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The 8 Best Cleansing Rituals To Unblock Your Root Chakra (Muladhara)

The root chakra lives up to its name, providing us with a sturdy base from which to nourish our growth. Also called the Muladhara, this base chakra grounds us to the Earth and within ourselves.

It is the source of our resilience, our sense of safety, and our strength as we pursue our desires and tackle new challenges.

But just as poor soil can damage a plant’s roots, a blocked Muladhara can make us feel stunted, imbalanced, and anxious.

Without that strong foundation, we sway more readily with the changing winds, struggling to trust our decisions or knowledge. We feel stressed and powerless, so we act out of desperation and fear. Our nervous systems and gut become wracked as we face what seems like an endless storm.

Replenishing our root structure means unblocking and healing this vital chakra. Like a mighty tree, the Muladhara can put down new tendrils, restoring our energy and reclaiming our safety and strength.

To heal your root chakra, practice grounding yourself and nourishing your soul. Naturally, many of the Earth’s restorative stones and crystals are perfect for this.

Let’s discover the most healing root chakra stones and how to renew your connection to the Earth.

Unblocking Your Root Chakra

Nestled at the base of the spine, the root chakra is one of the body’s key energy centers. It is associated with the earth element and the color red. The Muladhara chakra gives you a sense of belonging, comfort, and strength.

Serene sporty Indian young man working out on lake in park, sitting in squat, palms in Namaste, doing variation of mulabandhasana, Root Chakra Pose with garudasana hands, full length

When it is blocked, you may feel disconnected from yourself, isolated from others, and fearful of losing your home or purpose. An unbalanced root chakra may make you panicked and anxious, or the opposite: lethargic and frozen by fear.

To heal your Muladhara, nourish and restore your roots. The best ways to do this are grounding rituals with stones that share the root chakra’s earth tones. Thus, black stones and red stones are particularly potent for root chakra healing.

Here are some wonderful stones that help you cleanse and restore your blocked root chakra.

The Top 8 Most Healing Stones for the Root Chakra


Known for its blood-red color, garnet is the perfect illustration of your life-force — and a vital source of strength. Since ancient times, this powerful stone has been associated with courage, renewal, and hope.

It appears in multiple myths, including the story of Noah’s Ark, where it was a source of light, and in the tale of Persephone, where it represents her emergence from Hades every springtime. Garnet yields strength and confidence, empowering you to reconnect with yourself and reclaim your sense of stability in the root chakra.

Smokey Quartz

The classic crystal for gentle energy flow and simple cleansing, smoky quartz is a medium for communication among yourself, the Earth, and the Universe.

Smoky Quartz

It is a powerful yet nurturing way to dissolve blocks in your chakras. As a symbol of Earth’s incredible vitality deep beneath the crust, smoky quartz amplifies our desires, clears our minds, and soothes us. It is the crystal equivalent of a deep cleansing breath — or a soft, surrounding hug.

Black Obsidian

This lustrous ebony stone, speckled with milky or golden flecks, invites self-reflection as you perform your grounding ritual.

By reconnecting with your instincts and peering into your deepest truth, you can cleanse and strengthen your root chakra. Obsidian itself is incredibly powerful. Forged from volcanic activity, it represents the fiery core of the Earth, allowing you to ground yourself with vibrant renewal.

Tiger’s Eye

Rejuvenating your root chakra means stepping into your power, just as the mighty tiger prowls with masterful confidence and elegant strength.

tigers eye

The stunning Tiger’s Eye is the perfect symbol of this positive energy. Reflect on this dramatic gemstone to reclaim your resilience and embrace the ferocity of your spirit. According to tradition, the Tiger’s Eye wards off curses and negative energy. No one messes with a tiger.

The ancient Egyptians considered tiger’s eye to be a source of divine vision. Practice grounding yourself with this beautiful gemstone to rediscover the most primal source of power and protection.

Red Jasper

Also called the “Stone of Endurance,” red jasper’s fierce hue symbolizes its warmth and strength.

Red jasper stone on white background

Traditionally used to build endurance and vitality, this fiery stone inspires you to rediscover your resilience. When our root chakra is blocked, we tend to feel unmotivated, burnt out, and weak. There’s nothing like red jasper to re-ignite your inner fire and get the Muladhara spinning again. Focus your intentions on this vibrant crystal and bring your warrior spirit to action.

Black Tourmaline

This ink-colored gemstone may look insidious, but it is as restorative and transformative as the night — allowing you to restore your mind and body.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline has been associated with your adrenal glands’ health, so it supports your energy metabolism and hormonal balance. The deep purple color shields you from negative energy and helps convert despair and depression into a restful energy: similar to the starlight that we can only see when it’s dark outside.


A beautiful shimmering crystal with a mirror-like surface, hematite is a powerful energy conductor. In grounding rituals, it restores your balance by flowing energy through your root chakra.

hematite blood stone

It invites self-reflection and mindfulness, inspiring you to stay in the present moment. This fascinating stone is formed from iron, so it symbolizes the strength and resilience that runs through your veins. Beneath its reflective sheen, it is a bold blood-red, hence its name, which is derived from the Greek word for blood. The Greeks cherished hematite as a protective shield and source of primal healing.


The ancient Greeks also loved Bloodstone, which they called heliotrope, or the Sun Stone. For millennia, this striking stone has been associated with blood magic and healing.

It channels the Universe’s vital energy into our life force, carrying away negative energy and restoring our strength. Also called the warrior stone, bloodstone has traditionally been used to balance our fiery energy with a resilient strength. As a powerful amulet against anxiety and negative energies, it also works very well for cleaning your root chakra.

Cleansing and Healing Rituals for the Root Chakra

Any of these stones may be used in grounding rituals. You may find it helpful to focus on the stone and reconnect with your inner power and the Universe’s vibrant energies.

This practice encourages the root chakra to achieve balanced movement. As a vital chakra at the base of your spine, the Muladhara supports the flow of energy among all other chakras.

There are three ways to incorporate earth stones into your healing ritual:

Sit in quiet meditation or breath work with your preferred stone. Empty your mind as much as possible, set your intentions, and visualize white light moving into your root chakra.

Hold your stone in your hand or lie down and place it at the base of your spine. Envision healing earth energy moving through the stone and into your root chakra. Practice mindfulness and feel a deep connection with the earth.

Keep your healing crystal close at hand and heart by wearing crystal jewelry with a root chakra stone. Touch and reflect on it throughout your day.

Wrapping Up

As your first chakra, the Muladhara drives energy throughout all the chakras, empowering you to stand strong as you walk about the Earth.

Colored flowers in chakra column with their names in white background

It creates your roots, bringing nutrients into your physical body and spiritual self. By cleansing and balancing this vital chakra, you can rediscover your deepest power and feel safe and confident throughout the day. Let your blood flow with healing energy that you can harness through the earth’s potent crystals.

Whether you incorporate these stones into a ritual or simply carry them with you, you will overcome all difficult situations and experience greater joy with a healthy Muladhara.

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