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12 Crystals That Help With Depression

Major life events, such as losses, quitting a job, relationships ending, abuses, or medical conditions, can cause many people to feel depressed.

In fact, around half of us will experience significant depression at some point in our lives.

Several people also deal with depression as a mental illness.

What are some of the ways depression can affect us?

  • sleeping problems (insomnia or fatigue)
  • loss of appetite
  • self-neglect
  • lack of sex drive
  • loss of interest in favorite activities
  • trouble concentrating
  • negative thoughts
  • excessive worrying
  • persistent sadness

Getting help for any of these feelings is always a good idea and never anything to be ashamed of. Another tool that you can incorporate into your treatment is crystal magic.

By allowing their energies to work on your own, you can start to improve your emotional and mental well-being. Before diving into which crystals can do the job especially well, let’s talk about how these powerful stones can help.

How Can Crystals & Stones Help with Depression?

Crystals can help us elevate our low vibration when feeling depressed or anxious. How and when you use your crystals for depression will be up to you.

Fitting them into your daily routine to create a habit is the best way to see the strongest results. Crystals have several unique properties, making some of them fantastic for raising low vibrations and balancing our chakras.

Quartz Necklace Pendulum

As you read through these crystals and stones, you’ll likely feel attracted to certain ones. Follow that intuition because it’s a good indication of which crystals will work well for you. 

Incorporating a crystal into your life allows you it attune to your energy field. Keeping them as close to their physical body as possible can be a great way to do this.

How Can You Use Crystals To Help With Depression?

Using these stones can be a really great way to bring some positive energy into your life and help you when you’re feeling a little down or depressed.

💍 Wear the Crystals

Crystal jewelry is one way to keep them close. Not everyone wants to wear jewelry, though.

Do you need to wear crystals in order for them to work?

The good news is that you don’t have to wear them all day to get their energetic benefits. Placing them nearby, like next to your computer at work or in your car, can be good.

Keeping them in a pocket or bag can also work well. You’ll be able to touch the crystals regularly as you go about your daily life. 

🥶 Chill with the Crystals

When you’re looking to connect, you might find that laying with your crystals and placing them over its corresponding chakra works wonders.

You could even get seven corresponding crystals and create a grid over your entire body daily.

Young woman at crystal healing session

🧘‍♀️ Meditate with your Crystals

Meditating with your crystals is another great way to connect with them.

While it may be difficult to quiet your mind for even 15 minutes when you have depression, taking that time to be as still as you can creates some serious gains over the long term. 

💦 Drink with your Crystals

You can even charge your water by putting your water-safe crystals in a drinking bottle or glass.

water bottle with crystals in it
You can get a rose quartz water bottle here.

Just make sure the crystal you want to use is okay for this, as some dissolve in water or are toxic when consumed. 

🧼 Clean Your Crystals

Regular cleaning is an often neglected part of crystal work that’s especially important when using them to help with depression.

All energetic entities can be contaminated, and certain crystals can house negative energy when you’ve worked with them a lot.

It could be a build-up of energy they’ve absorbed on your behalf or energy that got into them unknowingly. Cleansing your crystals monthly is a rule of thumb.

Burying them in the Earth for a day, soaking them in saltwater (again, make sure this is safe for that particular crystal), and leaving them out under the full moon can cleanse your crystals’ energies.

You’re doing this to get your crystal back to its optimum vibration. Once they do, they’ll be better able to attune to you.

Try not to let friends or strangers handle your crystals (good luck if you have kids). You want to do this because they can unintentionally deposit some of their own energy into the crystals.

If they do, just cleanse them as stated above before you work with them again. 

The Best Crystals for Anxiety and Depression

🍅 Carnelian

This vibrant orange-red stone improves vitality and motivation, encourages positive life choices, and helps to ease depression, mental exhaustion, and apathy. It can also help with moving past abuse and negative conditioning.

It calms rage and anger and can transform negative emotions into joy.

Wearing it or regularly carrying it on your person is the best way to channel this stone. You can also put some on your nightstand and desk.


💨 Smoky Quartz

One of the most powerful purifying and grounding stones, smoky quartz soothes fear, apathy, and anxiety. It helps us keep our energy level up and complements depression or suicidal treatment.

As always, carrying the stone is a great way to connect with it, but it’s also an especially good tool for meditation.

Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz

🦄 Lepidolite

This beautiful lilac stone is one of the best crystals for depression. It can release negative thoughts and feelings and offer balance for excessively worried people.

Lepidolite aids with depression by helping you grow your self-confidence and improve self-care. It’s great for meditation.

It’s also especially nice in the bedroom, where it can soothe you while you sleep.


❤️ Jasper

Widely known as the “supreme nurturer,” Jasper supports us during difficult times. There are several colors of Jasper as well.

This gentle stone encourages courage, vitality, and self-confidence. It helps dispel negativity and awakens joy.

It’s an excellent stone for those with depression, helping us learn to accept, appreciate, and enjoy the now.

Jasper is very grounding, so carrying it throughout your day can help you take advantage of that. It’s also great for meditation and relaxation.

Red Jasper
Red Jasper

🖤 Obsidian

A powerful, protective black stone. It also does a great job of combating against emotional negativity and fostering inner strength and clarity.

Obsidian jewelry offers constant protective energy, while spheres and hearts cleanse our homes and workspaces. It’s good for meditation, as it’s considered one of the best manifestation stones.

Black Obsidian
Black Obsidian

😇 Angel Aura

This soft crystal is also called Opal Aura. It’s one of the best crystals when we feel lonely and unloved. Angel Aura lifts our spirit and helps transform negativity by raising our vibration.

This stone is particularly good during mediation and energy healing sessions. Towers and clusters placed throughout the house are great for channeling its powerful, uplifting energies.

Angel Aura Rainbow Quartz
Angel Aura Quartz

🍊 Citrine

Citrine’s uplifting energy is great when you’re down and sad. This bright yellow crystal channels enthusiasm, optimism, motivation, and joy. 

It’s perfect for those struggling with depression and experiencing suicidal thoughts, assisting in bringing the meaning of their lives into focus so they can feel joy again.

Carry it with you in your pocket or purse, and wear it as jewelry to benefit from its joyful energy. Double terminated Citrine crystals can be used for energy healing sessions.


💚 Malachite

This beautiful green stone is often used by energy healers because it’s a great aid in balancing mood swings. It helps us keep our emotional level to release past traumas.

Malachite brings acceptance and peace. Wear it, of course, and enjoy its vibrant blue color. Spheres and hearts are lovely home decorations too.


💎 Clear Quartz

This “master healer” is frequently paired with other crystals to enhance their properties. Crystal therapists say that it balances and regenerates us on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

It’s powerful for cleansing and balancing, and when it’s paired with others, it can help us cope with depression. It’s one of the most versatile crystals and is widely used for energy healing, Reiki, and meditations, and is a fundamental element of crystal grids.

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

🐅 Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is perfect when we feel depressed and need a power boost. It eases anxiety, self-doubt, and insecurity.

Tiger’s Eye encourages self-confidence, energy, and optimism. Wearing it is one of the simplest ways to benefit from its power.

Tiger's Eye
Tiger’s Eye

💐 Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a gentle pink stone and is often called the stone of love. People use it to boost feelings of love in their personal relationships and even at work. 

You can put some in every corner of your house and create a healing grid in your personal space. They work on emotions to help you cycle through them and find balance. 

If your relationships affect your depression, rose quartz can be a powerful means of balance when others influence your mood.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

☀️ Sunstone

For seasonal depression, Sunstone can be quite beneficial. They’re charged by the sun’s light and radiate it outward. For those with depression, it can help us to remember to find the light in the darkest times. 

It’s a high-vibrating stone and has an undeniably soothing effect. It pulls us back into our bodies and mental selves whenever we want to spiral.

Amber (Sunstone)
Amber (Sunstone)

FAQ For Crystals That Help With Depression

Do crystals help with anxiety?

There isn’t any scientific proof that crystals can help with anxiety or depression, but they are often used in mental health settings and their energy is said to calm and soothe.

Can crystals help with sleep?

Yes. Crystals can help with insomnia and restless dreams. Try moonstone or obsidian.

Can you use amethyst crystals for anxiety?

Yes, amethyst is used to open the mind and clear it of negative thoughts and energies.

If you’re experiencing depression, suicidal thoughts, or thoughts of self-harm, reach out to those around you and get professional help. You can also contact the SAMHSA National Helpline to talk to someone right away. Call 1 (800) 662-4357.

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