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Spiritual Skincare Affirmations 

Skincare affirmations are helpful because it can be a tricky path to navigate when we begin to discuss external beauty.  

“Why can you just love yourself on the inside?” Some spiritual wannabes may ask you.  

But, if they do, they are missing the point entirely.  

It is one hundred percent true and profoundly undeniable that when you feel good inside, you look good outside, and when you look good outside, you feel good inside.  

Those two are inextricably linked.  

So, skincare affirmations can play a huge role in both internal and external beauty.  

Spirituality for Real 

I use the term spiritual wannabes because there are a ton, no really a ton, of people out there in the world who will try to dim your light in order to make their own brighter.  

You know what they say, “haters are gonna hate.”  

When Abraham Hicks talks about the three percent, those of us on the leading edge, those of us awakening and reaching for ever deeper levels of enlightenment, dedicated to a life of love, compassion, and joy, they are not talking about the ones who will put their foot on your head to rise up.  

And they are out there.  

And it is not just the people will try to make you feel small so they can feel big.  

It is also the people, and companies, selling you expensive products to look and feel beautiful.  

Anyone selling you any product or belief system that makes you doubt your inner and outer beauty or make you waiver in your self love is not on the cutting edge.  

Those people are caught up in ego space, in a hell of their own making.  

We can have compassion for them. We can love them from afar.  

But yes, let’s keep them afar.  

rose quartz chakra

Far, far, far.  

So we can remain on the cutting edge.  

Genuine spirituality is the kind that allows us to fall and rise again. That calls us to stand in alignment with the Universe. That expects us to keep reaching for love over and over.  

And when you achieve that level of spirituality, even just a glimpse, your beauty cannot help but shine through.  

Skincare and achieving clear skin, as with all external beauty, begins within.  

If you are experiencing skin problems, skin imperfections, or other skin issues, go within first and foremost.  

Skincare Affirmations: Skincare from the Inside Out 

And I don’t just mean from the inside in terms of spirituality. I mean your diet, too! 

Most people do not realize that clear skin and healthy skin really does begin within.  


Getting enough water into your body is probably the single most important thing you can do for your skin. Skin that is not well hydrated from the inside will look gray, slack, and dry and flaky.  

Aim for at least 8 glasses of water per day. If you add herbal teas, you’re likely to get up to 10 glasses! 


Another great addition to any diet for great skin, for any skin type, is a wealth of clean meats, nuts and seeds, and fruits and vegetables. 

Among the best foods for great, healthy skin are avocados, fatty fish like salmon and sardines, walnuts, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, broccoli, and tomatoes.  

healthy food

One big ass salad a day will get you great skin! 

Herbs and Spices 

One often overlooked contributor to great skin is a diet rich in herbs and spices. The more the better.  

Chamomile, sage, mint, lavender, calendula, thyme, and rosemary are just a few you can cook with or brew into a tea to make for healthy, clear skin.  

I like to add a sprig of rosemary to my coffee every morning as it helps keep your brain healthy too! 


Far too many of us in the west are hooked on sugar. It is a serious addiction that can pose serious health risks, including bad skin.  

Sugar is in virtually every food we buy on the market shelves these days, and then we add to it by eating candy and pastries all day! 

Aim to cut waaaaaay back on sugar. It should be a treat. Not an everyday staple.  

And when you do have sugar, make sure it is sugar, not high fructose corn syrup, which is like poison for your body, which translates directly to your skin.  

One of the most damaging effects of sugar is that it makes your skin look prematurely aged.  

Ugh! No one wants that.  


As with sugar, so goes alcohol.  

Excessive alcohol will both dehydrate you and break down the collagen in your skin.  

You end up looking puffy and hungover all the time.  


There is absolutely no science on earth that will tout the benefits of drinking alcohol to your overall wellness.  

And only evidence that shows the damage it will do to your body and skin.  

If you must drink, and let’s be real, we all must have the occasional drink, be sure to hydrate with a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage. That’s on top of your 8 glasses a day.  

And consider taking 200 milligrams of the supplement NAC before you start drinking to combat alcohol’s effects.  


One excellent supplement that is not too expensive is collagen.  

You can find great, organic, grass-fed collagen online, at health food stores, and even at Costco, that will boost your skin’s beauty.  

I started putting a scoop of plain, organic, grass-fed collagen in my coffee every morning because I was having joint pain in my elbow, and it has cleared it right up. I also have great skin to boot! 

Humans stop producing our own collagen around the age of 24, so it helps to have the boost of collagen after that age as it supports our joints, our bones, and our skin.  

You can also drink bone broth to support your collagen needs.  

Skincare Affirmations for Internal Positive Changes 

As you begin to implement each of these good things into your life to improve your skin, you will note that you feel better all around.  

Each time you do something good for your body that will translate to better skin, speak one of the following daily affirmations out loud:  

“I am beautiful from the inside out.”  

“I am grateful to have food and drink that keeps me fresh and clear.”  

“I have a happy, healthy body and it shows.”  

“My skin is a reflection of these powerful practices.”  

Skincare Affirmations: Skincare from the Outside In 

Now, in terms of what you can do from the outside in to achieve flawless skin, there are a few basic practices that will make a huge difference in your physical appearance.  



Yes. You had to know this was coming. 8 hours of truly restful sleep each night will dramatically change your skin.  

You’ll notice the difference within a week.  

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead?” 

Well, then you will have terrible skin until then.  

It’s true. Lack of sleep causes premature aging and gray skin. Yuck.  

Get your shut eye.  

And don’t bring your phone to bed with you! It only makes for restless sleep.  

Wash Your Face with Skincare Affirmations

Twice a day, cleanse your face of external debris and toxins.  

In the morning, I just splash cold water on my face to clear it up from the night’s sleep.  

At the end of each day, I use a gentle black African soap to clean off the day.  


It seems relatively obvious in this day and age, but be sure that any makeup or lotion you put on your skin does not have toxic or harsh chemicals that could be damaging your skin.  

Support Your Oil 

You already have natural oils occurring in your body, and they excrete through your skin. That’s not a bad thing. Those oils protect your skin and act as self-cleansers.  

You don’t want to wash them all away with acids and drying cleansers. Your goal is to keep your skin in balance.  

Look into the right oils for your skin type.  

My skin is fairly normal to oil, and I apply virgin coconut oil twice a day, which also acts as a natural sunscreen.  

The Sun 

The sun is both a blessing and a curse for our skin.  

Too little and we end up deficient in Vitamin D. Too much and we end up sunburnt and aging prematurely.  

Note: there is a much greater percentage of people with a Vitamin D deficiency than with skin cancer from too much sun.  

You need to get sun on your skin, at least 15 minutes a day, without a hat, without chemical sunscreen.  

Fun fact: did you know that your eyes have a natural mechanism in them to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun? And that wearing sunscreen interrupts this mechanism?  

It’s true.  

Get out into the sun, take off the glasses, and get your Vitamin D, for your skin and so much more.  

Skincare Affirmations for the Outside 

As you engage in these external self-care practices for your skin, repeat one or more of the following skincare affirmations and positive statements:  

“My skin is alive and well.”  

“I have beautiful skin.”  

“I was born with skin that cares for me.”  

“My skin is a reflection of who I am in this life.”  

“I love my skin.”  

Now you can banish negative thoughts, embrace a positive attitude, welcome positive thoughts and positive thinking, and focus on your mental health and your subconscious mind with a powerful tool based in the law of attraction. 

Happy manifesting! 

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