How To Use a Pendulum To Get Easy Yes or No Answers

Divination is an important part of a witch’s practice. It helps you uncover the significance of events, foretell the future, and make important decisions. One popular divination method is pendulum dowsing, which requires the use of a pendulum. And, this tool can be incredibly powerful if you know how to use it right.

Learning how to use a pendulum can help you find answers by tapping into divine power. Unlike the Magic 8-Ball, it’s not meant for asking mundane questions the way you did when you were a kid. Every swing of the pendulum is a physical manifestation of what your higher self needs for a meaningful journey.

What Is a Pendulum?

A pendulum is a tool that consists of a weight hanging on the end of a string, wire, or chain. As a divination tool, you can use it to ask questions about the past, present, and future or to locate lost objects.

Suspended from a fixed point, it swings back and forth due to gravity. It is generally used for clocks because the interval is constant, but it has been a popular device for practitioners for centuries.

The pendulum is a great instrument for seeking guidance on your spiritual path because it gives clear answers to yes-or-no questions. The way it moves in different directions is how it provides those answers.

How Does It Work?

The dowser, or the person holding the pendulum and seeking clarity, begins by asking the pendulum a question. The pendulum then swings a particular way to indicate a yes or a no. The movement may be front to back, side to side, clockwise, or counterclockwise — depending on how you have programmed it.

How does a pendulum work when asking questions?

Pendulums are programmed in such a way that the dowser will know what a signal means. For example, you must first establish that a clockwise direction means a yes and a counterclockwise turn signifies a no.

Apart from gaining insight into personal challenges and spiritual growth, you can also use the pendulum for other purposes like healing and dispelling negative energies. It’s an incredibly versatile tool.

The Materials You Need

The one I use for my spiritual work has a silver chain and a quartz crystal. The weight doesn’t always have to be made of crystal, but you need something that is symmetrical for consistent intervals.

There are so many beautiful pendulums out there, but you don’t have to buy a really expensive one to guarantee its effectiveness. You can even use a simple string with a round glass bead attached to it, and it will work just fine.

If you prefer to work with crystals, when you choose your pendulum, amethyst is always a good choice because it can easily connect you to the spiritual world. Rose quartz channels loving-kindness energy. Clear quartz is great for connecting to your personal vibrations.

How do you use a pendulum step by step?

Steps To Using a Pendulum

Using this standard method ensures that your pendulum will give you answers with utmost transparency every time. It’s all about being in sync with it because you need this connection to be certain about each response it gives. Here are the steps you’ll need to use your pendulum effectively.

Cleansing Your Pendulum

The first step, above all else, is to cleanse your pendulum. This shakes off any residual energies from the environment and primes it for accurate transmission. Not doing so will result in mixed signals and unclear answers.

Here are some practical ways to cleanse your pendulum:

  • Smudging with (anything but) sage: Use the stick to clear the space where you will be dowsing, too.
  • Dipping it in saltwater: Bless the salt solution before placing your pendulum in it.
  • Placing it under the full moon: Bathe your pendulum with the full moon’s energy to charge it.
  • Burying it in soil: Wait overnight so that the pendulum has fully connected to the earth’s energy.

Learning How It Moves

I know you’re excited to get your pendulum answering questions. But first, you have to program it. This involves establishing a communication process, very much like assigning a yes, no, or maybe to specific movements.

Hold the pendulum in your hand by the top of the string chain, then try to energetically connect to it. Suspending it a few inches from your palm, say simple and specific statements such as your name and where you live. Watch how it reacts to statements that are true or false.

Alternatively, you can tell your pendulum how you want it to move when it means yes or no. Doing so will help you obtain clear responses and avoid any confusion.

Asking Your Question

Now that you’re done programming your pendulum, it’s time to ask your question. Feel free to ask anything you want, but remember to be as specific as you can. Asking vague questions that will likely have broad answers will only make it difficult for you to find answers that point you in the right direction.

Don’t forget to take deep breaths and use your dominant hand. Quiet your mind and let your subconscious mind and spirit guides take over.

What questions should I ask my pendulum?

Some examples of questions you can ask a pendulum are “Is it a good idea for me to attend that party?” or “Should I apply for a promotion next year?” If you’re feeling tense, your pendulum may not work properly because the negative space around you messes up its vibration. Clear your head and focus on formulating a specific question without any bias or judgment.

Clearing It for the Next Question

So, you’ve finally obtained an answer to your first question. I’m sure you can’t wait to ask your pendulum another one. Before you do, make sure to give it a few seconds to “reboot,” or it may still carry the same frequency from your previous question toward the next one, affecting the accuracy of the response.

To reset your pendulum for your next question, hold the weight in your hand. Close your eyes and utter a silent thanks. Let this feeling of gratitude wash over you, and visualize a white light cleansing the stone or crystal. This signals to the pendulum that you are ready to ask a new question.

Be Specific and Remain Open

To establish a strong connection with your pendulum, always define your intention before asking a question. Your pendulum will pick up on your indecisiveness, too, so it’s important to ask specific questions to get clear-cut answers. Stay open-minded to whatever response it gives you. Discovering how to use a pendulum doesn’t provide the answers you want but those that you need.

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