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5 Best Manifestation Affirmations: Make Your Yes Happen & Love Yourself

It’s no secret that manifestation is exploding in popularity all over the world. Social media is full of people talking about manifesting and how it can change your life.

Manifestation has been used throughout history. It is the realization that we are connected to everything and we play a huge part in creation.

When people use manifestation, they are consciously connecting themselves with everything else and using that connection to make change. They are inserting themselves into the flow of the world instead of bursting in and trying to force their will.

Much different than setting goals, manifestation is an act of co-creation. It’s the process of flowing from worthiness to consciousness to reception.

What are the most powerful affirmations?

Through manifestation, you are able to attract the things that you want in life through your thoughts, words, and belief. Understanding that positive beliefs will attract positivity, and that negative beliefs will attract negativity is the foundation of manifestation.

Of course, knowing about manifestation doesn’t mean you know how to jump into it. Attracting things into your life requires knowledge, belief, and action.

As you undergo the process of manifestation, one of the tools you’ll use is affirmations. These are a great way to consciously acknowledge your belief and create your desires alongside the universe.

What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are statements and words that help us connect with the universe’s creative forces. When stated in belief, they are full of power and can draw our desires towards us.

Affirmations can be said anywhere, at any time. The more often we repeat these phrases, the more we become co-conspirators with the universe, bringing our hopes and positive thoughts into reality.

While anything positive, magical, and life-affirming can be said as an affirmation, there are some powerful affirmations that I find to be incredibly effective for manifesting. If you’re just getting started with manifestation or you need some new ideas to inspire you, read on.

Best Affirmations for Manifesting

Repeating affirmations daily has a strong and powerful effect on your life. With the right words and an open, believing mindset, you can create your reality.

There are some of my favorite manifestations that, when repeated regularly, will help you manifest the change you desire:

The Universe Has My Back

I love this affirmation. It is a reminder of the partnership that we have with the mystical, creative forces of the universe.

When we embrace this reality, not only are we engaging with the natural flow of the universe, we are also giving ourselves the confidence to walk in power and trust.

Knowing that the universe has your back means that you can relax. You can flow through life with ease.

Instead of stressing, trying to figure out every detail of everything, you can rest in the confidence that the universe has got this. You are held up by the most powerful force there is.

This simple foundation sets you up for transformation and readies you to manifest your destiny.

I Create The Life I Want

With the power of the universe at your back, you can confidently step out knowing that the life you want is within your grasp. Your life is in your hands and you have to take action to craft it into what you want it to be.

Taking action requires confidence. It requires that you know the power within you and the creative energy you contain.

Gaining this knowledge and drawing on this power doesn’t come naturally for most of us. We need to set out with intention, joining with the creative flow of the universe, and grab hold of our abilities.

With this affirmation, we are reminding ourselves that the power is in our hands. We are building confidence within ourselves so that we are ready to take action and see results.

I Live A Life Of Abundance And Freedom

As co-creators with the universe, we are gifted with the same qualities of the universe’s energy; abundance and freedom.

These two qualities enable us to take action and walk in fullness. We must understand that we are not held back by anything and we are not bound by the confines of the material world.

We are energy, flowing with the universe’s energy, and we have access to the power that stems from it. As we manifest the things that we want, we must embrace the freedom and abundance available to us.

I Release All Negative Beliefs

While the power of positive affirmations gives us the ability to manifest the things we desire, we are also humans with the predilection to negative thought. These thoughts often creep up on us and become so ingrained that we don’t realize they are working as a barrier to manifestation.

success think and reality concept

Negative beliefs are often subconscious and we don’t even know they’re there. Through affirmations, we can release the things preventing us from living in our fullness.

Repeatedly affirming that we are letting go of our negative beliefs enables us to release our negativity, even the negativity we are unaware of. Once they are released, our spirit and energy is open and ready to receive.

I Create My Own Reality

This affirmation is huge and is probably my all-time favorite. It is the accumulation of every affirmation, of all our beliefs, and all of our actions.

Thinking Positive as an Attitude Abstract Concept

Our reality is literally being created at every moment. Every action, every decision we make, is a part of our current reality.

When we understand that our reality is of our own making, we become free to manifest literally anything we desire. Through affirmation, we are able to accept our role of co-creator with the universe and use our energy to make things happen.

This affirmation is the center of our being. Embracing it on a full level sets us free.

How to Use Affirmations for Manifesting

We are constantly manifesting, whether we are aware of it or not. With affirmations, we can be intentional about what we are manifesting.

There are many ways to repeat affirmations daily. Some people look in the mirror and repeat the phrases, some write them down and read them throughout their days, and some even set a timer to remind them to repeat the affirmation.

I recommend manifesting through ritual. Write out your affirmation, light a candle, and meditate on the phrase.

Read it out loud by candlelight. Feel and believe the affirmation.

Let your energy flow into the creative forces of the universe and watch as you manifest your dreams.

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