pick and choose; we judge; we exert our will; we manage energy.
The only way to defeat someone in any kind of competition is to detach yourself from the outcome and know without doubt that you will win no matter what the actual outcome is.
But, of course, the people who are able to do that are not running for political office, and probably not punching people out in a boxing ring.
The bottom line is that it is all energy.
Energy is neutral, and we make it positive or negative with our will, with our conviction, with our beliefs.
Know that, and you will never worry about money or anything else in life. You will simply know that all is well.

The Law of Attraction Steps for Money Affirmations


To shift into a higher consciousness space where you no longer allow political elections to bother you, and you can stop stressing out about who deserves what, you have to understand and integrate the basic steps of the law of attraction.

Step 1: You experience contrast, and you ask

When you can see the entire world as a playground created just for you, and everything in it as your options to choose from, you have aligned perfectly with Source Energy.
Negative experience exist solely so you can see what you do not want and then lean toward what you do want.
The problem?
Most of us stay stuck in step 1, constantly seeing the negative, resisting the negative, and leaning toward the negative.
We forget, or we never learned, to reach for what we actually want.

Step 2: the Universe responds to our asking instantly

You don’t have to do anything in this step. The universe answers our call instantly and creates what we want from our own energetic asking.
What you have asked for is now in “the vortex.”

Step 3: You allow what you have asked for to come to you

Right. “How do I get it out of the vortex and into the bank?”
You unclench.
You step out of step 1 and into step 3, allowing, surrendering, trusting, having faith that everything you want is on its way to you.
You have to get really, really good at releasing your fear, disbelief, and doubt.
A big part of this step is letting go of your focus on what other people have, on what other people do or don’t deserve, and on what other people are doing.
What is happening with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Clarence Thomas, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, and on and on, is none of your business.
You can observe from a neutral, loving, compassionate space, and allow it to show you what you do and don’t want in your own personal life.
That’s it.
Your job is to allow a universe of abundance into your life. Focus on that.

Step 4: Maintain your alignment


Once you’ve mastered step 3, you step into step 4, which is consistent alignment.
In step 3, you’re still swaying off course, watching the news, scrolling social media, and getting upset about things that don’t concern you.

You are constantly having to step back into alignment.
In step 4, you are learning to stay in alignment.

You begin to understand “first put your house in perfect order,” and you maintain focus on your own reality, manifesting greater and greater realities into existence.

You are the god you have been waiting for, and you know that in your soul in step 4.
In this step, things flow to you effortlessly and other people start watching you and asking you what you’re doing and how they can do it too.

Step 5: You appreciate contrast

Open arms

This step is the highest level of enlightenment.
When you can see even the most negative of experiences from a neutral, detached position, you have mastered the law of attraction.
Contrast is here to serve us; think of it as a commercial on the television offering you an experience. You simply allow the commercial to pass, saying “no thank you” as it comes in and out of your life.
A large part of getting really good at this step is understanding, really knowing, that what happens in other people’s lives is none of your business.

Money Affirmations: Money Is Energy


When you understand the 5 steps of law of attraction, and at the very least practice steps 1 through 3 regularly, you can begin to see that money, like everything else, is energy.
We live in a universe rich with resources, with plenty to go around for everyone.
You attract money to you because you believe you are worthy, because you want it, and that is good enough for the universe to respond instantly.
You allow money into your life, and it flows in. You do not fear it leaving, so you spend it, and it flows out, and the cycle repeats.
Jerry Hicks once said “all I want is as much money as I can spend.”
Simple as that.
And it really is as simple as that.
Let the universe know, in no uncertain terms, that all you want is as much money as you can spend.
You must stop believing that you must “work hard” to “earn” money. And you must stop believing that other people have so much money and they don’t deserve it.
The only way to stop believing one thing is to replace it with a stronger belief.

Money Affirmations that Work Fast


So, your first money affirmation is one that must align with your new belief:
“I am worthy of abundant wealth.”
Now, work on actually believing it. Remember, the universe does not speak in words. It speaks in energy. It responds to your energy.
Your energy has to say “I am worthy of abundant wealth.”
Sit in meditation each morning and look at how truly wealthy you are. You have people who love you, you have your health. You have a capable body. You have a good job. You have a beautiful home.
At least some of these have to be true for you. Place your focus there, and allow your gratitude for what you have blossom into asking for more.
Which is your second affirmation:
“I am here to ask for more.”
You are a creative being. You came here, into this human body, to create, to expand, to ask for more and more and more.
The world has convinced you otherwise, but that is because the world is filled with fear.
Let go of your fear, and step into love.
You came here to ask for more.
Your final money affirmation is “I can manifest money fast.”
The great thing about this one is that you can prove it to yourself.
Go online and find some fast ways to make a little money.
There are sites that will let you take surveys, review advertisements, and take little quizzes for marketing purposes.
Once you really see how easy it is to bring money into your life, you will believe it even more.
And genuine belief is the root of all manifestation.
Happy manifesting!

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