Witchcraft Spells for Beginners: Super Easy Spells Novice Witches Can Do

Witchcraft spells for beginners are a great way to change your life for the better. Whether you want to bring back your lover, heal a sickness, or just make someone think twice before they do something, spellwork can definitely help — if done correctly. It’s all in the principle and the intention.

You’ll find countless spells online, so it’s easy to feel lost and not have a clue as to which specific type will work best for you. Today, I’ll talk about the basics of spellcasting, including how to prepare for your first spell and some traditional spells you can use for various purposes.

What Is Spellwork?

If you’ve ever made a wish before blowing out your birthday candle, tossed a penny into a water fountain, or whispered your hopes to the wind, then you’re already quite familiar with casting a spell. These seemingly mundane gestures are infused with your intentions and therefore already magical acts in themselves.

The difference between wishes and spellwork is that the latter is anchored in magic. Spellwork involves the practice of identifying your energy, raising it to a higher vibrational frequency, and then directing it toward your vision. Simply put, casting spells means channeling your energy to help you materialize your goals.

How To Prepare for Spellwork

Before you begin, you must remember that the spell itself is not the source of power. The tools on your altar will not be granting your wishes. It’s how you draw your energy from within and fill these words and objects with your intention, creating a pattern of connection. This is what will ultimately help you manifest your desires.

To prepare for spellwork, you must keep these things in mind:


All successful spells begin with a pure intention. If you’re feeling emotional after a breakup and desperately needing to get your ex back, casting a love spell may not work as intended. In fact, it might even have a boomerang effect if you’re casting the spell from a place of lack. Thus, it’s best to evaluate your intention first.


Correspondences are your links between the spiritual plane and the physical world. They serve as conduits and help you tap into higher forces to better raise your energy. Examples are using the planet Mercury as a symbol for communication, a pink candle to represent love, or rosemary to protect yourself from negativity.


You don’t have to go into the woods to commune with nature to manifest your desires. These days, several practitioners cast their spells in the comfort of their homes. The key is choosing a designated spot with the highest energy that is conducive for spellcasting. You can purify the location with sage before you use it for spellwork.

Basic Spells for Witches

Anyone new to the practice must learn a few witchcraft spells for beginners. These spells are relatively easy to cast because of the straightforward instructions and ingredients that are readily available. Here are five popular spells for you to try:

Protection Spell

To protect your home from negative energies and guests with ill intentions, go outside the house and make a circle of salt on the ground during a full moon. Start at the front door, moving deosil (or clockwise) while sprinkling salt as you go around the house. The sun moves in this direction, so moving the same way means going with the flow of positive energy around you.

As you visualize your home protected by the circle of salt, say this out loud: “May this salt protect our home and everyone who resides in it. Let it keep out all negativity, anger, and fear.” Do this once a month to renew the protection surrounding your home.

Money Spell

To draw wealth into your life, use a green candle and carve a symbol into its side. This can be a dollar sign or a runic symbol — anything that represents prosperity for you. Cast a circle and sit inside it, with the candle placed in front of you. Light the wick and take a deep breath. Stare intently into the flame while visualizing financial abundance growing.

During your meditation, use this affirmation: “The Universe always provides. All my needs are met and more.” Remember to never leave a candle burning once you’re done, as you don’t want to cause a fire. Keep the candle somewhere safe afterward.

Healing Spell

To cast a healing spell, hold a quartz crystal inside clasped hands. Close your eyes and visualize the higher beings sending white light to your crown chakra. Imagine this white light transmuted to healing energy, which you can either use for yourself or to send to others.

Holding the crystal, place your hand anywhere on your body that needs healing and say, “I am pulsating with the divine life force. Each day I am renewed.” You can also raise both palms up and imagine sending love and light to a friend or loved one. Take as much time as you need until you feel that you or the other person has received enough healing energy.

Love Spell

This spell is made specifically for opening yourself up to love, which is perfect if you don’t have anyone in mind. Place your hands under running water in the sink. Then, wash your hands with pink soap while visualizing cleaning out any blockages you may have about relationships.

Imagine yourself radiating happiness and sharing this same feeling with someone special. Say these words out loud: “I am worthy of giving and receiving love. I am grateful for finding my ideal partner.” You can repeat the same ritual every time you wash your hands for faster results. Remember, there’s power in repetition.

A Reminder for Safe and Ethical Spellwork

As a new practitioner, you must take to heart the principle of doing what you want without harming anyone. Spellcasting is not about wielding power and making others act against their free will. A spell can be very powerful, so it’s important to only use it with the purest of intention — and only if it aligns with who you are.

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