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15 Crystals All Pisces Should Have

Pisces are known for their gentle nature and their sensitivity. They are also highly intuitive people who have a lot of psychic abilities.

They are creative and intelligent, and they have great imaginations. They often spend time alone but are also comfortable in small groups.

They tend to be quiet, but their sharp minds are always working. With the help of a number of useful crystals, Pisces can enhance their many positive traits and negate the negative.

The Best Crystals For Pisces

🩱 Smithsonite

This blue-green crystal is a gentle stone that goes perfectly with the Pisces personality. It can help them to be more kind and more charming, and it can reduce stress.


If you have unbalanced emotions, you can have a lot of trouble with them. But with smithsonite, you can balance them.

Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces, and it is the planet that is associated with this crystal. It can help you to strengthen your psychic abilities and to be more in tune with the angelic realm.

It also assists with self-acceptance which can bring you more peace and calm. If you intend to focus more on self-care, this crystal can help.

🖤 Black Onyx

Personal strength is always a top concern for many people, and black onyx can boost it for you. It allows you to get rid of stress and fear and promotes inner transformation.

Black Onyx
Black Onyx

If you want to understand yourself better, use black onyx to get better insight. Many Pisces have a “public self” that they use to hide behind, but it’s possible to use this stone to stop hiding who you are.

It can protect you from negative energies and has grounding power to keep you centered and balanced.

💜 Amethyst

This purple crystal is the birthstone of February, the month when many Pisces are born. It can help with the escapist nature of many Pisces who may seek out bad habits to escape from the everyday.

Amethyst Quartz

Amethyst is sometimes called the stone of sobriety because it has this power. It can also help you to avoid overindulging in food.

Amethyst is a highly spiritual stone, and it helps Pisces to find their own inner peace. It can help you to understand the reasons behind your behaviors so that you can end your bad habits.

It also provides more motivation when you need it and encourages change when you need it. It helps you to set realistic goals and to strive to meet them.

🧢 Lapis Lazuli

With the strong psychic abilities of Pisces, using lapis lazuli can strengthen them even further. It helps you to be more intuitive and to communicate more easily.

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli

It can help you be more creative and to ease your stress. Pisces often have both inner and outer worlds, and this crystal helps them to navigate more easily between them.

🦕 Blue Lace Agate

This pale blue stone can give you more positivity and calm any anxiety that you feel. It supports the intelligence and creativity that Pisces have and can make it easier to talk in front of groups.

Blue Lace Agate
Blue Lace Agate

Pisces often avoid sounding their own horns, but blue lace agate can help them to do so. It is associated with the throat chakra, aiding in communication.

It’s known for making people more articulate and balancing the throat chakra. When you’re afraid to talk to people in social situations, this stone can make it easier.

🍑 Carnelian

Pisces are naturally very creative, and using a carnelian can help them to use that creativity to be successful with it. It is perfect for helping creative endeavors to make their ideas become real.


It promotes courage and happiness, and it can give you the passion and motivation you need to see things through. If you struggle with resentment, use carnelian to be able to set that aside for more rational thinking and decision-making.

⚫️ Black Tourmaline

Maintaining set boundaries can be hard for Pisces, and carrying this crystal with you can help you to have greater respect for your boundaries. It provides an energy field that keeps negative energy from getting to you.

Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline

Pisces are often generous to others, and this can create problems in their lives. Use black tourmaline to keep you from being overwhelmed by the emotions and demands of others.

It can take negative thoughts and raise their vibration so that they’re more positive. It provides powerful protection that can keep you from absorbing the negative energies of those around you.

🩸 Bloodstone

This amazing stone is known for its association with bravery and courage. It can help to support these traits and expand on them.


It is associated with several chakras and can help all of them to be more open. It has an especially strong association with the root chakra, and this allows it to help you keep your own feelings in mind instead of always focusing on those of other people.

This stone can help you with better focus and confidence. It offers loving energy that helps you to find your own personal power more easily.

🍰 Sugilite

Sugilite is used for many purposes, and it is of special help to Pisces. It can help you better develop your awareness of the spiritual and give you more positive thoughts.


If you have negative emotions such as fear or sorrow, it can encourage your positive emotions to come in and overpower the negative ones. It helps Pisces to live out their own truth and to have confidence in their intuition and psychic abilities.

🐳 Aquamarine

Sometimes called the stone of courage, this lovely pale-blue crystal is associated with March, when most Pisces are born. It has an energy that’s highly calming, and it promotes tranquility.


It is associated with the throat chakra, and it can help you to find the best words to communicate what you want to say. It can assist you in being sensitive when you communicate so that your message goes over better with others.

It encourages the strong intellect of Pisces, and it can boost your confidence. If you want to try something new but have been timid about it, use this crystal to overcome those fears.

🍀 Fluorite

If the third eye of a Pisces is unbalanced or closed off, it can give them confusion and mental turmoil. Fluorite can help to open and balance the third eye so that mental abilities are strengthened.


It’s a great crystal to use when you need more mental focus and want to maintain your determination. It can open your mind so that it more readily accepts new thoughts and ideas.

If you have things you want to accomplish, using this stone can help to keep you motivated and focused.

🍇 Lepidolite

If you feel like you’re stuck in old patterns, this crystal can gently push you to change for healthier behaviors and thoughts. It can get rid of negativity and reduces depression and stress.


For those who want to do astral travel work, this is a stone that can help you along that journey. It can clear blockages in your crown chakra so that you have a better awareness of all things cosmic.

It helps you to move from the present into the future, even if you have had some fear of moving forward. Lepidolite can help you be more objective and to communicate more effectively.

This stone can also help you in that realm if you are seeking business success.

✨ Ametrine

Ametrine can help Pisces to have a better balance between their physical and spiritual selves. It can help you to be more peaceful, feel more joy, and have better harmony overall.


It can help you to be more connected spiritually and boost your personal power. When you have problems that could be solved with creative solutions, this is your stone.

It can also help you get rid of bad habits and to manifest goals. This crystal is grounding, but it’s also spiritual.

🥤 Sodalite

This helpful stone can activate a Pisces’ third eye. It is a great crystal for people who work hard and are seeking success.


Its energy is centered on the mind, and it stimulates many mental processes to help you to succeed. It can help you have more creative ideas and help you to get rid of thoughts that distract you.

If you are pursuing business friendships, this stone can help you build them. It can make you better organized and help you to have better insights about yourself and others.

If you worry a lot about your career, use this crystal to meditate. It can help you to get rid of disruptive emotions that can interfere with your success.

🔬 Labradorite

This iridescent crystal is intuitive and is perfect for this highly intuitive sign. It helps you trust in your own wisdom and judgment.


And because Pisces so often give too much of themselves, this stone can help them to get rid of the resentment that this can bring. It shows you that others often need to learn lessons of their own and don’t always have to be rescued from bad decisions.

This can give you a better balance between caring for yourself and caring for others. It’s also useful for helping you to master artistic pursuits.

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