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Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Energy 

Energy really is everything. And figuring out how to protect your energy is essential to everyone.

For someone on a spiritual journey, it is even more than essential. It is critical. 


Why You Need to Protect Your Energy

For most people, it is important to protect energy because, as humans, we are so easily influenced by others. 

Eckhart Tolle describes what he calls the “pain-body.” 

It is, he says, the pain that we carry around with us, that reaches out to other people’s pain, wants to be fed more pain, and will cause others pain. 

Think of it as a wounded animal. 

We can be born with pain-bodies to some extent too, especially those of us who come from historically marginalized or oppressed groups. 

Then, as we grow and develop, we strengthen those pain-bodies through trauma. Pain-bodies take on their own energy, and if you don’t release it, it will continue to feed and grow and ultimately can destroy you. 

And you might think you have a handle on your pain-body, but if you’ve simply buried it and someone else comes along with a strong pain-body, you are likely to be triggered. 

I, for example, am the product of several generations of hard working, abused women – women who married controlling, narcissistic, chauvinistic, macho men who thought women were to be seen and not heard, just like kids. 

My mother, my grandmother, my great grandmother, and so on for generations. 

I came along, and rather than continue on in that vein, I decided to take my pain-body in the opposite direction. 

I would be a badass. 

I would hurt before I could get hurt. 

I would defend the weak and helpless and cut down any victimizer of women and children. 

My triggers were attackers of the defenseless, and I laid into any one of them I came across. 

Until I realized I was just another pain-body bumping into other pain-bodies in the world. 

Like pinballs in a machine, wearing ourselves out until that particular game is over and then starting up again next chance, next trigger. 

It is different, unique, to each one of us, but the point is it is incumbent upon each one of us to first fix our energy, get aligned, heal our traumas, integrate our shadows, and then to protect our energy. 

And, indeed, we must protect our energy even as we are healing, especially while we are healing. 

Think of a fresh wound that closes over only to ripped open again, bumped into, scratched off. That’s what happens if we don’t protect our energy while we heal ourselves. 

The Spiritual Journey to Protect Your Energy

So you are obviously on a spiritual journey if you are wondering how to protect your energy

And if you are at this stage, you are likely still in the “positive vibes only” part of your journey. 

It is the first step into spirituality for most people. 

You think you have to be happy all the time. 

That you should never have negativity in your life. 

That other people are “messing with your vibe” if they have a bad day or something bad happens to them. 

And it is normal to feel this way. 

Spiritual journeys are not ventured into lightly. 

Often, we must experience some major breakthrough or wakeup call just to get to the first step. 

And you find spirituality, and you think, oh good. “I’m saved.” 

You have an awakening, and you think “phew. That was tough. So glad I’m done.” 

Not so fast. 

Your first awakening is just that. Your first awakening. 

There will be many, many more. 

And you must step far beyond the positive vibes only stage to get into the true depths of spirituality, meeting your ego, confronting and integrating your shadow, and out the other side, where you can, truly, be present, awake, and in alignment with your higher self. 

When you are in that first stage, you might find yourself repeatedly triggered by people who “mess with your vibe.” 

That’s normal. 

And it is why you must learn to protect your energy. 

Then, as you venture deeper, into your darker parts, you will become increasingly vulnerable. 

You will you find yourself at once frustrated that it is all taking so long and grateful to have been awakened. 

It all feels like chaos. 

And so, you must protect your energy so that you do not become influenced by charlatans, energy vampires, and false gurus (hint: all gurus are false gurus).

You want your journey to be yours

You want to look back and say, “I did that.” 

The only guru you need is your inner voice, your higher consciousness, God, all of which are basically one and the same. 

Anyone else that attempts to influence you, to steer you, to guide you, must only act as a facilitator that shows you your own strengths, leads you to your own inner voice, and asks you over and over to trust your own intuition. 

So, yea, you must protect your energy. 

Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Energy


The first thing to do, always, is give up your troubles to your higher power. 

Call it God, Nature, the Universe, Source Energy, whatever you want. 

You must surrender to your higher self, the part of you that can see all, knows all, is all, and is all powerful. 

Pray on it. 

Ask for the strength, for direction, for guidance, and ask directly of the source. 

When you pray, you are trusting your higher power to guide you, and you are recognizing that you are in this imperfect, limited form that cannot see all, be all, know all. 

Prayer is an immense act of humility and grace, and it gathers all of your energy where it should be, in you and in your faith. 

When you place your energy in your faith, you prepare yourself to receive guidance, and that guidance will always protect your energy. 


If prayer is asking, then meditating is listening for the answer. 

So meditate every single day. It is the only way to stop, quiet your thoughts, and really hear what your higher power has to say

Before you do anything else in the morning, sit for 20 minutes in a safe, sacred space, and quiet your thoughts. 

Perform a full body scan, from your crown chakra to your root chakra, checking in with all your body parts and all of your energy. 

And then, sink in. 

Allow yourself to sink in behind your mind, behind your body, into your higher self. 

Identify with your God space, see yourself as an infinite being, and allow that being to vibrate through you. 

When you do this, for 20 minutes every day, you come out clearer, more open, and more unconditionally loving in ways you cannot comprehend with your mere human senses. 

To protect your energy, you need this kind of clarity, so you can create the boundaries necessary to keep you aligned as much as possible throughout the day. 

Set Boundaries

I cannot tell you how many people think that boundaries are separate from love. 

They are not. 

Boundaries are an integral part of love. 

You must be able to say to anyone, “this is not okay.” 


“I don’t want to.” 

“I will not tolerate this.” 

And walk away. 

You have to be able to do it with your lover, your family, even your children. 

And certainly with strangers. 

You don’t need to explain yourself, even.  

And when you are aligned, you can feel energetically where you need to set those boundaries. 

If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no. 


So meditate every day, and then set those boundaries in your life that keep you aligned. 

Create the bumps on your highway that tell you when you are stepping off the road of enlightenment and into the woods of someone else’s, or your own, negativity. 

Negativity is an essential part of life. It provides us with the contrast to see what we don’t want so we know what we do want. 

But it was never meant to be a dwelling place. 

So don’t let it be. 

That’s what boundaries are for. 

Practice Self Love

When you set boundaries, you are not only learning to protect your energy, you are also learning to love yourself. 

They are one and the same. 

Practice self-love every day, in each moment you can. 

Eat well, sleep well, move your body, and hold those boundaries. 

And you will find your energy starts protecting itself. 

People who might want to mess with you won’t even be able to come near you. 

Hold Yourself Accountable

Finally, hold yourself accountable to do the first four things listed here. 

Accountability is another form of self-love called discipline. 

When you have discipline, you learn, and you make progress

Progress is the true key to happiness. 

And when you are happy, your energy is well protected. 

Happy manifesting!

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