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10 Best Crystals To Open & Unblock Your Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is found in between your eyebrows. It is an energy center that manages intuition and insight as well as our intellect. Our psychic ability and inspiration arrive to us through it. It is our energy system’s spiritual base.

The third eye chakra can work with our rational thoughts to give you an intellect that’s intuitive. This allows you to see past the veil, moving us past illusions and into the real things in life.

How do you unblock your throat chakra with crystals?

It is associated with purple and indigo, ESP, and universal wisdom. It is also associated with a number of different crystals that can help you to harness its power. If you want to be in tune with your psychic connection and sharpen your intuition, you need to work with this chakra.


This lovely stone is sometimes called The Stone of Magic for its mystical properties. It can help us connect to all that is ethereal and to ready our psychic abilities. It can help you to move closer to enlightenment.

This crystal has a colorful sheen that can look different when looking at it from one direction vs another. This is similar to the way that we can see different aspects of the world when using this stone. It can help us will all of our intuitive abilities and understandings, including past life memories, clairvoyance, creating prophecy, etc. It can also help you to calm your mind and to be more imaginative as you balance it with your intellectual side.

It is helpful when you’re trying to understand the causes behind something and when you’re trying to understand your own purpose. It can also help you with your brain, eyes, and your body’s metabolism.

Lapis Lazuli

This crystal is well-known for its beautiful blue color and for its nickname, called The Stone of Enlightenment and Illumination.

The energy that comes from this stone helps us to balance our intuition with our reason and to wake up the higher self. It can help us to open a connection with our mind and our higher consciousness. It is perfect for giving you better awareness and for pushing you to strive for discovery and knowledge. It can help us figure out our truth and our purpose.

Having a good connection between the physical and spiritual realms is important, and this stone can help you to have this connection. It can also improve your memory of your dreams and to raise your vibratory level. It is often used to make it easier to sleep as well as for relieving migraines and having a healthier brain and eyes. It’s also prized for its bright color.

Blue Tiger’s Eye

Blue tiger’s eye has a shifting look to it that looks almost like a hologram.

This amazing stone is a great one for helping you to understand yourself. If you have issues you’re working through, this crystal can help you to better understand the causes so that you can resolve the problems. It inspires people to begin to heal emotionally and to help calm the emotions.

Using it is a good way to balance your various energies for better clarity. It can help you to have more psychic ability as well as clearer thoughts and better focus mentally. If you have a low sense of self-worth, this crystal can help to increase it. It can also help you to have healthy hormone levels and eyes.

Blue Apatite

Another bright blue stone, blue apatite is helpful in trying to recall your past life as well as getting into the Akashic records. It is an emotion-healing crystal that can help you to get past your emotional wounds so that they won’t hold you back anymore.

It aids in the removal of emotional blockages and the apathy that can keep you from living your best life. This stone helps with being creative and solving problems, stimulating the mind to be more attuned to various consciousness levels. It is another stone that helps you to build your psychic power. It is also good to use for relieving headaches and to have better eyesight and metabolism.

Tourmalinated Quartz

This crystal is a clear quartz that has black lines on the inside. It is a striking stone to look at, and it’s very helpful for a number of rational and psychic uses.

With its dark shapes within the clear stone, it can help your light and your shadow self to be better integrated. Everyone has shortcomings, and this crystal can help you to overcome yours.

If you find yourself in negative patterns, this stone can help with your self-improvement and strength so that you can let those patterns go and pursue something healthier. It encompasses energies that are both spiritual and grounding for help with your rational mind as well as your psychic abilities. If you are interested in spiritual growth, this may be the right stone for you.

Black Obsidian

This stone is sometimes called The Stone of Truth because it physically acts as a mirror.

Spiritually, it acts as a mirror that can help you look inside yourself and see your shadow self. If you need healing deep within your soul, this stone can help. If you need your karma healed or to work through a past life, this is a helpful stone.

Black obsidian works to help us heal ourselves both spiritually and emotionally. It can allow you to release some of your attachments so that you can see what’s going on beneath the surface. It’s a highly grounding stone that can give you support so that you can work to transform yourself for the better. It can help your mind to be clearer and help you to more easily talk with your spirit guides.

Blue Quartz

Blue quartz is an opaque type of quartz that is helpful for a wide range of spiritual needs.

If you are seeking to communicate with higher beings, including angels, this is a stone that can help. It has an energy that is highly peaceful, and that peace can help you to be more open about your spirituality. While many people are afraid to express their spirituality, it can be a highly positive act that lets you be more yourself.

This crystal can also bring better focus and a higher degree of mental clarity. By helping us to better accept ourselves, it can help to get rid of negativity and even depression. Physically, it’s used for having healthy hormones and eyes.


Unlike most of the crystals on this list, this stone is not blue. It’s a bright shade of purple. Its nickname is The Stone of Spirituality for its ability to help people with their spiritual development. It can wake up the soul and give you stronger psychic power, especially intuition.

Many people meditate with this stone because it can facilitate getting to deeper consciousness states as well as helping us to calm our thoughts. It can improve decision making by allowing you to use your spiritual insight along with your logic so that you can see the whole picture.

It’s also helpful with many sleep issues such as insomnia and nightmares, and it helps you to remember your dreams better. It helps with perception in general and can help you to understand things better. It can raise your vibratory level and give you more wisdom. It is also used to help with healthy hormone levels.


In today’s world, it’s easy to suffer from anxiety and negative thinking. Many people have a hard time balancing their emotions and calming their minds. This lovely blue stone can help to feel calmer and help to alleviate your anxiety. It brings a new clarity as well as boosting your intuition.

Many people have a war going on between their thoughts and emotions, and sodalite can help to calm that conflict by helping you to be more objective and to see more clearly.

This crystal can help you to better align with your higher self. This allows you to better accept yourself and trust yourself. It’s a helpful stone for raising your self-esteem.


A soft purple stone, lepidolite can help us with many things that are difficult to do in today’s busy modern world. How many times have you wished that you could just be still and not overthink everything? This crystal can help you with simply being still and taking on a mindful mindset.


This allows you to live in the moment, feeling less stress about the past and future.

If you also suffer from self-doubt, this is a good stone for third eye chakra work. It can help to improve your mood and bring out your true self. Understanding yourself is a journey that can take a lifetime, but this stone can help you to do it. This crystal also helps you to see your difficult times as important lessons that you can learn from. Using this stone can aid you with your psychic abilities and help you make better decisions.

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