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Plants and Herbs Used for Magic 

Plant magic is perhaps the most powerful magic in existence precisely because it is earthly bound.  

For all other magic, whether it is spellcasting, using divination tools, or even just prayer and meditation and other types of rituals, a profound amount of faith and intense will is required.  

But with plant magic, you actually get to rely on a power source outside of yourself.  

You Are the Spell 

The first lesson all witches or other practitioners of magic must learn is that you are the spell.  

Sure, you need words and ways, but the primary power is in your will.  

You are the spell.  

This means that if you do not have faith in your own ability to commune with the divine, your spell will fall short every time.  

You can use all the words and all the material objects you like, but they will not perform magic for you. 

You are the one performing magic.  

You are the witch.  

They are your tools.  

Faith versus Belief 

Abraham Hicks offers a great lecture on the difference between faith and belief.  

To say you believe in something is to say that you have not seen evidence to the contrary, and that, for all intents and purposes, you believe it to be true.  

You can, of course, be persuaded otherwise.  

Belief is a loose thing, no matter how strongly held, that can waver, morph, and even shift entirely. 

Faith is something else.  

Faith is unwavering and devout.  

Faith is knowledge. You know it.  

You know it in your bones, and it cannot reverse itself.  

You cannot be persuaded to believe otherwise.  

Faith only grows or shrinks in intensity. It does not change.  

When you believe in yourself, you might try new things, you may venture out, you may be brave and courageous.  

But you still allow for doubt, and your belief can come crashing down.  

When you have faith in yourself, you are more fearless, more shameless, less interested in being understood by those determined to misunderstand you.  

To really practice magic, faith is what you require.  

That is the home for your will.  

And you cannot practice magic without will.  

The nice thing about herbs and plants is that, unlike divination tools which may leave you feeling full of doubt and lacking in faith, they will only reinforce your faith.  

When you work with herbs and plants, you see the effects almost immediately.  

Beginner’s Work with Plant Magic 

The best way to begin working with plant magic is to begin working on yourself.  

Now, it must be noted that just like you can’t run away from a bad diet, you cannot herb your way out of a bad lifestyle and careless practices. 

So, if your witchcraft practices are less than ideal, you need to tighten them up.  

The nice thing is that you can do both things at the same time.  

In fact, plant magic will only enhance your shift into living a more magical life.  

Create Routine and Ritual 

The most powerful herb you can work with to build a magical life is ashwagandha.  


Well, to practice magic that is deeply rooted in faith, you need to be relaxed and open.  

To get into a state of relaxation and openness, the first step is to ensure you sleep well. 

Ashwagandha serves both purposes.  

Moon Milk 

Various fresh herbs hanging on a rusty iron rod

You can begin on any day, but from that day forward, prepare yourself a moon milk tea every evening, a couple of hours before bed, to settle your nervous system down and prepare you for a restful evening of sleep.  


1 TBSP Ashwagandha root 

1 tsp lavender 

1 tsp chamomile 

1 tsp lemon balm 

Place your herbs in a French press or kettle and pour boiling water over them to make 2 cups.  

Allow to steep for a full ten minutes.  

Add honey and grassfed milk (which triggers melatonin in your brain) and serve.  

Within moments of drinking your moon milk, you will feel more calm, more relaxed, and more at ease. 

Within a couple of weeks, you will notice that your entire nervous system is more relaxed because the total effects of ashwagandha root take time to fully infiltrate your system.  

You should also be getting much more restful sleep, at least 8 hours, and much more energized as a result to face the day.  

Any nighttime spells you plan to cast should include your moon milk and any other rituals you have fallen in love with, like a full moon ritual, fire rituals, or even blood rituals while you are menstruating. 

You can safely take all of the herbs in this moon milk every day for the rest of your life without having to worry about side effects.  

This nightly ritual is an excellent way to welcome more positive energy and good luck into your life as well as psychic powers and psychic abilities.  

As you relax, you are able to become more self-aware without instantly reacting to triggers.  

You can learn to love yourself more from this place, and you can welcome in, or call back, all of your powers.  

As you become more self-aware and self-loving, you become naturally more open and intuitive.  

Embracing Your Spiritual Powers with Plant Magic 

As you become more intuitive, you can begin to open up to your spiritual powers, those you were born with that you have hidden or buried as a natural byproduct of being human in a world determined to shut down magic.  

Every single one of us, in addition to having our five senses – sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell – also has magical powers – claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.  

The ability to know, see, hear, and feel things outside of the direct physical experience.  

We were born with these godly powers, and we can call them back to us at any time.  

But, again, we must have faith in our ability to do so.  

Drinking moon milk is a first step toward that reclamation.  

Another step is to ensure your body is engaging with a mentally clarifying plant each day.  

You could drink a cup of contaminant free, not toxic coffee.  

Coffee beans are really good for most people in moderation, like a cup a day. They contain polyphenols that help eliminate free radicals from your body and promote healthy aging through eradicating inflammation.  

The problem is that most coffee beans are riddled with mold and other toxins that tend to make us jittery.  

Yes, the jittery, agitated effect many people get from coffee is likely due to toxins, not the coffee beans themselves.  

Matcha is another great clarifying plant magic.  

Matcha is powder ground from green tea leaves, and offers a super potent source of L -theanine, a compound that relaxes your brain so you can remain in a more awakened state throughout your day, not the same high you get from an energy drink, but a relaxed awakening.  

But again, be sure to source your matcha powder from an organic, sustainable provider so you can ensure they don’t cut corners and allow toxins into a beverage that should be only good for you.  

Mushrooms are another great source of brain health. The world of mushrooms is vast and wide and has been studied for decades and honored by naturopathic practitioners, and witches, for millennia.  

Some favorites to work into dishes and beverages are chaga, lion’s mane, reishi, and shiitake.  

I currently drink one cup of half caffeinated mushroom coffee in the morning and one cup of matcha every day.  

Brain health is directly connected to your mental health, and your mind, the home of your subconscious in this human experience, is where all of your power is.  

So make sure you take brain healthy plants and herbs every single day to get yourself into a constant state of zen.  

From that space, your magic will only grow.  


With each sip of tea or bite of food, realize that you are casting spells on yourself to be open more, to call back your power, and to manifest from a magical space.  

As you stir your coffee or matcha, speak your spell into the Universe: “I welcome mental clarity and ongoing connection to my higher self throughout my day.”  

As you sip your moon milk at night, pray to the Universe for signs that you are on the right path, open yourself up to experiences like astral projection, banish negative energy and what you may perceive as evil spirits (there’s no such thing) or the evil eye (same here). 

“I am here, God. I surrender my will to you. Show me my path. I will walk it without fear.”  

The nice thing about plant magic is that most of these are common herbs to include in herbal teas but they will reshape the way you live your life and practice your magic as you receive prophetic dreams, grown your magical powers, and draw on your herbal medicine knowledge.  

Keep going, every day, using these medicinal herbs in your daily life, stepping into your important role as a green witch, and becoming the witch with personal power, good health, and good spirits you were meant to be.  

From there, you can integrate each new protective herb you come across, expand your knowledge of the magical properties of herbs, and help others with their herbal uses.  

It is truly a gift to work with materials made from the earth, just like us.  

Your work can bring you only spiritual healing and magical workings in your spiritual practices, so look to your spirit guide, have faith in what has long been called folk magic, and see your skills with tea leaves as ritual tools and spell work intended to draw on the special properties, the medicinal properties, granted us by our higher selves.  

Happy manifesting! 

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