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121 Clear Quartz Affirmations for Healing and Balance

Clear quartz affirmations are perfect for healing.

Of all the crystals on earth, the clear quartz is my absolute favorite. 

Of course I try not to let my other crystals know that I play favorites, but come on, clear quartz is really the superhero of all the stones. 

And it is a wonderful crystal to pair with tons of clear quartz affirmations, so you are never left wondering which way to go or what to do. 

I keep a clear quartz with me at all times, both to invite positive energy and to ward off negative energy. It works both ways. 

Seriously, it’s a magnificent rock. 


Clear Quartz

On its own, crystal quartz is healing, clarifying, and opening. It is most closely associated with the crown chakra, which is your connection to the divine, where you receive all your Love, Truth, and Clarity from the Universe and your higher self, but it can also be used in connection to any other crystal to amplify and clarify. 

Clear quartz can be used to clear up any chakra you feel is blocked, on its own or in conjunction with another crystal suited to your purpose. 

Clear quartz affirmations will support that work.

It can be used during meditation to gain clarity on any issue or prayer you have sent out. 

And it can be carried on your body to help you keep your crown chakra and inner eye open so you remind yourself to stay in touch with the larger part of yourself and not descend into ego space for too long. (Gotta love that ego space.)

For healing, you can combine the crystal quartz crystals with the amethyst to promote physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. You can also use clear quartz with the rose quartz to heal and open up your heart, seeking unconditional love for or from another person.

There really is no end to what this powerful crystal can do in terms of bringing positive change, positive energy, and new beginnings into your life. 

How to Work with Clear Quartz

There are two primary ways to work with clear quartz crystal – either in meditation, alone or with another crystal, or by carrying it on your body throughout your day. 

It helps in either case to have some clear quartz affirmations as you work on your progress and gain more success in your practice. 

Affirmations will help support your practice, and clear quartz is one of the best crystals, if not the best crystal, to make real change in your life.

So if you’re ready for it, start memorizing some of the following affirmations to repeat while you do your best work. 

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

121 Affirmations for Healing and Balance

The Universe has my back

I am free

I am not alone 

I am Love

God is Love

Anything is possible. 

Healing is not only possible but natural

My body knows what to do to heal itself

I can remain open

I am aligned with spirit

When I step out of alignment, I can step right back in

I am spirit, having a human experience

I am connected to all of life on earth

My higher self is always communicating with me

I am worthy of unconditional love

I am strong, smart, and capable

The world is however I perceive it

I am capable of anything

I am exactly where I am supposed to be

I will never be done

I can enjoy this ride

My purpose in life is joy

I am here to have a good time

There is always time for rest

I am worthy of rest

I do not need anything

I already have everything I need

Everything I need is already inside me

I am here to dream

All of my dreams will come true

It is my job to allow

It is my job to surrender to Love

I will stop resisting

I honor all of life 

I am clear on my purpose

Young woman at crystal healing session in therapy room

My path is clear

Life is good

Life is always working out for me

My work will never be done, so I can relax and have fun

I am all powerful, and the Universe is always delivering my wishes

I am supported and held by the most powerful force in the Universe

The most powerful force in the Universe is Love

Love is always the answer

I can loving detach rather than get upset or angry

If I am blocked, it is because I am blocking myself, and I can let go

I can let go

I am willing to let go

I will open

I will remain open

From an open space, everything is possible

I will let the Universe surprise and delight me

Prayer is my question, meditation is where I will find my answers, and I will do both

My body knows what I need

My spirit knows what I need

I have intuition that comes directly from the Universe

The Universe is all knowing, all seeing, all powerful, and infinitely loving

I believe in magic

I surrender to my highest good

I set my intentions before I came into this human experience

I will honor the intentions of my highest self

I will step out of ego space once I realize I am in it

Ego is afraid, angry, frustrated, and sad

My natural, loving state is happy, joyful, abundant, and free

I am free to have my experience and others are free to have theirs

I have no interest in controlling anyone

I have no interest in changing the world

My only job is to change myself

I can put my house in order, one thing at a time, one step at a time

I am here 

I am that I am

I am a single drop in a vast ocean

I am the ocean in a drop

I am open to new experiences 

I am willing to change

I am willing to open my heart

I am willing to open my mind

I will adapt and shift with life

I honor the element of water, and I will flow

I honor element of fire, and I will let burn what does not serve me

I honor the element of earth, and I will remain grounded

I honor the element of air, and I will remember to breathe

I honor those around me, and I see their light

I understand that I will never be understood 

I am not afraid because there is nothing to be afraid of

I allow my crystal to amplify the energy I call upon

I gain more clarity each time I open up

I open up the more I open up exponentially

In remaining open, I invite wonder into my life

I believe in the magic of the Universe

I have faith in what I cannot see

I am more powerful than I can even realize

I see my power more every day

I manifest what I focus on

My focus is positive

My focus is Love

I will not bury my feelings 

I will feel my feelings and let them wash through me

I will not shame myself

I am a child of the Universe 

I grow more every day

I am a spiritual being

I am in touch with my higher self

I am listening

I am practicing self care every day

I commit to Love

I devote myself to Love

Love is all there is

When I sit on the ground, the ground takes away my pain

When I connect with the divine, the divine takes away my pain

I can let go and let God 

I can overcome any challenge

Challenges are here as lessons for me

No problem presents itself without a gift for me in its hands

I flow with the energy of life

I am here now, and I will be here now

Worry is tomorrow, sadness is yesterday. I live today. 

Sleep restores me

Sleep is when I heal

Rest is a reset

I awake with the day and come alive with the Universe

Life is precious, and I value it

Wednesday Inspirational Quotes

You can pick and choose among these clear quartz affirmations, combine them, or make up your own. 

The goal is to remain open, loving, and healed as a child of the Universe. The goal is to surrender, to allow, to step into the flow of the Universe. 

When you can do that, truly everything comes that you ask for. You were meant for a life of abundance and joy. You came here to find that space. 

Start with meditation, connect with nature, and constantly remind yourself of just how powerful you are, and that not matter what your intentions were before you came into this human experience, the point was always to find your way back to fun. 

To see, feel, hear, touch, taste and just live your best life. 

In the human experience, that is all there is. So let everything else go, and go forth and do it. 

Enjoy your clear quartz affirmations.

Live your best life. 

Happy manifesting!

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