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Crystals for Kids: Show Them the Way

Crystals for Kids: Show Them the Way

For any parent, it can be a struggle to decide how and when to include kids in your witchy spiritual stuff. It’s hard enough trying to figure out when to give them chores and teach them to cook and bake.

The trick, in my experience, is not to try to teach them so much as to simply do the things and include them, showing them the way you do things.

Kids are naturally curious, and they will follow your lead. They are also much more likely to do as you do and not as you say.

So, how do you show them the way through your spiritual practices and what crystals for kids are best?

Spiritual Practices for Kids

I am what some would call an eclectic witch. That means I practice a little bit of everything. I have an apothecary, a shelf with crystals, I make my own moon water and pour salt around my doorways each season.

I also see cooking and baking as witchcraft, as well as yoga and meditation.

My kids see me doing all of these things, and I include them as much as they express interest.

Basic rules for including your kids in your spirituality include:

Tell the Truth

If your kids suspect even for a moment that what you are telling them is not the truth, they will lose interest. More importantly, they will lose trust. Tell the truth about what you are practicing, why, and how.

Give it to them in small doses, and if you feel like they are not old enough or mature enough to handle more information, tell them that, too.

You can say something along the lines of “I will tell you more when you’re ready. For now I can tell you this.”

Keep It Simple

They’re kids. You don’t have to spell out the law of attraction in great detail. You’re not expecting them to study the Koran or the Bible all day Sundays.

Keep spirituality very simple. It is actually much simpler than most of us make it.

Talk to your kids about energy, about their spirits, and about how the universal law of the land is love.

Everything is love. They are love incarnate. The energy inside of them never dies. They can learn to focus and redirect their attention toward love.

Keep It Short

No long lectures. Give them the information they absolutely need related to whatever you are working on right now.

Then shut up.

We tend to get long winded when we share information we are passionate about, but kids will tune you out in under a minute.

Keep it short and to the point, matter of fact.

Do It with Them

Your children will love doing pretty much anything if you do it with them.

Make teas, bake cookies, put out water under the full moon. Anything done with Mama is done with love in their little kid hearts.

My kids love to tell everyone they meet that their mama is a witch.

My kids love to repeat back to me that I am magic, and that everything I do is magic.

Repeat Repeat Repeat

Which brings me to the next step: repeat it over and over again. I tell my kids that they are magic and that everything we do is magic. A lot. So much that they say it back to me.

Tarot Cards

When you are showing them something, show them with love and be prepared to show them multiple times. It is practice, after all, that makes perfect.

Practice Patience

Be patient with them. They are learning, they are curious, they will grow wise in their wonder.

The more patient and loving you can be, the more they will learn, and follow in your footsteps.

Let Go

And finally, let go of the need to control the outcomes, the way they understand it all, and how they use it in their own lives.

When they can take what you show them and make it their own, then you know you’re right on track.

They will become their own little witches, wizards, and spiritual gurus. And you get to step back and be the proud parent.

They won’t be just like you. They will be themselves. And that is even better.

What to Practice with Your Kids Now

They’re young. They can only take in so much at a time, and you’re not trying to put the weight of the spiritual world on their shoulders.

But there are a few things you can begin practicing with your kids right now that will help them on the path to witchy spirituality and stay lodged in their memories and their hearts for decades to come.

Kitchen Witchcraft

Cooking and baking with your kids has been a favorite pastime of mothers for generations upon generations. It is the best way to get close while fulfilling a household chore.

Kitchen witchcraft is so wonderful because it meets the needs of your house while also giving you genuine bonding and teaching time with your kids.

If you don’t already have a grimoire (a book of spells and recipes), now is the time to start one together. Tell your children that you want to memorialize the time you spend in the kitchen together, and that someday they will get to use the grimoire with their own children and grandchildren.

As you cook and bake, tell them what ingredients you are using, what the ingredients do together, and how those ingredients function in your body.

Prayer and Meditation

Prayer and meditation are great ways to get kids involved in your spiritual practice.

Remind them that prayer is asking and meditation is listening for the answer.

Keep both short and simple, and don’t make a huge deal about it.

You don’t have to use “God.” You can use the terms energy, the universe, spirit, or even love.

Have your kids express gratitude to this energy for something that went well that day, and then make a request from that energy for that evening, the next day, or some time in the future.

The next day, you can have them meditate, just for a minute or two, on the answer to their request.

Both prayer and meditation are great opportunities for discussion with kids as they will work to understand how the energy works both within them and outside of them.

Spell Casting

The most important thing you can teach your kids about spell casting is that language has infinite power.

Our words have power. Every single word we utter matters.

So it is important to be careful with our language, for we are casting spells all day every day.

Teach them to cast spells (use their language) wisely and with open hearts. You can have them start journaling as a written practice when they are old enough.

Crystals for Kids

And finally, you can help them collect crystals for their own altars. Crystals are a truly magical way to engage with the energy of the universe, and a beautiful practice to get your kids involved in.


I love amethyst for kids because of its calming effects. Explain to kids at bedtime that amethyst will help them relax. Maybe offer some lavender tea to go with it, and encourage them to settle down.

Amethyst Quartz

Rose Quartz

The love stone is full of nurturing energy, so you can help your children harness its power to express and share loving feelings with their friends and family in an open and honest way.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

Clear Quartz

When you child is dealing with heavy feelings or negative energy, bring out the clear quartz for healing and clearing out. It can also be used to amplify the energy of the other stones!

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz


Carnelian is the perfect stone for kid energy! It is lively and creative. Pull this one out before school or before you get ready to work on some kitchen witchcraft together.


Black Tourmaline

A grounding stone, the black tourmaline is a powerful crystal to take to school or to a big competition. It will help remind your kid to stay present and that they are safe and protected, always.

Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline

In the end, your kids will trust and believe in you the more open and honest you are in your own sharing. If you have an altar or shelf with crystals, they will naturally want one, too. If you are deeply spiritual, they will want to follow in your path.

Especially if they see that the work you are doing, prayer, meditation, yoga, crystals, is working for you. If you are happy, well balanced, and open hearted, they will want to be those things, too. You get to show them the way.

Happy manifesting!


Friday 28th of April 2023

I have a child with cerebral palsy and lung disease what would be good crystals etc to keep around her for protection, healing and learning. I like to have things in her room and even light scents can help.