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Top 10 Feng Shui Crystals and Where to Place Them 

Feng shui crystals are a great way to enhance the energy in your home.  

The ancient art of feng shui and the philosophy from which it stems, Taoism, are incredible practices to put into place in your life, and can be incorporated alongside any religion, spirituality, or even atheistic/naturalistic lifestyle.  

The goal in Taoism and feng shui crystals is really about opening yourself up and clearing space in your life so that you can clear space in your mind, body, and spirit.  

What Is Taoism?  

Taoism is a philosophy first written down by an ancient master in China who went by the name Lao Tzu, which literally translates to “ancient master.”  

The Tao Te Ching has been translated into dozens of languages by dozens of different interpreters, and all agree on one basic principle.  

The Tao was meant to describe ways of allowing energy to flow.  

When we work with the elements – fire, water, air, and earth – we are working with the natural forces of the Universe, the same material that makes us up, as each of us has those four elements inside of us.  

Think about it.  

Air is our breath.  

Water is 80% of our composition.  

Earth is the flesh and bones that makes us substantial.  

Fire is the internal heating mechanism we all have that keeps us warm.  

So when we work in concert with the elements, with energy, then we allow ourselves greater opportunity to live our lives to their fullest.  

We step into the path of our greatest potential.  

We cease having a mediocre life where most of us simply bang from one tragedy or problem to the next like so many pinballs in a machine and we open ourselves up to intuition, to divine guidance, and to surrender.  


Surrender is probably the hardest won lesson for most of us.  

We want to be in total control at all times.  

But we forget that we are products, really droplets, of a Universe that knows so much better than we do.  

And there is no need to worry.  

We might think we’ve got it all under control, but we don’t see the giant wave coming at us.  

The Universe does.  

And the Universe knows why the wave is coming, and how that wave can actually be so great for us.  

We don’t understand any of this.  

At our most enlightened, we may be able to step into some awareness of cause and effect, but we can never see the larger picture.  

As Buddhist monk Pema Chodron says, things fall apart and then they come together and then they fall apart again.  

Surrendering to what is helps us to simply allow.  

To detach.  

To observe from a neutral, objective perspective, trusting all the while that our spirit, the larger part of us, can never die or even be damaged.  

We are infinite spirits having a human experience.  

With Taoism, we step into the flow of things and drift gently downstream, having the experience, not trying to control it.  

Rose Quartz Chakra Placement

What Is Feng Shui?  

Feng shui is where we can indeed have some measure of control.  

While we cannot control life, we can control our approach to it and our response to it.  

We can prepare to allow.  

We can plan for acceptance and surrender.  

So, I am always on about building healthy practices into your life – meditate, exercise, eat well, be good to those around you, don’t smoke, do drugs, or drink to excess, sleep long hours, and get some sunshine on your face, among other things – feng shui is yet another way  you can do this preparation work.  

Feng shui typically applies to the placement of furniture and accessories around your house.  

Fill your home with a variety of plants for oxygenation.  

Place furniture where you can see windows and doors.  

Do not have a television in every room! 

Do not have the television be the central point of focus in any room! 

Let your bedroom be for sex and sleep.  

Place your desk catty corner to your office door, the seat of power.  

Meditate in a sacred space.  

And so on.  

There are tons of ways to feng shui your house.  

Feng shui means wind and water, which speaks to the idea behind energy flow.  

You want clean, fresh air to come into your home, but you also want to ensure you feel warm and comfortable during colder times of year.  

Always be thinking about how the energy in your home is flowing, winding into rooms from outside, creating space to allow it to flow back out.  

Life is about giving and receiving, beginnings and endings, comings and goings.  

Feng shui helps us accept what is, the Tatata, as they say in Buddhism, or the suchness of life.  

We can do this best when we create neutral spaces that help us feel free and detached, not unhealthily attached to anything.  

Because, in this human life, everything is temporary.  


When we accept this, when we surrender to it, not only does it release us from unnecessary or drawn out sadness or anger, but it makes us appreciate it even more.  

We take more joy in the moments when we recognize them as fleeting, and we experience less sadness and struggle in the difficult times when we honor them too as fleeting.  

Feng shui is merely a part of all of this.  

Crystal to manifest

Top 10 Feng Shui Crystals and Where to Place Them 

Feng shui crystals then are another opportunity to practice this detachment and allowance of energy.  

Crystals are an amazing force of energy on this earth as they have been around for billions of years, growing from the very earth itself.  

Crystals, then, are a great earth energy that can also take on the other elements of air, water, and fire. 

Having the right crystals and strategically placing them in your home will help you open up and adapt to an ever changing, temporary life existence.  

Take note also that, while I place here the top 10 feng shui crystals, you can totally scrap this entire article and go find your own crystals.  

Feng shui crystals, like all crystals, or like anything, really, must resonate with you and your intentions to have any power at all.  

Clear Quartz 

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a must have crystal for everyone and anyone. It offers clarity, openness, harmony, and amplification of energy.  

It is an active, powerful crystal that can not only help keep you open but also work in concert with any other crystal or energy you are working on.  

Element: Water 

Placement: One in every room 


I love jade as a healing, loving, natural stone. It is one of the most precious stones in Chinese culture for a reason and is said to bring prosperity and fortune into your life.  

The color green is also associated with the heart chakra, and nowhere is the heart chakra better to focus on than in the home.  

Element: Wood 

Placement: Wherever you spend your most time 

Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

Another loving stone, the rose quartz is gentle and soft, exuding feminine energy and receptiveness. It invites new partnerships and keep existing relationships strong.  

Element: Earth 

Placement: In your bedroom  


Purple is royal and abundant, and amethyst is healing. This is a great stone to have in your home for high vibrations, protection, and spiritual boosts.  

Element: Wood 

Placement: In the living room or wherever you meditate 


Your solar plexus stone, the one that keeps you in touch with your instincts and strong in self-confidence, citrine offers manifestation and abundance energy.  

Element: Earth 

Placement: Your office 

Tiger’s Eye 

Tiger's Eye
Tiger’s Eye

All fire and positive energy, this stone is great to have around for motivation and inspiration. It reminds you how powerful you are and gives insight and vision.  

Element: Earth 

Placement: Your office 

Lapis Lazuli 

The blue stone offers communication as well as calm. Lapis lazuli is great for when you need to speak truth and open up your throat chakra.  

Element: Air 

Placement: Communal spaces 


Pyrite is a balancing stone for bringing out both masculine and feminine energy. Also referred to as “fool’s gold,” it is helpful to clarify your vision and see through illusion.  

Element: Metal 

Placement: the Bedroom  

Black Obsidian 

You need to be grounded in life, and especially at home. Black obsidian reminds you to go put your feet on the bare earth, to be in this moment, and to release negativity.  

Element: Earth 

Placement: Near your entrance and exit 

Red Jasper 

And of course you cannot forget about your sacral chakra, the creative space within. Red jasper keeps a fire in your belly and reminds you that you came here to create.  

Element: Fire 

Placement: Wherever you create  

Again, this guide is merely that – a guide. Allow it to help you open up to new ways to thinking, planning, and preparing to be more invested in the surrender to the divine.  

Happy manifesting! 

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