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The Best Crystals for Panic Attacks: Calm Down

The first several times I had panic attacks, I did not even know what they were. It used to happen in the movie theater, during a scary movie.

I had to leave the theater to breathe the cool night air. The feeling would pass, and I would return to my seat.

Then one day it got so intense I thought I would pass out. What was wrong with me?

When I saw a doctor, he ran all the tests and told me I was in perfect health.

What? How?

Years later, I have learned everything there is to know about panic attacks, how to prevent panic attacks, the effects of panic attacks, how to stop panic attacks in their tracks, and even crystals for panic attacks.

Panic Attacks

A panic attack is typically described as an out of control feeling: heart racing, mind spinning, breath running short. It can last anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour.

The aftermath of a panic attack often leaves you feeling shaky and scared.

It is scary.

Especially because there is usually no rhyme or reason to panic attacks.

Something happens with your mental system, your adrenal system, or your nervous system, that triggers a panic attack, and you’re off and running in internal terror.

Often, people describe waking up in a cold sweat, terrorized by a panic attack that leads to nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting.

A panic attack can throw your entire physical and emotional system out of wack, and it can feel impossible to get it regulated again.

The best approach to panic attacks to prevent them in the first place, but be warned, preventions calls for an all systems reset that takes time, patience, and perseverance.

The Source of Panic Attacks

Healthy people do not have panic attacks.

It is a reality that we must face today.

Western medicine, unfortunately, only addresses acute health issues that have reached the point of needing medical intervention.

Cancer is usually not caught and treated until it has reached stage 4, at which point a person only has a 20% chance of survival. For context, cancer caught at stage 1 usually has an almost 90% chance of survival.

Panic attacks are thought to be rooted deep in our childhoods. They are a nervous system condition that are related to anxiety and depression. We hold the pain and trauma from our childhoods in our bodies, and while our minds may “forget” what we went through, our bodies remember.

It can take years for our bodies to manifest panic attacks, or we may begin experiencing them early in life.

Either way, the root causes must be addressed in order to rid ourselves of them before they lead to serious physical health issues.

And that takes work.

Rooting Out or Preventing Panic Attacks

Confront Your Issues

The most important thing you can do is address the fact that you are having panic attacks for a reason. Panic attacks do not exist in a vacuum. You are not simply “unlucky.”

You have been through something, maybe many somethings, that your body is now telling you must be addressed. If you do not confront the issues that have led to the panic attacks, they will persist, get worse, and develop into something you cannot shrug off.

Look at the root cause.


Because panic attacks are a physical response to an emotional (and/or physical) experience, you can use your physical body to clear out panic attacks and prevent them. Take up outdoor exercise that involves moving your body, getting your heart rate up, and breathing.

Try walking for an hour outside each day. Listen to a podcast you enjoy (something inspirational or lighthearted is best). Listen to great music. You can also try biking, hiking, skating, or swimming.

The key is to get your endorphins going with exercise and get serotonin (the happy chemical in your brain) from the sunshine.


Your diet plays an enormous role in your emotional and physical health. Poor gut health can trigger panic attacks. Obesity and trigger panic attacks.

Poor nutrition can lead to low energy, which can trigger panic attacks. Most doctors today get a single class on nutrition in medical school. If you have panic attacks, start learning about proper nutrition, including metabolic health, hormone imbalances, and blood sugar.

Making a few dietary changes and losing weight can have a tremendous impact on your nervous system and panic attacks.

Licensed Therapist

Look into working with a license therapist who specializes in panic attacks. There is a revolutionary practice today called TRE, as well as the practice of EFT, both of which can prevent, stop, and reverse panic attacks.

TRE Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises teach you to “vibrate out” the tension you are holding in your body, the buildup of which can lead to panic attacks.

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, also referred to as “tapping” teaches you to calm yourself down through placing slight taps on your pressure points.


Meditation, learning to sit with your thoughts and silence them at will, is a powerfully proactive approach to preventing panic attacks. Cold showers are a great way to teach yourself that you are the boss of your mind and your body, rather than allowing your mind to run you.

I love to take a cold shower at the end of every shower to bring my system into regulation, and then sit in meditation for 10 minutes to settle my thoughts.


Laughter really is the best medicine. If you struggle with panic attacks, you are likely either stuck in the past (depression) or worried about the future (anxiety).

Laughter brings you into the present. Teach yourself to laugh every single day. Watch stand up comedy, read funny books, find funny shows or movies, and get good belly laughs. There is ample scientific evidence that laughter is truly healing.

Many other approaches to your total wellness, which addresses root causes and prevention of panic attacks, exist.

You can ensure you are getting the vitamins and electrolytes you need. Work on your sleep, getting 8 or 9 hours of restful sleep each night. You can avoid unnecessary conflict, like artificial fights on the internet. You can keep yourself out of artificially stressful situations, like watching scary movies or thrillers that wreak havoc on your system.

The key is to remember that you are here to live a purposeful, happy life.

Yes, there will be suffering. That is part of the human experience. But you must be willing to surrender to the moment of suffering, address them as you can, and then let them go.

Unfortunately, you did not know that as a child or as a young adult going through the trauma you carry into panic attacks today. So you will have to do the work to release that trauma now.

Crystals for Panic Attacks and Stopping Them in Their Tracks

Included here is a list of the best crystals for panic attacks, as well as tips for stopping a panic attack once it starts.


Amethyst Quartz

Amethyst is a healing and calming crystal. When you feel a panic attack coming on, hold your amethyst and ride the waves of your panic, trusting that it will pass, that you are safe, and that you can do this.

You can practice presence with amethyst. Look around you and notice five things in your environment. Touch five parts of your body. And listen for five sounds.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is great for finding clarity as panic sets in. What is your trigger? Why are you feeling this way? What can you address right now that will help the panic attack clear out? You can keep a clear quartz with you to journal ideas of where your panic is rooted and how to root it out.

Rose Quartz

Often, panic attacks have self doubt and lack of self worth at the root. The rose quartz reminds you that you are worth of love and health. Keep this crystal with you to remind you to practice self love and self care regularly. No matter what you’ve been through, you are worthy of love today.

Black Obsidian

An intensely earthy and grounding crystal, the black obsidian is great for stopping a panic attack in its tracks. Grab your black obsidian when you feel full blown out of control panic and take some extreme steps to stop it:

Black Obsidian
Black Obsidian

Dunk your face in ice water. Get outside into cold air with your bare feet on the ground. Chop wood. Run up and down your driveway. These practices will shock you back into your body and your breath. Once you learn TRE, you can hold your black obsidian while vibrating tension out of your body.


Hope, positivity, and happiness are great preventers and blockers of panic. Citrine is a sunshine crystal, full of bright and beautiful possibility.


The more you realize you have hope and happiness in your life, the more likely you are to stop your panic attack in its tracks. Grab your citrine and focus on as many positive parts of your life as you can think of.

Remember, you need an arsenal of tools to combat panic attacks. There is no one stop magic pill to make it all go away.

But also remember that, if you are here, reading this today, you are strong, you are resourceful, and you can do this, crystals and all.

Happy happy manifesting.

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