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How to Cast a Money Spell 

Learning how to cast a money spell is an all-encompassing process that can reap incredible rewards.  

So buckle up, because here we go.  


Law of Attraction 

To attract money into your life, you must first understand the law of attraction, which is basically Witchcraft 101: you attract what you are.  

Or, as I prefer to say it, you are the spell.  

Essentially, you have to become the thing you want to attract in your life.  

Abraham Hicks lays out the law of attraction in five steps:  

Step 1: Contrast in your life causes you to ask.  

Step 2: The Universe delivers. 

Step 3: You align with the vibration of what you want. 

Step 4: Maintain your alignment 

Step 5: Appreciate the contrast 

You can apply these steps to literally anything you want to manifest in your life.  

With money, it is tricky, much like love, because of how many hang-ups we have around it.  

We think we are unworthy; we think it is a scarce resource; or we think it takes hard work.  

The truth is that once you formulate the thought in your head, the Universe begins spinning the energy to match your thought.  

The nice thing about the law of attraction and the way the Universe works is that we do have a buffer period between what we think and what we actually manifest.  

Imagine a world where there was no buffer period, and we simply manifested every thought.  

All of our fears would be heaped upon us, and we would manifest more desires than we could ever keep up with.  

Fortunately, we are required to not only formulate the thought but also to really sit with our desires and to line up with them.  

Then, we must maintain that alignment, and our biggest, most difficult task in all of it is to have faith that it is on our way to us.  

Focus on Energy and Become the Spell for Money 


One way I have found success, and I have seen many others do the same is by becoming the spell.  

Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about this in his book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself much in the same terms Abraham uses.  

You must have faith in the Universe, in your higher consciousness, to really just be surprised and delighted by a Universe that is all powerful, all knowing, and entirely loving to deliver even better than what you have asked for.  

Focus on the energy of what you want and step into that energy.  

A great way to do this is to focus on what you have already in abundance.  

You can look at your health, at the love in your life, at a good job or friendship, at shelter or sunshine.  

Anything you have in abundance that does indeed make you happy, you can focus on that and watch it grow.  

And the nice thing is that the law of attraction looks at your energy of appreciation and gives you more of that. 

More to appreciate.  

Then you can aim your focus at money and watch it grow as well.  

Take Inspired Action 


In his book A New Earth, Eckart Tolle describes this process as letting go of the ego, of resistance, of fear, of negative energy that keeps us in a lack mindset, suffering.  

He notes that once we can do that, we are able to then line up with the work we are called to by God, or The Universe.  

That work is the work that feels good to us, that makes us joyful in the doing of it, that makes us excited to get up and go in the morning.  

That is following inspired action.  

So many people think of action as two opposing forces.  

Either they interpret the message of allowing and alignment as one of laziness: “I can just sit here and think about what I want, and everything will come to me.”  

Or they think about it in terms of hustle culture and hard work, back breaking, no sleep allowed work that brings dollars directly into your bank account.  

Dwayne Johnson is my favorite example to use in this scenario.  

The Rock is famous for calling himself the hardest worker in the room.  

The man started as a college football player on his way to professional ball, and then was suddenly cut from his team.  

Sad and broke with nowhere to go, he had $7 in his pocket, and he was living in his car.  

He was crying, sobbing, depressed, and had hit rock bottom.  

From there, he let go.  

He just… let go.  

He surrendered.  

And he was inspired to follow in his father’s footsteps, to go into professional wrestling.  

The rest, as they say, is history.  

From professional wrestling, Johnson took on silly little movie roles, then larger movie roles, then started his own production company with his ex-wife and best friend, calling it Seven Bucks Productions.  

He is now the highest paid actor in Hollywood for several years running.  

Yes, The Rock works hard.  

But it is inspired work.  

He works out in the gym, which he loves.  

He makes movies he loves.  

He negotiates business deals and works with people he loves.  

It is love, not work, that is the key.  

Johnson is also known for being one of the most generous humans alive.  

He gives back with love in his heart.  

Cast a Money Spell 


So if you want to cast a money spell, keep all of that in mind.  

You will have to rethink your entire relationship with money.  

You may have to hit rock bottom.  

Be willing to live in your mom’s basement.  

Be willing to cut your expenses and quit your job to instead take time to find something you love.  

Get yourself into a place of rest.  

Get yourself into a place of love.  

The answer is not, nor is it ever, to work harder or to work more.  

The answer is to work smarter and work from a place of love with faith in the Universe.  

To cast a money spell, get yourself into a place of peace first.  



The first spell to magic of any kind is to meditate.  

When you meditate, you release your ego and raise your consciousness to the level of God.  

When you are able to do this, you are able to truly evaluate your life from a place of nonjudgmental truth, love, and freedom.  

Take 15 to 20 minutes every day, before you do anything else, and sit upright, legs crossed, shoulders back.  

Quiet your mind, still your thoughts, and sink into yourself.  

You may only get two or three minutes of connection with your inner being.  

But that is plenty to raise your consciousness.  

Evaluate Your Life 

When you come out of meditation, evaluate your life.  

Look around at what you have, at what you would really miss if you lost it.  

Then think about ways to show appreciation for that.  

Commit to going into your day with good thoughts, good words, and good deeds.  

Now, act rich.  

Visualize Your Desire 

You are visualizing your life as if you already had the money you desire.  

Act like it.  

What does that version of you do each day, how does she dress, what does she eat?  

What does her life look like?  

Start living, embodying that woman today.  

As you arise each morning, tell yourself, I am wealthy and abundant.  

As you go to bed each night, tell yourself, today was a great day.  

And make a mental list of all the things that went well.  

Write Down Your Spell 

After a week or so of living like this, write down your spell.  

To write a spell, you should keep the words simple and memorable.  

It helps to rhyme, but you don’t have to.  

For money, I would write something like:  

“I am wealthy.  

I am rich. 

I am a powerful, abundant witch.  

Money comes to me with ease.  

Money comes like it grows on trees. 

I have power infinite and strong.  

As I will it, all day long.”  

Cast a Money Spell 

Now, plan a ritual to speak your spell into the Universe.  

I love casting spells under a new moon, outside, with my bare feet on the earth.  

You can light candles or build a fire, and get yourself into your fully connected zen state.  

Align and Open 

Finally, burn your spell in your candle flame or in your fire pit.  

Let it go.  

You are telling the Universe you trust it completely to deliver “this or better.”  

Now, all you have to do is listen, watch, and feel your way through the doorways of opportunity the Universe will open for you.  

You are the spell.  

Money spells are only tricky when you believe they are. So believe they are easy.  

Light a green candle or a white candle, keep it a simple spell, trust in your money magic, and trust that you have all the magical tools inside you that you need.  

Happy manifesting! 

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