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Malachite Affirmations for Transformation

Malachite is a stone of transformation above all else, so malachite affirmations will relate to undergoing your own changes. 

If you are experiencing major shifts in your life, or looking to break out of where you currently are and into a new space, malachite is the crystal you want to have with you. 

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Malachite is a green copper carbonate mineral. It has been mined and celebrated by civilizations and cultures for millennia, all the way back to the Greeks and Egyptians, and likely before. And it has always been used as a protective and transformative gem. 

Malachite is a rich green with a silky luster and various shades of green swirling within the healing gemstone. 

It takes its name from the Greek words malakos, which means soft. 

Malachite is a heart opener, and a stone of transformation, so use it as such. 

The Heart Chakra

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The heart chakra is the seat of all transformation. 

You will either be working your way up from the root or down from the crown, but always to your heart. 

In ancient belief systems, the color green is associated with growth, renewal, and rebirth. 

Think of plants in spring. 

Not coincidentally, the heart chakra is associated with the color green. 

We always and only change from our hearts. 

That is why when someone has a blocked heart chakra, they remain stuck in their ways, while the most adaptable and open to change have clear and open heart chakras and are often the most loving.

It is interesting, isn’t it, that the element of life that is the most natural – change – is the element we humans seem to be most resistant to. 

Life calls for us to adapt and shift, change and transform, remain open and malleable, and step into the flow of life. 

And our heart chakra, when open, allows these transformations to take place with joy and laughter, detachment and neutrality, and, of course, love. 

But we stick our feet firmly on the ground and resist. 

This is why it is critical for us to surrender to the unconditional love of the universe, welcome positive changes, for they are all positive when we let them be, and allow negative energies to come and go. 

The quicker we allow them to come and go, the more quickly they will indeed come and go, and even bring new opportunities with them. 

To do all of this, we must open the heart chakra


Malachite Affirmations for the Heart Chakra

You know you are ready for transformation if you have been feeling edgy, agitated, wired, shaky, angry, frustrated, and overwhelmed. 

Likewise, you have been feeling depressed, stressed, lost, hopeless, out of sorts, and like you just don’t belong. 


You belong. 

You are here. 

Which means you belong here. 

It is simply that your spirit is ready to level up, and your body is resisting. 

It is time to open up your heart chakra and allow yourself to transform into what is next. 

And have faith that “what is next” is all for your good. 

Your highest good. 

Which means joy, abundance, new opportunities, positive energy, positive changes, new beginnings, and spiritual growth. 

To open yourself up to this process, you must sit in meditation. 

Meditation helps you center yourself, commune with your divinity, and connect to your higher self. You are deepening your relationship to God, and in God all things are possible. 

Before you sit in meditation, you will offer a prayer to God, Source Energy, the Universe, Spirit, Nature, however you see your higher power

Prayer is asking and meditation is listening for the answer.

Prayer for Transformation

Rebecca Campbell, in her book Rise Sister Rise, says that in these moments of transformation, we can hit our knees and ask the Universe to show us the way. 

I like to pray before bed at night, outside, under the stars, for whatever guidance I am seeking. 

For me, God is nature, is Love, is all of the loving energy around me, so I am closest to God when I am in nature. 

I sit in the grass with my bare feet and palms flat on the ground, gazing up at the sky, and send up my prayer. 

In the case of transformation, you must open yourself up to whatever is coming for you, to whatever is next on the path you set forth when you came into this life with a set of intentions from your spirit self. 

You must, in a word, surrender. 

Bring your malachite with you, a powerful stone, and you can bring a rose quartz with you as well, for extra loving support. 

Then, send up your prayer, into the night sky, and ask to be shown the way. 

You could say something like “I am ready to know my purpose. I am ready for what is next. I am open to change. I am open to be who I really am, in my god self.” 

And then, as Campbell says, watch out.

When you ask to be shown your purpose and your path, when you tell the Universe that you are ready for transformations, things will likely get more difficult for you before they get better. 

Everything you have been resisting, all the walls you have put firmly in place to keep yourself comfortable, all the blocks you have put into place to stop yourself from growing, will come up for you again, in rapid succession, so you can knock them down. 

So you can stop resisting. 

This is your chance to check your throat chakra and start telling the truth, to check your solar plexus chakra and start challenging bad instincts, to witness your triggers with love and let them fall away. 

Your immune system will thank you for releasing all of this baggage, trust me. 

Meditation to Open the Heart Chakra 

Send up your prayer each night, as a daily routine, as a ritual

Then sit in meditation each morning and affirm your choices. Listen for the answers. 

Set your timer for 20 minutes, before you do anything else in the morning, and be still. 

Quiet your mind, and clear your chakras. 

When I meditate, I imagine the light of the Universe washing my crown chakra and then entering my body, through my crown and into my third eye, so I can see the truth, with love and wisdom. 

Then I allow the light into my throat chakra, so I can speak the loving truth I see. 

Next, the light moves into my heart chakra and fills me up, expanding outward and down into the rest of my chakras. 

From my heart, the light clears out my solar plexus, the seat of my instincts, down into my sacral chakra, to open up my creativity, and finally into my root chakra, the seat of my relationship to my community and to the earth. 

From my root, I allow the light to pull me into the earth, connecting me to the material that made me and to all of life around me. I allow that light to branch out in all directions and then come up from the earth all around me and cocoon me, wrapping around me over and over in golden light. 

And I repeat: I am Love.

Sometimes it takes me so freaking long to go through the clearing out process that my timer goes off just as I am wrapping myself in the love of the Universe. 

Other times I have plenty of time to sit and sink into that love, to go deeper and deeper. 

To allow love to enfold me, reassure me, nurture me. 

This is the power of malachite. 

To soften. 

To be gentle. 

We cannot always get there. The world is a hyper crazy busy needy demanding place. And sometimes it gets the best of us. 

And that is okay. 

Love yourself for honoring your meditative practice, forgive yourself for your hardening, and soften again. 

And soften again. 

Malachite Affirmations for Transformation

Malachite and rose quartz are the best crystals for shifts in your physical body, to open your psychic vision and see yourself, to restore emotional balance, and to embrace the law of attraction. 

Malachite is also a great stone for lowering blood pressure and improving your circulatory system because, with its copper ores, it encourages you to slow down, take deep breaths, and be gentle and soft. 

Go lightly through life. 

Some additional malachite affirmations you can use to support your transformative process are: 

I am ready to transform

I am open to the will of the Universe

I am always being supported

The Universe has my back

I am not alone

I can soften

I can go lightly

I am gentle with myself

I am worthy of change

I am up to all challenges

I am here with purpose and intention 

I am alive and well

I am healthy

I am breathing

Life is good

Life is change

I am open

Happy manifesting!

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