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Psychic Love Readings- What You Need to Know

You’ve just met someone.

Or, you’re just starting a relationship.

Or, maybe you’ve been in a relationship and you’re wondering if they’re “the one.”

Whatever the case may be, a love reading can be an insightful tool that opens one’s eyes to the possibilities before them.

Us witches know that practically everything can be discerned through psychics, numerology, tarot cards, and other tools. It’s not enough to just leave everything up to chance and time the way other people do.

Instead, by using mystical tools, you can discover answers and gain wisdom about pretty much everything in your life, including your relationships. You can also use these tools to help others do the same.

Tarot Love Readings

Tarot cards are an essential tool for every psychic reading. Their origins reach back to the mid-fifteenth century, providing insight on basic life events, decisions, and expectations.

Most great psychics use tarot, as it gives fairly clear answers into the participants’ life and future. The cards are a great way to engage them and give them day to day guidance.

If you’re looking for someone to tell you about your relationships or you are hoping to become the best relationship psychic out there, tarot love readings are the answer. They help you or another psychic take a look at the ins and outs of a relationship, gaining insight and helping with decision-making.

Understanding Tarot Cards

Before you begin using tarot, you’re going to want to get to know the cards. There are 78 cards in a tarot deck, each one completely unique.

A great way to get to know your tarot love cards is to pull a card first thing each morning and keep that card in mind throughout your day. This easy reading will introduce you to many of the cards, helping you to get to know each one.

To understand each card, you may want to keep reference materials on hand. Learning about each card and understanding its purpose and energy can take awhile, but the more you use your deck and the more you read, the deeper your connection and knowledge will grow.

Time for a Love Reading- What to Expect

When you start doing love readings, you’re going to have to be prepared to have conversations with people about their relationships. As you draw cards for people, they are going to feel compelled to open up with you, sharing their heart, emotions, and details of things.

You’re going to need to be able to listen and respond. The things they tell you will help you gain insight into their relationship, which will actually make each card you draw more powerful.

As you talk to each other and you hear about their relationship, you will have more of an understanding why each card is being drawn. Your reading will then become more specific as you are able to use your mystical discernment to read the cohesive line between their relationship and the cards you are drawing.

It’s important to mentally and spiritually prepare yourself before each reading, turning on your powers of intuition. You will need to draw, listen, discern, and speak throughout the reading.

You can read for others or for yourself. If you read for yourself, just make sure you have an open mind so you’re not simply telling yourself exactly what you want to hear.

Begin every reading, whether for yourself or someone else, by setting an intention. This can be as deep and spiritual as you want, or it could simply be ridding yourself of distractions and taking a few deep breaths.

For a more focused and intentional reading, you can set an intention by breathing in and visualizing an abundance of energy. You can then invoke guides to come and aid you in the reading, to give you insight and awareness.

You want to make sure you feel centered and grounded. You need to feel the spiritual energy in the air, feel it surrounding you, embracing you.

When you feel this energy, you’re ready to ask questions. As you ask, draw cards and set them on the table before you.

Psychics draw cards in a variety of ways, but the most simple and, I think, the most effective, is to just spread the cards on the table before you and choose the ones that are calling to you.

You may feel a vibration in your hands as you pass over the card you’re to draw. Or, you may feel a strong sensation in your stomach.

These are the cards that the universe is using to answer the questions asked. As you turn each card over, you will be able to decipher its meaning in conjunction with the specific question and the person that is the focus of the reading.

What a Love Reading can Show

There are many reasons why someone may come to you for a love reading (or why you might seek out a psychic for your own). Having insight into current or future relationships can provide peace and direction, which, let’s face it, is something we all want.

It’s important to set the parameters right away so that the person you’re reading for isn’t expecting you to tell them specifics such as the exact date they’re going to meet someone, when they’re going to get married, and what their future spouse will look like. They need to understand that a psychic reading opens up and showcases the possibilities but doesn’t shine a spotlight on the exact details.

Therefore, the questions you’re going to answer for them will be less specific and more reflective. You’ll ask, “What do they need to do to open themselves up to a relationship,” instead of “When are they going to meet their true love?”

If you simply give them details and specific answers, they will live their lives on pause. Instead of growing as people and having an open mind towards others, events, and situations, they will be turned off because they’re waiting for a certain date or person, so nothing else matters.

That’s why a love reading should be about the person themself and their self-growth. You can help them understand that the more they focus inwards and become intune with positive energy, the more prepared they will be to meet their one true love.

7 card tarot reading

Some of the questions you’ll want to ask during a tarot love reading are:

  • Who am I in my relationship/Who am I as I prepare for a relationship?
  • How do I support the person in my relationship?
  • Am I open to receiving love? How am I not?
  • Do I understand boundaries in a relationship?
  • What should I focus on in my relationship/What should I focus on as I wait for a relationship?
  • How can I address challenges in my relationship/How can I address challenges in myself that are keeping me from a relationship?

The questions look inwards and the answers will help the person gain insight into themself. As they take the answers with them, they will be a caveat of change and growth that readies them for a long-lasting, positive relationship.

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