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20 Positive Affirmations for Work

20 Positive Affirmations for Work

The workplace is undergoing serious shifts in this decade, so of course affirmations for work are in great demand. 

More people are heading into their homes for work, workers are demanding better wages, and more freelancers are hitting the market, unwilling to work for someone else or at something they don’t love for less than desirable conditions. 

Amid all these changes, it can be difficult to figure out where you fit in. 

Imposter syndrome is bound to set in if you are stretching your professional muscles, and you may need some support to lift you up when you’re down. 

Fear not. You’re not alone. 

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Imposter Syndrome

I never really suffered from imposter syndrome my whole life. I never needed affirmations for work.

Top grades always came easily to me (a little too easy, if I’m honest. I wasn’t trying that hard.). 

I was always lucky in love. 

And I pretty much always got everything I went after. 

(I am a witch, after all.)

But once I had my daughters, I decided I wanted to be home with them more. I loved the work I was doing outside the home, but I loved my time with my kids more. 

And I also realized quickly that my income was going to cap at some point working for someone else. 

There’s only so much someone else can pay you and still make their own profit. 

So I took a leap into the realm of writing, having no freaking idea what I was doing. 

No. Freaking. Idea. 

Imposter syndrome set in quite quickly. 

I had to draw on every ounce of spirituality, witchy magic, and work affirmations I had learned all my life. 

Of course, it paid off. I now get to write from home while my kids run wild on our property, and I make tea concoctions and cast spells on my plants and my cats in between. 

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It paid off because it works.

And it works every single time. 

Imposter syndrome is just the voice inside your head, your ego, some call it the inner a**hole, trying to keep you safe in your comfort zone.

Even if that comfort zone is miserable. 

At least, your ego figures, it is a misery you know. 

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

One great way to overcome imposter syndrome is to propel yourself forward. To leap without looking. To make the moves. 

Quit the job you hate. 

Take the first freelance job you find. 

Ask for the raise or the promotion. 

Apply for that great job. 

Go on that interview. 

When you leap into your life, even if you fail, you find that its not as bad as you were afraid it would be. 

It is all just fear that is holding you back, after all. 

The Universe always has your back and knows so much better than you do that truly good things are out there waiting for you to leap out and catch them. 

So leap. 

The best way to overcome low self-esteem and make real positive change in your life is to leap. 

Positive Affirmations for Work:

I deserve the best. 

The best is on its way to me. 

I cannot get it wrong.

Failure is just an opportunity to learn. 

I love myself. 

I am worthy of fulfilling work. 

The Universe has my back. 

There will always be abundance for me. 

I am never alone. 

I am a badass. 

You Are a Badass

You are a badass. 

Repeat it over and over. 

You are great at something. 

Probably more than just one thing. 

You have true talents you were born with and skills you have developed in your lifetime. 

It is time to honor those. 

Once you honor your badass qualities, you will be the one offering your own affirmations for others. 

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Affirmations for Work: Tap into Your Badass Self

If you have not owned your badassness, and I’m sure you haven’t, at least not fully, or you would not be here, it is time to tap into it. 

The first step to shift into a positive mindset and establish your true career goals is to get strong.

You need to get strong physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

You need a life overhaul. 

If you are second guessing yourself, doubting yourself, and in need of positive work affirmations, you have not yet fully accepted that you are a blessed child of the Universe worthy of truly great and astonishing things.

It is time to wake up and get there.

Physical Health

Take your physical health super seriously. We are living in times where this or that virus, this or that bacteria, or this or that tragedy can knock us on our asses. 

And when we’re knocked on our asses, we feel low, we feel crappy, and we don’t feel up to leaping over tall buildings in a single bound. 

Physical drain leads to spiritual, emotional, and mental drain. 

So get physically strong first. It is the easiest step you can take to improve your overall approach to life and discover what a badass you are. 

Get into the gym, lift weights a few times a week, exercise by walking or running or biking or swimming for 30 minutes every day and eat your plants and lean proteins. Also cut way back on sugar and alcohol. 

You will find yourself feeling stronger within a week, and superpowered within a month!

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Mental Health

For your mental health, sit with yourself and evaluate the stories in your head that hold you back. 

Don Miguel Ruiz helps his readers do this in his book The Voice of Knowledge

You have to unlearn all the voices in your head that told you you are not good enough. It takes time, and it may take therapy, but it is worth it. 

Emotional Health

For your emotional health, get rid of toxic people in your life.

It does not matter who they are, if they make you feel like crap or drain your energy, cut them out or keep them at arms length. 

You deserve to be surrounded by likeminded people who support and love you for what a badass you are. 

Find the others, those with similar interests, passions, and energy to charge forward into this great life.

Spiritual Health

I just had this conversation with my husband. 

He asked: “what’s next for me? I’m not sure what to do.” 

He had been working on his physical, mental, and emotional health for months, in some cases years, and now he was feeling stagnant. 

“It is time to deepen your relationship with your god.” I told him.

It was like a lightbulb went off. 

“You know what? You’re right.” He said. 

I knew I was right. But I didn’t say that. Well… maybe I did say that. 

But the point is, now is as good a time as any to deepen your relationship with your higher power, your higher consciousness, your inner being. 

Meditate, sit with yourself, quiet your mind, and listen. 

Just listen. 

You will hear great love and enormous support for you there.

Anything you want, anything you wish, you can manifest into reality from that place. 

Go there. 

Positive Affirmations for Work: 

I can do anything I set my mind to. 

I am capable of anything. 

I am great at my work. 

I love my work. 

I am grateful for this wonderful work I have.

My work allows me to support myself. 

My work allows me to support my family. 

My work allows me to channel my creativity. 

I can grow at work. 

I am strong, smart, and capable. 

The Myth of Hard Work

One of the most important things you can get through to yourself is that finding work you love, having a great job or profession, or becoming the professional you always wanted to be is not about hard work. 

I repeat: it is not about hard work. 

You do not have to kill yourself, work 90 hour weeks, stay up late at night, burn the candle at both ends, or any of that, to do the work you love. 

The key is to find work you love and then follow your inspiration and intuition. 

When you do that, you may still find yourself putting in long weeks or late nights on occasion. But it will be work that you love, work you are excited to get to, work you are reluctant to put down or walk away from. 

You will find yourself driven by passion, not hustle. And it will be seasonal. 

You will also find time for rest and rejuvenation, and time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

So sit with yourself, open up to your true passions, and follow your intuitions toward work you love doing, and that work will fill you up, not drain you. 

And repeat your affirmations for work.

Even better, others will be inspired by you and start asking how you do it. 

You can lean back, smile your secret smile, and tell them, “It was easy, all I had to do was overhaul my entire life.” 

Happy manifesting!