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How To Use a Crystal Pendulum

How To Use a Crystal Pendulum

A crystal pendulum is a divination tool used for spiritual guidance, decision making, answering questions, and purifying negative energy. It can be made of any material but should be symmetrical and weighted to function correctly.

Crystals are an excellent choice for use as a pendulum because they already have a tremendous frequency and high level of spirituality. Let’s get into how to use a crystal pendulum.

How To Choose a Pendulum

When choosing a pendulum, it’s best to select one that resonates with you. Your intuition will let you know if the pendulum “feels right” when you pick it up. It needs to be symmetrical and weighted to rotate freely and without wobbling. If the string or chain is attached to a fastener, it may not function properly. It needs to swing freely and not be linked to anything.

Pendulum Uses

A pendulum can be used for several reasons, including divination, decision making, guidance, and problem-solving. These are all great ways to incorporate the pendulum into your life.

  • Divination is a general term used for how a person receives intuitive information. If you want to tap into your intuition and collect data, divination is an excellent choice. It can be as simple as asking a question and then observing how the pendulum swings for yes or no answers, but it can also become much more complex than that.
  • Decision-making is another excellent way to use a pendulum. It makes choosing less complicated by giving you direction. You may want to ask yourself how good a choice something is before actually doing it so that the outcome isn’t harmful.
  • Guidance is also an excellent use for a pendulum. When you require spiritual help, guidance will provide clarity and understanding in your life.
  • Problem-solving is a good use for a pendulum. When you have a question that doesn’t have an immediate answer, a crystal pendulum can assist. It can help you discover how to overcome obstacles and make the best choices possible.

How To Use a Pendulum

  1. Begin by holding the pendulum in your hand for a few moments to begin a connection or bond with it.
  2. Next, hold the pendulum string or chain between your thumb and middle finger.
  3. Now, you need to figure out your “yes” and “no.” Do this by asking the pendulum questions and watching how it reacts. Alternatively, you can determine which response means “yes” and which means “no.”
  4. Begin asking simple questions at first to see how the crystal pendulum moves. You can then move on to bigger questions.
  5. Repeat using the crystal pendulum for guidance, decision-making, divination, and problem-solving.
  6. Say goodbye and thank the crystal pendulum before putting it away for a session later on.

Benefits of Using a Crystal Pendulum

When using a crystal pendulum, you can receive guidance about making positive changes in your life. You may ask questions like how to balance your work and home life, how to attract the right person into your life, how to find success in business, or how best to handle challenges that come up. As you develop this connection with your pendulum, you can rely on it to answer more specific questions about improving your health and healing from any ailments.

Sometimes, you might even get precise answers about how to resolve particular problems.

Types of Crystal Pendulums

It is possible to use any crystal or gemstone as a pendulum. However, some work better than others and may be easier to use if this is your first time. You may want to experiment with how each one feels when you use it as a pendulum, but here is how some of the most popular types work:

  1. Quartz crystal is potent and can be used for many different purposes. It enhances your psychic abilities and makes it easier to communicate with your guides or spirits. Quartz crystals may be small or large. Some people like how they feel in their hands, while others prefer how clear quartz points look.
  2. Selenite is associated with the upper chakras and has a strong vibration that can tremendously enhance your intuition and insight as you use your pendulum as a divination tool. Selenite is found in a fibrous form that looks like wispy white hair. It is also available as a flowstone, which comes from how it was formed by seawater evaporation and crystallizing into thin sheets of selenite.
  3. Amethyst is associated with the crown chakra and can help you pass between different dimensions when using your pendulum as a divination tool. It is also excellent for protection and may protect you from any psychic attacks that come your way.
  4. Smokey quartz has a grounding effect and a solid connection to the earth. When you need extra support, see how it feels when using this stone as a pendulum. It will help to ground you and calm any fears that come up.
  5. Rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra and can help you develop more compassion for yourself and others. It also enhances your ability to love yourself fully, making it easier for you to accept how your pendulum answers questions about how best to improve your life.


It is essential to select a pendulum that resonates with you. It should feel right in your hand, and you should be comfortable with what it looks like. There is no need to go out and buy anything fancy, but make sure it has some weight. This ensures that it works more effectively for you.

It is also essential to learn how to end your crystal pendulum sessions. Try different things and see how each option feels to you. There are no rules on using a crystal pendulum, but you must be comfortable.

Feel free to experiment with different crystals as your wand before deciding how to use a crystal pendulum. Some people like quartz and smokey quartz because they help them focus, while others like selenite and amethyst for their substantial energy and connection to metaphysical forces.

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