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How To Quickly Cast a Circle Of Protection Before Spellwork

If you’re a witch, you’ve heard of the circle of protection. It’s become a common act for witches to perform in movies and books, and there’s a reason for that.

The circle is a traditional symbol for witches and the circle of protection has been used by practitioners for years.

Whether you’re a long-time witch, a novice just tip-toeing into the life, or simply an empath that deeply connects with different energies, you’ll want to know how to cast a circle of protection

What is a Circle of Protection?

Circles are used as barriers. These barriers become safe spaces for you and your spells.

When you cast a circle, you are creating a barrier of energy to keep you safe.

It will protect you from other influences and negative energy.

When a witch casts a circle of protection, it is essentially an aura with energy that has been pulled from the sun or the moon.

The circle can be physically manifested through use of candles and other items or it can simply be visualized. 

The circle of protection is cast before ritual work is performed or at other times when protection is needed, such as around someone’s bed or before a trip.

The circle is used to provide an energy boundary of protection from outer influences, making it an important tool anytime you feel protection may be needed. 

How do I Cast a Circle of Protection?

There isn’t really a set of rules that most witches use to cast a circle of protection. In fact, there are multiple formal and informal methods that can be used.

Traditionally in witchcraft, the witch seeking to cast a circle would call on a god, goddess, or an element, however, not all modern witches follow the practice. 

Before you begin casting a circle, keep in mind that the stronger you visualize your circle, the stronger it will be.

When you try out the various methods for casting, you will want to make sure and utilize your own style and energy.

This will help you determine the method that will work best for your energy and make your casting as powerful as it can be. 

  • Cleansing

Begin the casting ritual by cleaning your space. This can be done mentally or tangibly, with the use of a broom or incense.

Rid your space of negative influence and energy, making it free and clean for your casting. 

  • Defining the Space

Determine where you are going to cast your circle. This will depend on where you are, what’s around you, and the size of your space.

Your circle can be any size, so choose where you are going to cast and how big your circle is going to be. Keep your boundaries in your mind or mark the space using crystals, candles, or some other sort of witchy decor. 

  • Calling on the Elements

You will call on the elements one at a time as you cast your circle.

First, face east, which is where the element of air resides.

You should be, and should remain, in the space that you have designated for your circle. Breathe deeply and take your time in order to experience calm and present. 

When you are ready to call the elements, follow these steps:

  • Picture the wind blowing around you as you say, “I call on you, Element of air.” 
  • Turn clockwise, to the south. 
  • Picture a fire, imagine that you feel the sun’s warmth. Say, “I call on you, Element of fire.”
  • Turn clockwise again, to the west. 
  • Picture water flowing; ocean waves, rivers, waterfalls. Imagine the feeling of water covering you. Say, “I call on you, Element of water.”
  • Turn clockwise, to the north. 
  • Picture the earth. Feel the ground under your bare feet. Smell the earth after a good rain. Once you feel connected to the earth, say, “I call on you, Element of earth.”
  • Imagine sending roots down through the earth from your feet. Feel the energy from the center of the earth flowing back up to you. As you feel yourself filled with the energy and light from the earth, say, “With these elements through the spirit, I cast a circle of protection above, below, and within.”
  • Visualizing

Once you have called on the elements around the perimeter of your circle, you will want to visualize the circle extending as wide and round as you intend it to be.

See it extending out and over, covering you, all around you. As you are seeing the circle in your space, say, “The circle is cast. So it is.”

  • Using Candles

Another tool you may want to add into your casting ritual is candles. Many witches light a candle as they visualize and call on each element, setting the candle down at the edge of the circle in each of the four directions. 

If you choose to set candles down, you will either use candles that are all white, or use four different colors. If you use different colors, make sure the colors correspond with the particular element. 

Can I Leave the Circle?

Many people wonder if they can leave the circle before they close it. It is possible to leave the circle temporarily before closing it.

To do so, simply hold a wand, cut across the boundary of the circle, and say, “I use this wand to open the door.”

Step out and repeat the process to close the door when you go back. 

How Do I Close the Protection Circle?

When you are done with your circle of protection, you will want to make sure and close it properly. 

This is how you will thank the elements and release the safe energy back into the world. Essentially, closing the circle is the reverse of casting it. 

  • Start by facing north. Say, “Thank you, earth. I bid you farewell.”
  • Turn to the west and say, “Thank you, water. I bid you farewell.”
  • Turn to the south and say, “Thank you, fire. I bid you farewell.”
  • Turn to the east and say, “Thank you, air. I bid you farewell.”
  • Turn back to the north and say, “Thank you, spirit. I bid you farewell and open this circle to let this energy go back to the earth.”

Casting a circle of protection is a right of passage for the modern witch.

It has been practiced and performed for centuries, creating safe spaces for witches and their families.

As you dive into learning, keep the simple knowledge of the circle of protection close at hand. You never know when you might need it. 

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